Part 9

After chatting with all for some more time, Geet n all went to take a small nap. After sometime Armaan returned from hospital n met with all. Later all got busy in helping Rano to prepare for the dinner.


In the evening Veer, Madhuri and Dadi along with Robie come to Handa Mansion. They were greeted by Mohinder, Rano n Armaan n then all processed towards the living room while Robie went to the terrace where all the youngsters were.


Mohinder, “Veer Maan nahi aaya?” (Veer isnt Maan coming?)


Veer, “Mohinder tu toh janta hai usse usko apne kaam se zyada der dur nahi rakh sakte aur aaj ek important meeting agayi thi office main toh usse jaana padha. Woh aata hi hoga todhi der main” (Mohinder u know right how difficult it is to keep him away from his work n today an important meeting came up in office n so he had to go. He will be here in sometime)


Mohinder, “Theek hai.” (Ok) N they continued with their talks while Armaan left informing Mohinder n Rano that he had to go as an emergency had come up in the hospital. After Armaan left, Samrat, Avni n Damini too reached the Handa Mansion n after meeting the elders went to the terrace.


After about half an hour Maan entered n greeted all. After chatting with the elders for few minutes he went to the terrace to meet others. 


As Maan reached the terrace he saw all were chatting n settled in a circle n they were about to begin some game. As soon as Robie saw him he said, “N here enters The Business Tycoon Maan Singh Khurana�. Claps please


Maan smirked at his sarcasm n said, “Thank u Robie for such a grand welcome” while the others giggled seeing Robie’s face.


Sameer n Prithvi stood up n shook his hands n then pulled him n made him sit next to Geet n then all her friends began talking to him. After few minutes of chit chat Robie stood n said, “Ok enough of chit chatting now lets begin our game as we were about to before we were interrupted by�.” But stopped seeing Maan’s glare n turned other side n said, “So lets spin the bottle�


Geet spinned the bottle n it stopped at Robie n so Geet asked, “So Robie truth or dare?


Robie “Of course bhabhi I chose truth


Geet “So Robie tell us if u have ever liked a girl and have never seen a girl like her before?


Robie “Yes bhabhi I have seen a girl with whom I had fallen in love that too at first sight when I met her in my 8 class camping and then I have never seen her after that but we used to fight like anything and I used to call her Jungli Billi as she always used to fight with me and she used to call me Bigade Rahiz as I was a spoilt brat


Hearing this Mouli thought that she had heard these names before but before she could think about it all started their ohhhs and ahhhs .


Then again they spinned the bottle and this time it stops on Sameer and he chose dare. So they gave him dare to propose a girl and he went to Avni and proposes her. Avni was shocked but then as she heard the cheers she hid it n shrugged it off as a dare n nothing serious.


As they were about to spin the bottle again, Armaan joined them. So after he was seated they spun the n this time it stopped on Armaan and he chose truth.


Maan, “Have u ever lied to Geet, Armaan?


Armaan closed his eyes n sighed n said “Yes I have lied to Geet


Hearing this Geet was shocked and asked “When?


Armaan “Sorry Geet, I cant as I have promised someone but I will let u know when it is the right time


Though Geet was hurt n wanted to know but when she saw his pleading eyes she nodded n gave him a small smile.


The game continued n this time the bottle stopped at Geet  n she chose truth.


Prithvi “Name the person with whom u can share all your secrets and problems without any hesitation?


Hearing to the question Geet remembered that person and she starts feeling a bit low and so she got up and faced the other side to not to show her tears to all specially Armaan because she knew that even he would end up crying.


Then she closed her eyes and remembered all the moments with the person, How she used to play with that person, fought with that person and all the sweet memories and then she remembered that when that person left her and tears rolled dowm her cheeks.


