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                                    Part 4 :
Jodhpur Palace,
As the cars entered the gate, the servants all lined up to welcome the Prince n next heir to throne, Maan Singh Khurana. As soon as the car stopped, the bodyguards rushed to open the door for their boss who seemed to be busy in his own thoughts but as soon as the door opened he snapped out of it n came out of the car n headed towards the palace.
As he was about to enter the palace he was stopped when he saw his father, mother n grand mother at the entrance with wide smiles. He smiled seeing it n went n touched their feet n after getting their blessings hugged his mother.
Aashta had tears in her as finally she had her son back. As Maan pulled out of the hug he saw the tears n wipped them n shook his head in a no. Aashta smiled at him n wiped away her remaining tears n then turned to the servant to get Aarti ki thali n then did his Aarti, put tilak on his forehead n then they all entered the house.
As he entered he could see a small 5 year boy running behind a 2 year toddler who was running while giggling n putting his hand in his mouth. As the toddler turned back he didnt see ahead n was about to fall when the elder boy shouted, “Maannn” n ran fast n held him before he could hit the floor. As the toddler was about to say something Maan felt a smack on his head from behind n turned behind to see who had dared to hit him when he saw no one. When he turned back to the front he saw that the boy n the toddler were gone n realised that he was seeing his childhood memories.
He sighed n closed his eyes n tried to push away all the memories n counted till 10 n opened his eyes n again smiled though it looked forceful. He then chatted for sometime with his father n grand mother about the business deal he had recently signed n then he left for his room as he was tired.
As he entered the room he smiled sadly n went to the cupboard n got his black vest n tracks out n went to the shower to move his mind from those memories he got once he entered the house. He knew it would be hard to be in this house after all the problems but right now it seemed more superficial. He soon turned off the shower n changed n came out to see his mother pacing the room with a worried look. As soon as she saw him she rushed to him n took the towel from his hand n pulled him to seat on a chair n began rubbing the towel on his hairs. Maan sighed n after a few mins of silence he stopped his mother’s hands n made her sit n asked, “Kya baat hai Maa sa aap pareshan lag rahi hai?” (What happened mother u seem to be worried?)
Aashta, “Maan aap theek toh hai na?” (Maan u are fine right?)
Maan knew that it was hard for his mother as well n said, “Haan Maa sa hum theek hai aap fikar mat kijye.“(Yes mother Im fine u dont worry) n as he saw the worried look still on her face he sighed n said, “Maa sa meri baat huvi thi Bhai sa se jab main unse Delhi airport pe mila. Unhone kaha hai aapka khayal rakhne ke liye aur yeh bhi kaha hai ke woh aur Bhabhi sa theek hai.” (Mother I talked to Bro when I met him at the Delhi airport. He has told me to take care of u n also said that he n Bhabhi are fine)
Aashta nodded n swallowed a lump in her throat as she heard about Aryan n Sunaina. She loved Sunaina as a daughter but due to the problem between Vikram n Aryan she could never show it to her daughter in law.
Maan felt really sad for his mother n to cheer her up he got up n opened his bag n took a packet n gave it to her. Aashta questioned with her brows that what was in but he shook his head with a smile n told her to open it. As Aastha opened it she gasped at the beautiful saree that Maan had got for her. 
Maan smiled as he saw her beam with happiness when she saw the saree but he got worried when a tear came out of her eye. He crounched in front of her n holding her hands asked worriedly, “Kya huva Maa sa aapko yeh saree achi nahi lagi?” (What happened mother u didnt like the saree?)
Aashta smiled in spite of her tears n said, “Maanu yeh saree Aryan aur Sunaina ne di hai na?” (Maanu Aryan n Sunaina have given this saree right?)
Maan was surprised that she got to know n asked in confusion, “Par Maa Sa aapko kaise pata chala?” (But mother how did u get to know?)
