Maan was driving n Geet was instructing him the way. Soon they reached the outskirts of Bangalore. As they reached Geet turned to Maan n said, “Jaan kya aap meri ek baat manoge???” (Jaan will u agree to what I say???)

Maan, “Geet yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai zaroor manuga phele bolo toh sahi…” (Geet is this anything to ask yes I will agree but first tell na…)

Geet, “Aap yeh patti apni aankho par bando phele aage ka main uske baad bolti hu” (First u tie this blindfold on ur eyes n further I will tell u)

Maan, “Lekin jaan yeh kyu???” (But Jaan why this???) but was cut off by Geet, “Maan aapko nahi mann ni meri baat toh theek hai chaliye hum chalte hai” (Maan if u dont want to listen then its ok come on lets go) n was about to open the door when Maan held her hand n turned n gave the blindfold to Geet to tie on his eyes.

After Geet tied it she got down from the car n came to the drivers seat n helped him to come out n then offed the engine n locked it. She then helped Maan to walk. After walking for about 5 mins Geet left his hands n then said, “Maan ab jab main aapko kahu tab aap yeh patti nikal lijyega.” (Maan now when I tell u then remove this blindfold)

Maan nodded n then after 2 mins Geet said, “Maan ab aap aankh khol sakte hai” (Maan now u can open ur eyes) 

As soon as Maan opened the blindfold n his eyes adjusted to the lights he was totally blown away by the view.

The whole sit out was lighted with candles n rose petals n a table for two was set.

Maan was totally speechless seeing the arrangements n his eyes shone in happiness. Geet had a wide smile seeing her Jaan’s happiness. She touched his shoulder to bring him out of the trance.

Maan turned to Geet n cupped her face n pecked her forehead n said, “Thank u so much Jaan. Itna acha surprise toh maine kabhi socha bhi nahi tha.” (Thank u so much Jaan. Such a beautiful surprise I never thought about this)

Geet smiled n said, “Aapke liye kuch bhi. Acha ab chaliye Baby aur Mumma ko bhook lagi hai” (Anything for u. Ok now lets go Baby n Mumma are hungry) n made a cute face which brought a smile on Maan’s face. They went to the table n he was surprised to see all his fav dishes.

He first made Geet to sit n then asked, “Yeh sab tumne kab kiya Jaan???” (When did u do all this Jaan???)

Geet, “Jab aap aur Chote Papa study main the tab maine Choti Maa ko idea bataya aur unhone meri help kar di” (When u n Chote Papa were in study I told Choti Maa my idea n she helped me in it)

Maan, “Thank u Jaan for making my birthday so special.” 

Geet, “Maan aapne mera har ek din special banaya hai toh mera farz banta hai ke aapke special day pe kuch special karu aur waise bhi maine aapko bohut dukh aur dard diya hai phir bhi aapne kabhi mera saath nahi choda uske samne toh yeh kuch nahi hai” (Maan u have made my each day special so it is my duty to do something special on ur special day n anyways I have given u lots of sadness n hurt u a lot but too u have always been with me so this is nothing in front of that) as tears welled up her eyes remembering those painful days of her life in which both of them suffered a lot.

Maan got up at once when he heard Geet remembering those days n rushed to her n bent on his knees n held her hands n said, “Jaan kyu un din ko yaad kar ke aansu bahati ho jab pata hai ke sirf tumhe nahi mujhe bhi dard hota hai” (Jaan why do u remember those days n cry n hurt urself when u know it hurts not only u but me as well)

He then wiped her tears n said, “Waise abhi koi keh raha tha ke unko aur mere Baby ko bhook lagi hai toh phir ab kyu baato se apna pet bhar rahe hai hum log???” (By the way someone said that she n my Baby are hungry then why are we filling our stomach with words now???)

Geet smiled n said, “Nahi phele mujhe kuch aur chaiye uske baad khana” (No first I want something else n then food)

Maan sighed in relief seeing her smile n asked, “Kya chaiye Jaan???” (What do u want Jaan???)