When she didn’t say anything Armaan got worried n asked “Geet r u alright??? plz don’t cry. I know u r crying and remembering that person but plz let the others also know that person’s name


After hearing Armaan’s words a sad smile came on her face n she started, “Guys u know before I had my best friend who used to share my happiness and sorrows and we were like twin sisters who could not be separated but one day that person had to move away from me and from that day I have had no contact with that person but I really miss that person whenever I need a friend to share my happiness or sorrow. I even tried looking for that person but I did not find her till today but I just pray to god that one day I will meet that person and that person’s name is 


Before she could complete her sentence someone from behind closed her eyes and then when Geet felt the person’s hands she turned n was shocked n suddenly screamed and hugged that person and shouted “Muskannn


Armaan smiled at the scene n went and hugged her and asked “So Geet I told you right that I lied  so the lie was that I had recently got Muskaan’s address from Sanjeevani’s Punjab Branch and so I contacted her and told about your marriage and she was about to come on your marriage itself but she had got a emergency so she had to stay back but now I got her transferred to Delhi’s Branch so that she can stay with us only


Geet was about to say something but then remembered someone and eagerly asked “Muski, Piya kaha hai?” (Muski where is Piya?)


As she finished her question, a four year old girl came from behind of Muskaan and said “Mamaa” and hugged Geet.


Geet took Piya in her arms and kissed her cheeks and asked “So how is my princess? Did Choti Maa take care of you and did u trouble her?


Just then Piya saw Armaan and said “Mamuu” and starting jumping in Geet’s arm to go to Armaan. Armaan smiled n took her in his arms n hugged her.


Pia “Mamu where izz my chokate?“in her childish way. Hearing Piya, Geet,Muskaan and Armaan started laughing and then Armaan took out some chocolates from his pocket and said “This is for my princess“.


In all this the others were totally shocked first seeing Geet n Muskaan meet n then the biggest bomb the small girl calling Geet Mama n Armaan Mamu.


As Piya got busy in eating her chocolate, Geet looked at the others who had confused looks on their faces. She told them to sit and that she would tell them everything. As everyone sat n were staring at Geet to start, Geet looked at Muskaan n Armaan who nodded n held her hand to support her.


Meanwhile Piya went near Maan who was sitting next to Geet. Maan saw her n gave a small smile which Piya returned n then he took her in his arms n she went to him without any problem n smiled at him n touched his face. Maan smiled back at her n then Geet began her story.


Guys u know that first I and Bhai used to live in Chandigarh. There I,Muskaan and Armaan were like best friends. Then after our 12th exams we had to move to Delhi and even Muskaan had moved to Mumbai for her further studies but we were still in contact and we used to visit each other. So it happened when I had gone to Mumbai for vacation n was in Sanjeevani waiting for Muskaan as she was an intern there an emergency case came. In that case one of our neighbor n friend Manav and his wife Archana who was excepting had met with an accident and after the surgery Archana could not be saved but her baby was saved and even Manav died due to the accident. Manav was an orphan who had worked hard n built his life n Archana’s parents had disowned her as she married Manav against their wish. At that time we called Armaan Bhai and told him everything and so he came to the hospital and he got the adoption papers of Piya and I signed it as only I was legible and Muskaan still had 2 months to be of the legible age and from that time Piya calls me Mama and Muskaan Choti Maa. Piya was with Muskaan in Mumbai as she was a doctor n could take better though we had Maa n Armaan Bhai in Delhi but we didn’t want Piya to come here as then Maa n Papa would have to face many questions from the society. I used to visit Mumbai whenever I would get holidays along with Armaan Bhai n sometimes even Maa � Papa would join us. Piya is apple of everyone’s eyes but after 2 years and odd Muskaan had to shift to some place I did not know and then we both lost contact though I tried finding them n finally today I have met them all thanks to Armaan bhai


Armaan smiled n said, “When I found Muskaan I wanted her to come to Delhi that day itself but had to wait as Piya had her school n then Muskaan had to shift her duties to another doctor. I wanted to surprise my gudiya n today seeing her happiness Im really glad.


