The whole place was filled with smoke n a bit of darkness. He couldnt hear anything nor see bcoz of the smoke. He tried to move a bit ahead but couldnt. It seemed like his hands n legs couldnt move even a bit ahead. As he tried to see his surroundings, he felt a throbbing pain in his head. As he tried to move his hand yet again he couldnt while the pain seemed to be increasing. He then tried to see if anyone was around to help him. As he opened his mouth to shout no voice came n his throat started burning. He didnt recognise the surroundings at all. The last he remembered was him finishing all his works eagerly so that he could go back to India to his family, his Mishty as soon as possible. He then got a late night flight n was too eager to land as finally he had realized his feelings for his Mishty… his Geet. The separation had made him to think about his feelings which he thought to be attraction,infatuation or lust. Hestopped msging her so that he could go away from her but she never left his thoughts for a while as well. She was always on his mind whether he was in board meetings, site visits or working on the files. 

Her cute actions, her different faces, her words, her face, her eyes… everything kept flashing in his mind. He tried very hard to stay away from all these feelings n concentrate on the project but he couldnt stop glancing at her pic on his laptop or his mobile. He kept wondering why was he missing her? why couldnt he just forget about her for sometime? why did he want to rush n go back to her? why did he want to take her in his arms n keep her there forever? Why? Why? Why?

All these questions were troubling him when he needed to concentrate on his project. That afternoon as he was waiting for lunch with his clients, a young lady in her mid twenties walked over to our table n pulled Mr. John, my client n slapped him. All were dumbfounded while John looked down in guilt. As she was about to slap him again, CharlesJohn’s brother stopped her n was about to push her when John pulled the lady behind him n slapped Charles.

Charles, “Johnnn… u are slapping me, ur brother for this lady???

John, “She isnt any lady Charles, She is my fiance n ur sister in law so take her name with respect

Charles, “Oh plz John dont give me this bull shit. From when did Rome’s biggest casanova, John Noble start believing in relationships n love???

John with a fierce look, “Since the day Grace walked into my life. She is the one who taught me that love isnt just about flowers n hearts its more about trust n care. She thought me that we can overcome any problem if we have our loved ones by our side. She thought me that love means caring for the people who are important in our life. Love means supporting each other. Love is selfless like my Grace is…

Charles clapped his hands n laughed humorlessly n said, “Wow Grace hats off to u. You have wrapped my brother around ur fingers. Must say u have some magic in u…

John without thinking punched Charles face while Grace tried to pull him back. As the fight was getting ugly I helped Grace in pulling away John from Charles.

John looked at Grace’s tears n turned to Charles n said, “Get lost from here n never come in front of me or else I wont stop before killing u

Charles left the place in anger while I offered water to John. After he calmed down he turned to Grace n wiped her tears n said sorry.

After that he turned to me n apologized for the scene created n asked for a few mins alone.I told him not worry n then they left for few mins n after they returned I asked Grace to join us. After the lunch, John Grace left while I returned to my room.

As I sat I recalled what John had said n in all the incidents I remembered every incident with Geet. He remembered the office incident created by Sasha n how Geet confidently saidMaan before he came to Italy that he would solve the problems here… he remembered her taking care of his wounds, taking care of Dadi… her love for Armaan Shilpa

As he thought realization struck that maybe he is in love withGeet, his Mishty… but then stopped himself thinking about her feelings towards him… Did she also feel like him??? Does she miss him??? Does she become restless to see him??? Does she feel something when he gets close to her???

As he thought more he couldnt stop himself from finding the answers as soon as possible. He then checked the remaining work n had a wide grin when he realized the work remaining was about 2 hours work only. He freshened up n went to the site. As he was going he called Adi n told him to book the first flight available after 7pm that day n also told to inform the driver to pick him up but not tell his family as it was a surprise for them. He soon finished the work n handed over the project to the manager there n met John before leaving for the airport.

As I sat in the plane waiting anxiously for the flight to land his thoughts went to his Mishty n thinking about her he soon dozed off.

As the flight was about to land he was awoken by the air hostess asking him to fasten the seat belt.

I finally stepped out of the airport. Oh I couldnt wait to reach home. Mohan Kaka took the luggage while i got a coffee for myself. Soon we were on our way to Khurana Mansion n my heart beats were increasing as we were nearing the destination. But luck wasnt on my side. As we reached half way my phone rang. I picked it up n it was Adi informing me about a problem in a site which was near from where we were. I informed Adi that I would myself go to the site. I told Mohan Kaka to take a left turn n we soon reached the site.

It took me nearly 3 hours to solve the problem much to my frustration. I wanted to reach home n confess to Geet about my feelings but everything was going against me.

After that I called Adi n let him know that the problem was solved n work would resume in half a day. As we were leaving it started raining. Just what I needed now. Grrr…

As we drove towards home I saw few kids playing football in rain while some kids were jumping in the rain water n enjoying themselves without any care. It reminded me of Geet. She was also like these kids innocent from heart…

As I was lost in my thoughts the car suddenly skidded but before I could comprehend anything the car hit a median n the glass at the  back broke n pierced into my back n then my head hit something n suddenly everything was black.

So what happened after that??? N why am I not able to move my hands or legs??? Where am I??? Ok let me try once again to open my eyes…

Maan tried to open his eyes a bit… as he did the light from the room hit his eyes making him close them again. He blinked them again n again till he got adjusted to the lights. As he looked the whole area which he could see was covered in white. He tried to turn his face a bit n as he turned to his left he saw her…

He closed his eyes n opened them again that hope he wasnt seeing a dream n his hope came true she was really there. HisMishty… His Geet.