Geet, “Maan ek hug milega plzzz” (Maan can I get 1 hug plzzz) n made a baby face while Maan smiled seeing her baby face n said, “Olle aaja mera bacha aaja” (Oh my baby come) n gave her a hug. Geet hugged him tightly as those days flashed in her mind again. Maan got to know that if he didnt distract her now then surely she would end up breaking down again. He then began nuzzling her neck n said, “Waise Jaan aaj tumne pura plan banaya hai na mujhe marne ka apne iss roop se???” (By the way Jaan u have planned to kill me right with ur this form???)

Geet blushed hearing him n pressed herself more into him as she couldnt face him n said, “Maan plz aisi baatein mat kariye kuch kuch hota hai…” (Maan plz dont talk like this I feel something…)

Maan smiled at his shy wife asked huskily, “Kya hota hai Jaan???” (What do u feel Jaan???)

Geet couldnt stop blushing n waked his arms n said, “Maannn. Plz tease mat karo warna main aapse baat nahi karungi” (Maannn. Plz dont tease me or else I wont talk to u)

Maan smiled n said, “Acha tease nahi karte ab chale Baby ko bhook lagi hai” (Ok I wont tease u now lets go Baby is hungry) 

Geet nodded n pulled out of the hug n both sat n served n had the dinner while feeding each other with lots of teasing n leg pulling.

After the dinner Geet got up n said, “Maan do min rukiye main abhi aayi…” (Maan wait 2 min I’ll come now…)

Maan nodded n said, “Jaldi aana Jaan” (Come soon Jaan)

Geet rushed in n got a plate n placed it in front on Maan said, “Maan yeh ek chota sa surprise aapke liye.” (Maan this is a small surprise for u)

Maan smiled n removed the plate which was covering his surprise n was shocked to see it. He looked at Geet who was smiling sheepishly n said, “Cake bana rahi thi lekin batter itna acha laga ke tab hi kha liya toh uske badle yeh…sholly” (I was making cake but the batter was so tasty that I ate all of it…sholly)

Maan started laughing hearing her small adventure n pulled her carefully on his lap n said, “Jaan tum kitni cute ho…” (Jaan u are sooo cute…) n literally pulled her cheeks n then continued, “Koi baat nahi Jaan hum issi se kaam chala lenge” (No problem Jaan we will manage with this only)

The plate had a big Dairy Milk Silk chocolate. Maan broke it into piece n gave the first piece to Geet which she had with lots of joy n then she feed him 1 piece n then all the other pieces went into Geet’s stomach.

Maan smiled when he saw his Jaan eating the chocolate like a small baby. Her hands were messed with chocolate n even half her face was messed up. Maan then took a tissue n wiped the chocolate from her hands n face n then they went for a small walk around the place.

As they were walking Geet locked her arms with Maan’s n placed her head on his shoulder. Maan looked at her face n saw that she was looking tired n asked, “Jaan kya huva tum bohut thaki huvi lag rahi ho???” (Jaan what happened u are looking tired???)

Geet, “Kuch nahi Maan bas todha thakan mehsoos ho raha hai. Kya hum wapas ja sakte hai tabiyat bhi todhi kharab lag rahi hai.” (Nothing Maan just feeling a bit tired. Can we go back as Im feeling a bit sick)

Maan at once scooped her in his arms while Geet put her hands around his neck n closed her eyes.

As he placed her in the car n came to the drivers seat he said, “Jaan tumne phele kyu nahi bataya??? Lagta hai aaj tumne jo itni saari chocolate khayi hai uske wajhe se tumhari tabiyat kharab ho rahi hai. Jaan tumhe apna khayal rakhna chaiye aur aaj main bhi pagal hu tumhe mana hi nahi kiya.” (Jaan why didnt u tell earlier only??? I guess u are feeling sick bcoz u had too much chocolate today. Jaan u should take care of urself n Im only one mad even I didnt stop u)

Geet weakly, “Maan plz aap khud ko blame mat kijye n Im sorry aapko pareshan kar diya na maine.” (Maan plz dont blame him n Im sorry I troubled u right)


Maan, “Nahi Jaan tumne pareshan nahi kiya. Acha ab apni aankh band karo todhi der ke liye.” (No Jaan u didnt trouble me. Ok now close ur eyes for sometime)

Geet, “Hmm…” n closed her eyes n soon dozed off. As they reached Maan saw that Geet was sleeping so he scooped her in his arms n took her to their room.