Geet hugged Armaan n said thanks. Muskaan too joined the hug n Piya rushed from Maan’s arms n hugged their legs. Everyone smiled seeing the cute scene n went down to let them be alone for sometime.


After sometime Rano came n had tears in her eyes seeing Geet n Muskaan running behind Armaan who held Piya in his arms n were teasing both the girls. She wiped the tears n came inside n with fake anger said, “Arre yeh kya ho raha hai yaha?” (What is happening over here?)


Geet n Muskaan stopped at once while Armaan ran towards Rano but stumbled n was about to fall but Rano held him n Piya. Geet n Muskaan rushed to them n checked if they were alright. Rano took Piya from Armaan n kissed her cheeks n then glared at the 3 n said, “Tum teeno abhi bache nahi rahe. Aur Geet tumhari toh shaadi hogayi hai toh phir yeh kya bacho jaisi harkate kar rahe the tum aur Armaan tum dhyaan se nahi reh sakte agar gir jaate toh aur tumhe ya Piya ko chot lag jati toh?” (U three arent kids anymore. N Geet u are married now n yet u are acting like a kid n Armaan cant u be careful what would happen if u fell n u or Piya got hurt?)


Muskaan had tears hearing her Rano Maa’s scoldings n went n hugged her n said, “Sorry Rano Maa


Rano hugged her back with Piya in her arms n said, “Koi baat nahi Muski.” (Its ok Muski)


After pulling back from the hug she chided her n said, “Ab chalo teeno neeche sab dinner ke liye beth rahe hai” (Now the three of come down everyone is sitting for dinner)


As they reached down, Piya started jumping in Rano’s arms seeing Mohinder n said, “Nanu�. Nanu�.


Mohinder heard Piya but pretended that he didn’t see her n turned other side as if searching for her there n said, “Arre kis ne mujhe Nanu bola?” (Oh who called me grand dad?)


Rano smiled n kept Piya on the floor. As soon as Piya was on the floor she ran to Mohinder n hugged his legs n said, “Nanu� Piya boli� aapki pincess�” (Grandpa… Piya told… Ur princess) n gave a wide smile when he picked her up in his arms.


Mohinder smiled n hugged her n said, “Arre meri princess toh kitni badi hogai hai” (Oh my princess had grown so big) n pinched her nose n smiled.


Piya smiled n then forwarded her hand n said, “Meri chockate???” (My chocolate?)


Mohinder smiled n took a chocolate out of his pocket n kept on her hand. Piya smiled n kissed his cheek n said, “Tank uuu�” (Thank u…)


Mohinder smiled n kissed her cheek as well.


Just then Muskaan came n took away the chocolate from Piya’s hand n said, “Arre Papa aap isse chocolate mat dijye already Armaan Bhai ne de di hai” (Oh dad dont give her chocolate Armaan Bhai has already given her)


Piya made a angry face at Muskaan n hid her face in Mohinder’s neck. Mohinder glared at Muskaan n pulled back the chocolate n said, “Toh kya huva yeh uske Nana de rahe hai” (So what this is given by her granddad) n gave it back to Piya who smiled n showed her tongue to Muskaan.


Muskaan in anger, “Haan haan ab toh aap bas apni princess ko hi doge na apni beti toh aapko yaad bhi nahi hai” (Yes yes now u will give to ur princess only right u dont even remember ur daughter) n turned away while Rano n Armaan laughed n Geet joined Muskaan n said, “Haan Muski tu sahi keh rahi hai Papa hame bhool gayi Piya ke aate hi” (Yes Muski u are right Papa forgot us as soon as Piya came)


Mohinder smiled at his daughters drama n hugged them from back n said,”Aisa kabhi ho sakta hai ke main apni betiyo ko bhool jao” (Can it ever happen that I forget my daughters)


Muskaan n Geet smiled n nodded in no n forwarded their hand while Mohinder laughed n kept 2 chocolates in their hands. Muskaan showed her tongue to Piya while Piya showed her angry face.