But he wasnt able to see her full face. He strained his eyes a bit but still couldnt bcoz her hairs covered half of her face. He tried to call her but no voice came from his mouth. He then tried to move his hands but he could move them a bit only but that was enough as he pulled one of the IV tubes injected into his hand along n the pain caused him to gasp aloud in pain.

The nurse who was coming to check on him heard the sound n rushed in to see him squinting his eyes while trying to move his hand.

She rushed to him n said, “Mr. Khurana plz dont strain urself. I’ll call the doctor immediately” n rang the bell in the room to call the doctor.

The doctor soon rushed in. As he came Geet was disturbed n she woke up. She stood up to see what was happening when the nurse came n asked her to leave the room for a while as the doctor checked Maan.

Geet nodded n went out n first called home n informed that Maan had gained consciousness. After that she moved to the glass window of the room from where she saw doctor checking Maan.

She sighed in relief looking at him awake n thanked Babaji. As she was looking at him he suddenly turned his face n met her gaze. Her eyes showed love for him. As he continued looking soon he saw pain as well in her eyes. He wondered why did her eyes suddenly reflect pain when just few mins back they showed on love. As he was trying to understand the doctor told him to close his eyes for few seconds.

As he reluctantly closed his eyes n opened them after a few seconds, he looked back to the window but was shocked to seeGeet wasnt there. But before he could think about it, Dadi,ArmaanShilpa Vicky entered the ward.

The doctor briefed them about the injuries n the medication n said that Maan had to be in the hospital for at least a week. After that he left with the nurse.

Dadi, “Maan Bete ab aapko kaisa lag raha hai???” (Maan how are u feeling now???)

Maan in a raspy voice, “Main theek hu Dadi aap chinta mat kijye” (Im fine Dadi u dont worry)

Shilpa who had till then held herself strong n didnt cry couldnt hold anymore n tears flowed from her eyes. Maan called her close to him n made her sit next to him on the bed n wiped her tears n put his hand which wasnt damaged around her shoulder n pulled her into a hug n soothed her with sweet nothings. After sometime she calmed down n pulled out of the hug. Maan smiled n said, “Im so proud of u bacha.

Shilpa knew that Maan called her Bacha only when he was too emotional n hugged him again n said, “Plz bhai hume chod ke mat jana” (Plz bhai dont leave us n go)

Maan patted her n said, “Main kahi nahi ja raha bacha. Acha ab rona band karo chalo aur jaldi se mujhe ek gorgeous Shilpa wali smile do” (Im not going anywhere bacha. Ok now stop crying n give me my gorgeous Shilpa’s best smile)

Shilpa wiped her tears n smiled her best smile while everyone smiled back. Vicky too hugged him n said, “Plz bhai phir kabhi aisa mat karna” (Plz bhai dont do this ever again)

Maan nodded n said, “Sorry phir kabhi nahi karunga” (Sorry wont do it again)

Maan while looking for Geet, “Armaan baaki sab nahi dikh rahe???” (Armaan arent everyone here???)

Armaan, “Haan woh Geet ko humne abhi ghar bheja… Usne hi tumhari jaan bachiye hai apna khoon de kar aur woh phir yahi thi toh thak gayi hogi isiliye usko bhej diya… Aur Gaurav aur Vidya,Kanchi ke saath shaam ko ayenge tumse milne” (Ya actually we sent Geet just now home… She only saved ur life by donating blood n then she was here itself so she must be tired so we sent her… N Gaurav n Vidya will come to meet u in evening with Kanchi)

Maan, “Toh Geet ne baby ka naam Kanchi rakha???” (So Geet has kept the name Kanchi for the baby???)

Shilpa nodded. Maan continued, “Bohut hi pyaara naam hai. Geet theek toh hai na???” (Its a very pretty name. Geet is fine right???)

Shilpa, “Haan bhai woh theek hai. Woh bhi shayad shaam ko Gaurav aur Vidya ke saath ajayegi” (Yes bhai she is fine. She may also come with Gaurav n Vidya in the evening to meet u)

They sat with him for sometime n then Vicky Dadi left for home while Armaan had to go to office to handle important meetings n Shilpa stayed back.


Geet had tears in her eyes as she walked out of the hospital. She made sure that Maan was safe n someone was with him. It was time now to fulfill her promise to Babaji n then move away from everyone’s life before something more wrong happened.

She took off her slippers n began walking bare foot in the scorching heat. She joined her hands n kept thanking Babaji for saving Maan. After walking for nearly 2 hours without water, she reached the temple. Her body wasnt able to keep up with the stress bcoz of the blood donation n 2 hours walking but she didnt stop. As she reached she paid some money n got a Pooja Thali. After getting it, she covered her head with a duppata n went on her knees.

Geet could climb a few steps on her knees but after that her knees gave up. She rested for a few mins n then again began climbing on her knees. The stairs scratched her knees n slowly the scratches began increasing n blood started oozing out butGeet didnt care. She had made a promise n she would complete it. Geet climbed more steps. The people around felt really sad for her n many tried to stop her as well but she didnt as if she was in a trance.

She kept taking Babaji’s name n climbing the stairs. She didnt know what time was it or how many stairs were remaining… She just knew that Babaji had saved her Maan n now she had to fulfill her promise.

Finally she reached the last step n her body gave up n she fell down. The people around gathered around her n helped her to sit. They made her drink water n helped her get up. She slowly limped towards the main area n gave the Pooja Thali to Pandit ji.

Precap – 

Geet missing!!!!