He first placed her properly on the bed n then went n called Seema n told her about Geet’s health. Seema told him not to worry as this was common n told him that she would send juice with Nakul n to make Geet drink it n let her rest n she would be fine by tmrw.

Maan then went to the room n woke Geet n told her to change into something comfortable. While Geet was changing Nakul got the juice n Maan took it. After Geet came out she sat on the bed n Maan sat next to her n she hugged him n closed her eyes.

Maan, “Jaan tabiyat abhi bhi bohut kharab lag rahi hai kya???” (Jaan are u feeling sick even now???)

Geet, “Nahi Maan bas thakan lag rahi hai. Chaiye so jaate hai.” (No Maan just feeling tired. Come on lets sleep)

Maan, “Phele tum yeh juice aur medicines khatam karo uske baad araam se so jana.” (First u drink this juice n have these medicines n then sleep)

Geet, “Maan plz mujhe nahi peena yeh juice aap mujhe bas medicines dijye.” (Maan plz I dont want to drink this juice just give me the medicine)

Maan lifted her face with his finger on her chin n said, “Plz Jaan mere liye le lo.” (Plz Jaan take for me)

Geet made a baby face n drank the juice n then had her medicines. As she finished Maan helped her in lying down n covered her with the duvet n offed the light. Geet hugged Maan n soon dozed off bcoz of tiredness. Maan was awake as he remembered the whole day n kept smiling remembering Geet’s antics but he frowned when he remembered how Geet cried remembering those days. As he was lost in these thoughts he heard Geet moaning in pain ,”Ahhh…” n saw that she was rubbing her back n was also shivering.

Maan immediately switched on the light n saw that Geet was having slight temperature. He immediately got one of Geet’s jacket n an extra blanket. He then took out the balm from the side table n made Geet lie on her left side n took the balm n applied it on her back n massaged it for sometime. After sometime when the pain reduced Geet stopped moaning in pain.

Maan then made her wear the jacket n he had already put the blanket on her n then kept rubbing her hands so that she would stop shivering. After about 2 hours Geet stopped shivering n went into a peaceful sleep. Maan sighed in relief n lied down n hugged Geet n making sure she was fine soon dozed off.

The next morning it was 9 yet Maaneet werent awake. Seema didnt wake them as she knew that Geet wasnt well n knew that Maan would have been awake the whole night looking after her. 

Amar, “Seema aaj 9 baj gaye lekin Maan aur Geet abhi tak nahi aaye.” (Seema its 9 but Maan n Geet have come yet)

Seema, “Haan woh kal raat Geet ki tabiyat todhi bigad gayi thi toh isiliye maine unhe jagaya nahi hai.” (Yes actually yesterday night Geet fell a bit sick so I havent woke them up till now)

Amar, “Kya Geet ki tabiyat kharab hai aur tumne mujhe abhi tak bataya bhi nahi. Chalo abhi phele jaake usko dekh aate hai” (What Geet is sick n u havent told me till now. Come first lets go n see) n rushed towards Maaneet’s room even before Seema could say anything. Seema shook her head as she knew that the Handas n Khuranas were very possessive about Geet, their princess, their angel whom they had almost lost not once but twice. She rushed behind Amar to check on Geet.

Amar knocked the door. Maan had woke up sometime back only n after freshening up was checking Geet’s temperature when he heard a knock on the door. He got up n opened the door n saw n his mom n dad n said, “Maa Papa aap yaha… kuch kaam tha kya???” (Maa Papa u here… did u have any work???)