Armaan n the other laughed at the nok jhok n Armaan came n took Piya from Mohinder n gave her 1 more chocolate n said, “Yeh lo Piya ab tumhare pass Mama aur Choti Maa se zyada chocolate hai“(Take Piya now u have more chocolates then ur Mama n Choti Maa)  n grinned at Muskaan who puffed her face in anger.


Geet smiled n then pulled Muskaan with her towards Veer, Madhuri n Dadi. She introduced them n they chatted for sometime n then the other friends met Muskaan n Piya.


Muskaan then took Geet with her towards the dining table where no one was n said, “Geet I am really sorry for what happened with Dev. I was not there when you needed me the most but I promise that from now on I will be there in all your happiness and sorrows


Geet smiled n said, “Its ok Muski. U are there now n that matters the most” n hugged her.


After few minutes Rano called everyone for dinner. During dinner Piya sat with Geet.  As she tried to feed her Piya turned her face away n saw Maan n started jumping in Geet’s arms to go to Maan. Geet let Piya down n Piya went n pulled Maan’s pant n he bent n saw her n picked her up in his arm n made her sit on his lap. She then started playing with his hand n face. Geet tried to feed her but Piya was not in mood to eat n wanted to eat ice cream only.


Maan saw that Geet was having difficulty in feeding Piya n decided to help n showed her his hand to wait while he talked to her, ” Piya ur a good girl na n if u have ur dinner I will take u to have ice cream n get u ur fav ice cream. Now come on baby dont trouble mama n have ur dinner fast then only we both will go n have ice cream


Hearing this Piya stopped playing around n had her dinner silently. Muskaan n Geet were surprised to see Piya listening to Maan n having her dinner without throwing any further tantrums.


After having her dinner Piya literally started pulling Maan towards the main gate to go n have her fav ice cream.Geet seeing this told Piya “Baby todhi der wait kar lo dekho Maan ne abhi tak apna dinner khatam nahi kiya na” (Baby wait for sometime see Maan hasnt finished his dinner yet)


Maan “Its ok Geet hum phele ice cream khake aate hai phir main dinner kar lunga” (Its ok Geet we will first have ice cream n then I’ll come n have my dinner) n then told her to come with him n they sneaked out of the house with Piya.


At Corner House,

Maan ordered DBC for him n plain chocolate ice cream for Piya n Geet ordered thick chocolate milkshake.


As they were waiting Piya started getting restless n looked at Maan who was talking to waiter n then looked at Geet who was looking at the menu. She poked his arm n asked “What izz ur name n what should I call u dost ????” (What is ur name n what should I call u friend?)


Maan smiled n said “My name is Maan Singh Khurana n as ur my friend u can call me Maan


Piya “Par aap toh Mama ke�husss�.hussband ho na??? Toh aap mere Papa hue na� woh Pari ne bola ke uske Papa uski Mama ke hussband hai” (But u are Mama’s husband right? So u are my father right.. Pari told that her father is her Mama’s husband)


Maan smiled at her innocence n said ” Hmm main aapki Mama ka husband toh hu toh aap mujhe Papa bula sakte hai aur kya main aapko Shona bula sakta hu??? Papa ki shona” (Hmm yes Im ur Mama’s husband so u can call me Papa n can I call u Shona??? Papa’s Shona)


Piya smiled at the new name. She liked the way it sounded n jumped in the seat n said “Yaaa Mela new name Shona�.” (Yaa my new name Shona…)


Geet listening to their talks had tears in her eyes n couldn’t believe that Maan had allowed Piya to call him Papa n her respect for him increased.


As Maan was playing with Piya their order came. Piya looked at her plain chocolate ice cream n then looked at Maan’s DBC n found it more yummy to look at n took her spoon n put it in his ice cream n tried to eat but messed her dress a bit while trying. Maan smiled n took his spoon n fed her. He then had her plain chocolate while he fed her his ice cream. In between they forgot that even Geet was with them. Geet rolled her eyes n then ordered a family pack as parcel n collected the order n then she took Piya to the washroom n washed her face n rubbed water on her dress where ice cream had fallen. After cleaning her up they left for home.