Aashta smiled at his confused face n said, “Agar aap humare liye saree lethe toh aap neele rang ki lethe kyuki aapko humare upar neele rang bohut pasand hai aur yeh saree gulabi rang ki hai aur Aryan hamesha humare liye gulabi rang ki saree hi lethe the” (If u would have got me a saree then u would have chosen a blue one as u loved to see me in blue n this saree is pink in colour n Aryan always brought me a pink colour saree)
Maan smiled at his mother n said, “Haan yeh saree Bhai sa ne di thi airport pe aapke liye aur yeh chethi bhi di hai.” (Yes Bro gave this saree for u when we met at the airport n also this letter)
Aashta took the letter with trembling hands n stood up n kissed Maan on his forehead as a gesture of thank u n left the room. Maan smiled that finally his mother would not worry n took out a photo from his bag of him, Aryan n Sunaina n hugged it n went to sleep.
Next morning,
As the sun was rising the sounds of swords clashing could be heard from the courtyard. As Maan finished tackling the person he heard his phone ringing n gave his sword to the servant n took the phone call n left for his room.
After an hour Maan came to the living room dressed for office. As he entered he saw Maa sa getting the pooja thali ready for morning aarti. He went n touched her feet n then told, “Maa sa hume aaj office jaldi jana hai ek zaroori meeting agai hai.” (Mother I have to go to office early today as I have a meeting scheduled)
Aashta, “Yeh kya Maan aapko aaye huve ek din bhi nahi huva aur aapko office jana hai.” (What is this Maan its not been even a day since u came n u want to go to office already)
Maan, “Maa sa zaroori hai isiliye jana padh raha hai. Hum koshish karenge ki jaldi asake.” (Mother it is really imp so need to go. I’ll try to come early)
Aashta sighed at her workoholic son n said, “Theek hai par phele pooja aur nastha kar lijye.” (Okay but first finish the pooja n have ur breakfast)
Maan nodded n then they left for the pooja room where they were joined by Vikram and Savitri. After the pooja Maan had to rush as he got another call from the office. Aashta was worried as she knew that he wouldnt eat his lunch once he got busy at work. Vikram seeing her worried look calmed her n said that he would make sure Maan had his lunch n left for office after his breakfast.
Khurana Constructions Head Office, Jodhpur,
When Maan entered the office it was fully empty except for few employees who were to attend the meeting with him. He nodded his head as they greeted him n went to the conference room n checked everything n after 10 mins the meeting started.
At around 10:30 the conference room door opened as the employees moved out for a short break before the meeting commenced again. As everyone walked out Maan went to the window n sighed as the meeting was leading to no where. He then took out his phone n called Aryan.
Maan, “Pranam Bhai sa. Kaise ho aap? Aur Bhabhi sa kaisi hai?” (Hello Bro. How are u? N how is Bhabhi?)
Aryan, “Hum theek hai Maan par aap kyu itne pareshaan lag rahe hai Maan?” (We are fine Maan but why do u seem worried?)
Maan sighed n told him all about the meeting. Aryan smiled at his younger brother’s dedication n after Maan finished he said, “Maanu itni chinta kyu kar rahe ho? Sab kuch theek toh chal raha hai phir aap pareshaan kyu ho rahe hai?” (Maanu why are u worrying so much? Everything is going fine then why are u worried?)
Maan, “Lekin Bhai sa…” (But Bro…) but before he could continue Aryan cut him n said, “Ek min phele aap bataiye kya aapne subah nashta kiya tha?” (One min first u tell me whether u had ur breakfast or not?)
Maan was flabbergasted n asked, “Bhai sa mera nashta karna meeting se kya sambandh hai?” (What relation do my having breakfast have with the meeting?)