Amar, “Maan Geet kaisi hai ab???” (Maan how is Geet now???)

Maan, “Abhi temperature nahi hai lekin uske jagne ke baad pata chalega ke agar usko acha lag raha hai ya nahi” (Now she isnt have high temperature but after she gets up only we can know how is she feeling)

Amar nodded n both entered the room n sat next to Geet n caressed her face. As she felt caress on her face Geet woke up from her sleep. As she saw Amar n Seema sitting she tried to sit up hurriedly when Seema held her n said, “Beta dheere tumhari tabiyat abhi bhi theek nahi hai.” (Bete slowly u are not well)

Geet nodded n sat comfortably n then when she saw Amar’s worried face n that she was wearing a jacket she asked, “Chote Papa aap kyu itne pareshan lag rahe hai??? Aur maine yeh jacket kab phena???” (Chote Papa why are u looking so worried??? N when did I wear this jacket???)

Amar, “Kal raat aap ki tabiyat kharab hogayi thi beta isiliye bas aapko dekhne agaye. Ab kaisa mehsoos kar rahi hai aap???” (Yesterday night u werent well dear so just came to see u. How are u feeling now???)

Geet, “Main ab theek hu Chote Papa. Aap chinta mat kijye” (Im fine now Chote Papa. U dont worry) n then caressed his face n said, “Aapke chehre pe yeh wrinkles achi nahi lagti hai Chote Papa aur aap budhe lagte ho ekdum” (This wrinkles dont look nice on ur face Chote Papa n u look very old) n winked at him.

Amar, Seema n Maan smiled at Geet’s talks n Amar pulled Geet’s ear n said, “Acha toh budha lagta hu tumhe haan…” (Oh so I look old right…) n twisted her ear a bit.

Geet, “Ahhh Choti Maa dekhooo…” (Ahh Choti Maa seee…)

Seema pushed away Amar’s hand n hugged Geet n said, “Meri bachi ko mat satao” (Dont tease my daughter) while Geet showed her tongue to Amar.

Maan was seeing this beautiful scene with a smile n then said, “Acha Maa aap Nakul ke haath breakfast bhejiye tab tak hum dono fresh hojate.” (Ok Maa u send breakfast with Nakul while we freshen up)

Seema nodded n both Amar n Seema left. After closing the door, Maan went n sat next to Geet n said, “Ab kaisa feel ho raha hai Jaan??? Tum theek ho ya phir main doctor ko call karu???” (Now how are u feeling Jaan??? U are fine or shall I call a doctor???)

Geet cupped his worried face n said, “Main theek hu Maan. Jab mere Maan ne puri raat meri dekh bhal ki ho toh main kaise theek nahi ho sakti. Aap chinta mat kijye main theek hu.” (Im fine Maan. When my Maan has taken care of me the whole night then how can I not be fine. U dont worry Im fine)

Maan, “Tum sure ho na Jaan???” (U are sure Jaan???)

Geet nodded n said, “Haan aur Baby bhi keh raha hai ke Papa aap tension mat lo main aur Mumma theek hai. Ab ek smile dijye na plzzz” (Yes n Baby is also telling Papa dont worry I n Mumma are fine. Now plz give a smile)

Maan smiled n pecked her forehead n said, “Theek hai main fresh hojata hu tab tak tum todha rest karo.” (Ok u take rest while I’ll freshen up)

Geet nodded n as Maan left she began talking to baby, “Baby aapko pata hai aapki Mumma kitni hai… Mujhe hamesha se 2 Mata – Pita ka pyaar mila hai. Priya di aur Anjali jaise behen aur dost mile hai aur Karan Bhaiye jaise Bhai aur sabse lucky toh aap Papa ko paa kar huvi hu. Aapke Papa mere sab kuch hai… mere best friend…mere guide…mere lover…mere husband…mere supporter aur ab meri life hai woh. Ab aap bhi meri life main hai toh main aur bhi lucky hu kyu ki aap Mere aur Maan ke pyaar ki nishaani ho…” (Baby u know ur Mumma is so lucky… I have always got 2 Mom-Dad’s love. I have got a sister n friend like Priya di n Anjali n Bro like Karan Bro but Im very luck to have ur Papa. Ur Papa is my everything… my best friend… my guide… my lover… my husband… my supporter n now he is also my life. N now even u are in my life n Im so lucky to have u as u are mine n Maan’s symbol of love…)