Meanwhile in Handa Mansion,


All finished having dinner n mostly all didn’t realize that Maan, Geet n Piya were missing except Muskaan n Armaan who had started getting worried.


After everyone settled in the living room, Armaan was about to let others know that Maan, Geet n Piya weren’t at home when the three entered the house.


Dadi ” Where were u three ??? When did u go ??? We never realized that u were missing.


Geet  “Dadi actually we had gone to” n then paused n turned to others n requested, “All plz dont scream it was Maan n Piya’s idea


Maan was confused as to what was Geet talking about???


Shilpa “Bhabhi ,wt r u trying to say???


Geet “We had gone to Corner House” n as soon as she told this all the friends shouted together “Whattt???


Then Maan realized why Geet told them not to scream.


Maan glared at everyone n said, “Don’t shout Piya is getting scared.


Everyone looked at Piya who had closed her eyes n ears when everyone shouted n everyone said sorry. 


Piya smiled when everyone said sorry n said, “Itss� otteee�.” (Its ok…)


Maan smiled at her baby language n then turned to Geet n told, “Geet hum ek kaam karte hai yeh ice cream hum khud hi kha lete hai kyuki kisi ko toh khani nahi hai“9Geet lets do 1 thing we will only eat this ice cream as others dont want it)  n winked at her.


Geet understood n said, “Haan theek hai. Main abhi bowl main leke aati hu” (Yes ok. I’ll get the bowls) n went into the kitchen while Maan went to the dining table with Piya.


Everyone made a sad face that they wouldn’t get ice cream n were thinking of a plan to get ice cream when they saw a tray full of ice cream bowls on the table n looked up to see Geet standing there smirking n then looked at Maan who also had a smiliar smirk on his face.


Geet then served ice cream to all n then Maan said, “Yeh sab ke liye meri Shona aur meri taraf se” (This is for all from my Shona’s n my side)


Piya jumped in joy listening to Shona n said, “Papa�. Phil se bolo na�” (Papa… plz tell again…)


Maan laughed at her cute antics n bent on his knees n said, “Shona” n pinched her nose. Geet smiled while all others looked at the scene in shock.


All left the topic n had the ice cream while Geet n Maan finished their dinner. Piya was playing with Armaan n also having a few spoons of his ice cream.


After Maan n Geet finished their dinner they settled in the living room where all were fighting over some topic. Geet sat next to Armaan n asked, “Bhai yeh sab log jhagad kyu rahe hai?” (Bro why are all fighting???)


Armaan laughed n said, “Sab ko movie dekhni hai aur decide nahi kar pa rah eke kaunsi movie dekhe isiliye jhag rahe hai” (Everyone wants to see movie but arent able to decide which one to see so they are fighting)


Geet smiled n turned to others n said, “Sab chup. Mujhe pata hai hume kaunsi movie dekhni hai.” (Everyone quiet. I know which movie to watch)


Rano, “Kaunsi puttar?” (Which one dear?)


Geet smiled n winked at Muskaan n said, “Aap wait karo main aur Muskaan who cd leke aate hai” (U guys wait while I n Muskaan get the cd) n rushed towards Geet’s room.


As Geet n Muskaan were upstairs, Rano n Armaan went to the room n got some mats so that if anyone wanted to sit on the floor they could be comfortable n some cushions as well.


Geet n Muskaan returned with the cd n Muskaan had Piya’s blanket with her. Geet then put the cd into the cd player n settled herself on the floor n Muskaan sat on her 1 side while Maan sat on her side n Piya came n sat on Geet’s lap n leaned her back on her.


As the cd played Mohinder, Rano, Veer, Madhuri n Dadi gasped while Geet n Muskaan had huge grins n hi fied each other. Piya seeing them hi fi clapped her hands together n then hi fied with both.


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