Aryan laughed a little n said, “Hai sab kuch aur hume pata chal gaya ke apne nastha nahi kiya. Acha abhi phone rakhne ke baad aap kuch biscuits khayenge aur phir meeting ke baare main sochiyega. Khali peth kuch sujta nahi hai Maan, samjhe?” (Yes everything is related n I got to know u havent had ur breakfast. So after cutting the call u have some biscuits n then think about the meeting. Nothing comes to ur mind with an empty stomach Maan, understood?)
Maan nodded like a small boy n said, “Theek hai Bhai sa. Hum meeting ke baad aapse baat karte hai. Bhabhi sa se kehna I love you“(Ok Bro. We’ll talk after the meeting. Tell Bhabhi I love you from me) n cut the call before Aryan could screw him. He laughed lightly as he remembered how irritated Aryan got when he said something affectionate to Sunaina. Then he told his PA to send some biscuits with coffee. After eating the biscuits he sat n read the notes his PA had made n got a few ideas. After 10 mins the meeting commenced n Maan placed his points in front of the clients n after stedious discussion the deal was finalized with a few changes in the contract.
As the meeting ended Maan looked at his phone n saw 10 miss calls from home n called back immediately. As the call was picked he heard his mother scolding him for his negligence to not answer the call n then asked if he had his lunch n Maan saw the time in his wall clock n then lied to his mother that he had it with the clients. He somehow managed to lie without fumbling bcoz if his mother got to know that he had lied then it was the end of Maan Singh Khurana.
After he kept the call he sighed n relaxed on his chair n sighed looking at the chair where the boss would generally sit. He remembered the fight he had with his father when he wanted him to sit on the boss’s sit n Maan argued that it was Aryan’s right n so he would never sit there. Instead he sat across the table n if his clients ever visited the office he would always meet them at the conference room as he didnt want others to know about their family problems.
As he was relaxing his phone buzzed again n he picked it up seeing that it was Aryan.
As soon as Maan picked up the call Aryan glowered at him n said, “Abhi ke abhi uthiye chair se aur jaiye canteen main aur apna lunch kijye.” (Get up from the chair right now n go to canteen n have ur lunch)
Maan groaned n said, “Bhai sa hum lunch todhi der baad karlenge abhi todhi files check kar ke bhejni hai clients ko.” (Bro i’ll have it later right now I need to check some files n send it to the clients)
Aryan didnt seem to budge n said, “Agar aap abhi nahi uthe waha se toh hum abhi Maa sa ko call ke bata denge ke aapne abhi tak lunch nahi kiya.” (If u didnt get up from there right now then Im going to call mother n let her know that u didnt have ur lunch yet)
Maan at once jumped n said, “Nahi Bhai sa aisa mat karna. Humne abhi Maa sa ko kaha hai ke humne lunch kar liya hai. Plz aap unse mat boliye. Hum abhi jaate hai” (No Bro plz dont do that. I just convinced mother that I have finished my kunch. Plz u dont tell her anything. Im going) n cut the call n went to the canteen n had lunch alone. 
As he was returning he heard Aryan n his name from across the canteen which was divided into 2 parts. 1 part had the seating arrangement done for lunch n the other was a smaller part with a coffee maker n a few chairs for people to relax while making their coffee. The people didnt realise that their boss was listening to their conversation as he was across the partition wall.
Person 1, “Tumne sunna kya ke Vikram sir ne Aryan sir ko ghar se nikal diya aur Maan sir ko MD bana diya” (Did u hear Vikram sir has thrown Aryan sir out of the house n made Maan sir the MD)
Person 2, “Haan aur yeh bhi sunna hai Aryan sir ne kisi ladki se bhaag ke shaadi kar li” (Yes n I have also heard that Aryan sir had run away n got married)
Person 1, “Yeh bade logo ka kuch bhi pata nahi chalte yaar. Kabhi kisi rani ke piche hote hai toh kabhi kisi aur…” (U dont get to know anything about this rich people man. Sometimes they run behind a queen n sometimes behind…)but before he could complete he was on the floor with blood oozing out of his lips.