Maan who had returned smiled hearing Geet n said, “Jaan agar tumhari Baby se baat hogai hai toh tum fresh hojao. Nakul breakfast leke aata hi hoga.” (Jaan if u have finished ur talk with Baby then freshen up. Nakul will be getting the breakfast)

Geet nodded n got up n came to Maan who was drying his hair with the towel. She pulled the towel n threw it away n cupped his face n gave a peck on his lips. As she pulled out Maan pulled her by her waist n smacked his lips on hers n kissed her deeply expressing his love for her. When he felt Geet going breathless he left her.

Geet then went n freshened up. After she changed Maan made her sit n fed her the whole breakfast n then made her drink milk n eat the medicines. He then told her to lie down n strictly ordered her to rest n do no other work.

He then told Seema to keep check on Geet while he went to office to finish the important meeting n also told that he would return soon.

After reaching office he kept calling Geet to make sure she was fine n at first Geet was really loving this gesture but after sometime she really got irritated n threatened him that if he called her again in an hour then she would go to office n would come late in the evening only n her warning worked.

Maan had called Anjali n told her about Geet being unwell n had asked her to be with Geet for sometime so that she would feel better.

Geet n Anjali had a gala time talking about their family n Anjali’s latest crush n all. After Anjali left Geet was remembering the time before she left for Shimla with Anjali for a colg project.


As Karan, Preeti, Priya n Anjali were deciding the punishment Maan n Geet went to their rooms n freshened up. As they came back Maan n Geet couldnt stop glaring at each other in anger.

After the breakfast, Karan called everyone else n said, “So Maan n Geet ready for ur punishment.

Maan n Geet like good kids nodded their heads while Anjali smirked seeing them.

Karan, “Ok so ur punishment is that ke tum dono ab ek week ke liye ek dusre se na milenge, na baat karenge no contact at all” (Ok so ur punishment is that u both wont meet nor talk n no contact at all between u both)

Maan n Geet who were already angry smiled that they wouldnt have to meet the irritating idiot…moron etc n agreed happily, “Yes KaranBhaiya Im ready

Anjali;s eyes popped out seeing both agreeing without any fuss n kept staring with wide eyes. Preeti who saw it nudged Anjali n asked, “Kya huva tu aise kyu dekh rahi hai???” (What happened to u why are u seeing like this???)

Anjali, “Bhabhi mujhe lag raha hai main sapna dekh rahi hu aap plz phele mujhe pinch kijye…” (Bhabhi I feel like im still dreaming will u plz pinch me…) n when Preeti pinched, “Ouch… yani yeh sapna nahi hai toh yeh kaise hogaya ke yeh dono ek dusre ko na milne ke liye mann gaye…Last time toh itna bada hungama kar diya tha dono ne” (Ouch…that means this is not a dream then how can this be that these two have agreed to not meet each other…Last time they had done such a big drama)

Priya giggled n said, “Shayad ek dusre se pakk gaye hai…” ( Maybe they are bored of each other…)

Anjali found that not so pleasing n said in a bit harsh tone, “Woh kabhi nahi hoga Priya…” (That will never happen Priya…)n went away while the others left as well.

In the evening all left the farmhouse. While Karan n Preeti left for their house… Geet, Priya n Anjali left for Handa Mansion n Maan left for Khurana Mansion.

Maan n Geet had not talked to each other for the whole day n Karan n Anjali were literally shocked that these two were following the punishment so strictly but poor they didnt know that these two were in anger n when their anger would cool down what would happen…

Precap – 


Anger melts away…


Priya – Yuvraj back from Honeymoon…