As he looked up in anger he was shocked to see Maan Singh Khurana seething in anger. His eyes had become bloodshot red n he was clenching his jaw tightly. As the other person was about to help the guy stand up Maan turned to him n said, “Get Out” in a very angry voice n the guy didnt need another telling n rushed out.
Maan then picked up the guy from his collar n said angrily, “Humare Bhai sa ne bhaag kar shaadi nahi ki thi aur nahi humari Bhabhi sa koi aisi waise ladki hai. Agar phir kabhi humare parivaar ke baare main kuch bhi baat ki apne toh yaad rakhne ke aap humare liye kaam karte hai aur hume ek min ki jijak nahi hogi aapko yaha se bahar nikalne main aur uske baad hum yeh zaroor dekhenge ke aapko kahi aur naukri na mile.” (My Brother hasnt run away n married n neither is my Bhabhi just anyone. N if u ever talk again about my family then remember that u work for me n I wont hesitate even for a min to throw u out of her n after that I’ll make sure u dont get a job anywhere else) n pushed him away n said, “Humari baat ko samjh liyje ga” (Get my words clearly) n punched him once again n left the canteen in anger.
As he went into his cabin he banged his hands on the glass table top. As he closed his eyes he remembered the words n in anger grabbed a vase n threw it onto a wall. The staff all heard the crashing sound n knew that the lion was awaken n it was better for all to stay away from his cabin.
After ten mins they saw him walk out of his cabin in anger n all scattered away from him. Maan took his car keys from the driver n rushed away even before the security could properly open the gates. His PA soon called Aryan n told about the incident. Aryan assured her that he would take care of Maan n kept the call.
As he was thinking of calling Maan, Sunaina came into the office n smiled at him n said, “Aapke liye ek surprise hai.” (There is a surprise for u)
Aryan smiled n said, “Suu kya hum aapse todhi der baad baat kare. Hume abhi Maan ko call karna hai usse phele ki woh kuch kar de” (Suu can I talk to u sometime later. I need to call Maan now before he does something) n a wrinkle formed on his forehead.
Sunaina sensed that he was worried n locked the office door n then went n sat on his lap n hugged him n said, “Sab theek hojayega Aroo.” (Everything will be fine Aroo)
Aryan leaned into the hug n after a few mins pulled back of the hug n smiled n said,” Thank u Suu.
Sunaina smiled n kept her finger on his lips n nodded for no n then took his phone n called Maan n put it on speakphone. After a few rings Maan picked up the call n from his breathing it could be made out that he was really angry. Sunaina looked at Aryan n then said, “Hello Maan
Maan heard his Bhabhi sa n breathed some deep breathes n then said a bit more cheerfully, “Hi Bhabhi sa Kaisi hai aap? Aur aaj Bhai sa ke phone se kya baat hai?” (Hi Bhahi how are u? N today u are calling from Bro’s mobile whats the matter?)
Sunaina, “Hume aapko aur aapke Bhai sa ko ek khush khabri deni hai.” (I have a good news to tell u n ur Bro)
Maan, “Haan boliye na Bhabhi sa…” (Ya tell Bhabhi…)
Sunaina suddenly became shy n fumbled, “Woh…woh…
Aryan raised his eyebrows looking at her blushing but before he could say anything he heard sound of brakes n then heard Maan’s voice again, “Bhabhi sa kya huva? Aap bolte bolte rukh kyu gayi?” (What happened Bhabhi? Why did u suddenly stop?)
Sunaina hearing his voice n looking at Aryan’s questioning gaze said very softly, “Aap chachu bane wale hai” (U are going to be an uncle)
Maan n Aryan stopped breathing for a second n then shouted, “Bhabhiii…Suuu… I Love You
Aryan hearing Maan growled in warning, “Maan…” but Maan cut him off n said, “Bhai sa hum aapse darte nahi hai toh yeh awaaz se kisi aur ko darana” (Bro Im not scared of u so use that tone to scare someone else)
Aryan groaned n then looked at Sunaina who was glowing while her cheeks had turned beetroot red. Aryan came close to her n kissed her forehead n her eyes n her cheeks n as he was about to kiss her lips, Maan shouted, “Arre phele humari baat khatam hojane dijye uske baad aap dono apna romance kar lena” (First let me finish my talk n then u both romance) which shocked Aryan n Sunaina to the core n then they heard Maan laughing like a maniac. After he calmed down he said, “Bhabhi sa hum issi hafte Delhi arahe hai aapse milne.” (Bhabhi Im coming to Delhi this week to meet u)
Aryan groaned mentally as he knew once Maan came Sunaina would never spend time with him. She was always busy pampering Maan. As if Maan sensed his thoughts he said, “Bhai sa ab toh aap office main hi bethe rehna hum Delhi jo arahe hai” (Bro now u will stay in ur office only right when I come to Delhi)
Sunaina laughed at Aryan’s expression while Aryan glowered n said, “Maan hum office main nahi rahenge samjhe aap. Hum apni patni ke pass hi rahenge.” (Maan I wont be in the office understood. I will be with my wife only)
Maan teasingly, “Achaaa par Bhabhi sa toh humare saath hongi aur aapko toh hum dono ke saath rehna acha nahi lagta na?” (Really Bhabhi will be with me n u dont like to hang around with us right?) 
Aryan, “Humne aisa kab kaha… Hum aap dono ke saath hi rahenge” (When did I tell that… I will hang out with u both only)
Sunaina couldnt hold anymore n burst out laughing seeing Aryan going green in jealously n said, “Bas kijye Maan ab. Acha aap hume bata dijye ga aap kab arahe hai taki hum aapka room theek se arrange kar sake” (Ok stop now Maan. Ok u let me know when u are coming so that I can clean n arrange u room by then)
Maan, “Bhabhi sa aap koi kaam nahi karne wali samjhi aap. Aur agar apne kuch kaam kiya toh hum ghar nahi ayenge kisi hotel main reh lenge par ghar kabhi nahi ayenge.” (Bhabhi u arent doing any work understood. N if u did any work then Im not going to stay at home I’ll stay at a hotel but I wont come home ever)
Sunaina, “Maannn yeh kya ajeeb si zidd hai aapki. Abhi toh ek mahina huva hai aur aap aise baat kar rahe hai jaise main pregnant nahi bimar hu. Aryan aap hi Maan ko kahiye na” (Maannn what is this crazy stubbornness of yours. Its just been 1 month n u are acting like Im not pregnant but sick. Aryan U only make Maan understand na)
Aryan, “Nah main iss baat pe Maan ke saath hu.” (No im with Maan in this topic)
Sunaina started whacking his arms n said, “Cheater ho aap dono bhai. Jaiye hum aap dono se baat nahi karti…hmph” (U both Brothers are cheaters. Go I wont talk to u both…hmph) n stomped her foot on Aryan’s foot n went away banging the door behind.
Aryan shouted as she stomped his foot n said, “Dekha Maan aapki Bhabhi sa ne humare pair ko kuchal diya aur ab darwaza mar kar chali gayi.” (See Maan ur Bhabhi she stamped my leg n now banged the door n left)
Maan who heard Aryan whine started laughing. Aryan hearing him laugh after so many days said, “Aise hi haste rahiye Maan.” (Keep laughing like this only Maan)
Maan smiled n as he was going to tell something, Aryan asked, “Maan aap itne gusse main kyu the jab humne call kiya?” (Maan why were u angry when we called u?)
Maan remembered the canteen incident n again anger coursed through him n he told the whole matter to Aryan in anger. Aryan didnt say anything for sometime n then said calmly, “Maan woh log galat nahi keh rahe the. Humne Sunaina se bhaag ke shaadi toh ki hai na” (Maan those people arent telling anything wrong. I ran away with Sunaina n got married right)
Maan growled n said, “Nahi Bhai sa aapne bhaag ke shaadi nahi ki hai. Hum the waha toh phir apne shaadi bhaag kar kaise ki.” (No Bro u havent run away n got married. I was there then how can u have rana way n got married)
Aryan, “Maan itna gussa aapke liye acha nahi hai.” (Maan so much anger is not good for u)
Maan, “Bhai sa agar kisi ne aapke yeh Bhabhi sa ke baare main kuch galat kaha toh hum chup nahi rahenge aur aap bhi hume nahi rokh sakte” (Bro if anyone tells anything wrong about u or Bhabhi then Im not going to keep quiet n even U wont be able to stop me)
Aryan sighed n softly said, “Maanu…” 
Maan closed his eyes as he knew his brother used this name only when he was emotional. After a few seconds he continued, “Bhai sa plz aap wapas ajaye. Hum aapko bohut miss karte hai“(Plz Bro come back. I miss u alot) n a tear slipped away.
Aryan also had tears in his eyes n said, “Hum ayenge Maan jald. Ek baar Baba sa ka gussa thanda hojaye uske baad hum zaroor wapas ayenge” (We will come back Maan soon. Once Dad’s anger calms down then we will surely come back)
Maan had an idea n said, “Bhai sa hum jante hai Baba sa ka gussa thanda kaise kare. Hum unko yeh khush khabri sunate hai aur jab unhe pata chalega ke woh Dadu sa bane wale hai toh unka gussa apne aap thanda hojayega.” (Bro I know just the way to calm down Dad’s anger. We will give him this good news n when he gets to know that he is going to be a grandfather his anger will cool down by itself)
Aryan sighed n said, “Nahi Maan abhi nahi. Hum todhe din unhe pareshaan nahi karna chahte aur jab waqt ayega hum khud unhe yeh khush khabri batayenge aur tab tak aap kisi se bhi nahi bolenge Maa se bhi nahi… Wada kijye Maan” (No Maan not now. I dont want to trouble him for soem days n when the right time comes I’ll myself give him the good news but till then u arent going to tell anyone not even Mom… Promise me Maan)
Maan sighed in defeat n said, “Theek hai Bhai sa hum nahi bolenge wada” (Ok Bro I wont tell anyone promise)
Aryan smiled at his kiddo n then said, “Acha ab hum phone rakhte hai aur aapki Bhabhi sa ko dhundne jaate hai warna aaj hume ghar main nahi ane degi aur Maanu shaant rehna plz.” (Ok now I’ll keep the call n go in search of ur Bhabhi or else I wont be allowed inside the house n Maanu plz be calm)
Maan smiled n said, “Kash hum waha hote jab Bhabhi sa aapko ghar se bahar nikal deti…heheheheee…” (I wish I was there when Bhabhi throws u out of the house…heheheheee…) n then continued after a few seconds, “Theek hai Bhai sa hum shaant rahenge aur aapko jald hi bata denge jab Delhi anne wale honge” (Ok Bro I’ll stay calm n will let u know soon when Im coming to Delhi)
Aryan smiled at his teasing n said, “Apna khayal rakheyega Maan. Bye” (Take care of urself Maan. Bye)
Maan, “Bye Bhai sa” (Bye Bro) n cut the call. After talking to Aryan he was calm n so he got into the car n went to the palace. On the way he called his PA n shouted on the middle aged lady in fake anger who understood that he was faking n said, “Apna khayal rakheyega sir” (Take care of urself sir) n cut the call. Maan sighed n shook his head that he couldnt even be angry at the woman for all the things she told to Aryan.
                                     Precap – 
So here is Part 4. Hope u all liked it. If any confusion or any other mistake plz do pm me. I’ll try n correct it. Plz ignore grammar n spelling mistakes.