The Pandit ji offered it to Devi Maa and then returned the Pooja Thali to Geet. 

Geet joined her eyes and prayed, “Thank u Babaji… Thank u Devi Maa. Apne mere Maan ko bacha liya. Plz ab mujhe itni himat dijye ke main sab ki life se dur ja saku… Agar maine unhe phir se dekha toh shayad himat kho dungi… Plz sab ko khush rakhna aur woh jald bhool jaye ko Geet naam ki koi ladki unki zindagi main aayi thi. Main nahi jaanti main aage kya karungi??? Kaha jaungi??? Par unhe apni kismat se bachane ke liye kuch bhi karungi…” (Thank u Babaji… Thank u Devi Maa. U saved my Maan. Plz now give me enough strength that I can go away from everyone’s life… If I see them once again maybe I’ll lose all my strength… Plz keep everyone happy and they will soon forget that a girl named Geet was ever in their life. I dont know what will I do next??? Where will I go??? But to save them from my fate I’ll do anything…)

She then took the Pooja Thali and limped down the stairs and went gave the prasad and the fruits to the beggers and poor people there. She took the flowers and tied them to her duppata and then went to a water tap and washed her face and also cleaned the blood from her wounds with her duppata. Then she went to the place near the temple where some people were helping in serving food and blankets to people.

Geet then tied her duppata around her waist and talked to one lady that she would also like to help. The lady looked at her and then agreed and told Geet to help them in serving the food.

There people were seated on the floor. Geet began serving but she was having difficulty as she was weak but didnt let that show on her face but put up a smile. She served the people food and then helped the some kids who didnt have proper hands eat. She had tears looking at them and thanked Babaji that she was physically fit and fine unlike the kids. She then helped in preparing the food. The whole evening, she did not rest for a while as well nor did she have any food. After some hours the lady who had given permission to Geet came to her and said, “Beta, Tum thak gayi hogi toh todhi der araam kar lo” (Dear u must be tired take rest for sometime)

Geet smiled and said, “Ji main theek hu aap chinta mat kijye” (Im fine u dont worry)

Lady, “Puttar maine bohut saal yaha kaam kiya hai lekin aaj tak teri jaise kudi nahi dekhi jo itne dil se sab ki seva karna chahti hai” (Dear I have worked her for a long time but I havent seen anyone like u who is serving the people with so much care)

Geet, “Ji woh maine mannat mangi thi ke agar woh theek hojayenge toh main Devi Maa ke mandir main aungi aur yaha pura din sab ki seva karungi” (Uh.. actually I had taken a promise that once he is fine I would come to Devi Maa’s temple and serve here the whole day)

Lady smiled and said, “Devi Maa sab ki murad sunti hai. Acha ab tu araam kar le kyuki ab Mandir band hone ja raha hai” (Devi Maa fulfills everyone’s prayers. Ok now u go and rest as the temple is going to close in sometime)

Geet was confused as it was just 6 n temples usually closed at 8 and asked, “Lekin Mandir toh aath baje band hote hai toh aaj itni jaldi???” (But temples usually close at 8 then why is it closing early today???)

Lady, “Haan puttar lekin kal Devi Maa ki yatra shuru hone wali hai isiliye aaj jaldi band kar rahe hai…” (Yes dear but tmrw Devi Maa’s trip is going to start so they are closing it early today…)

Geet nodded and asked, “Yeh yatra kaha ja rahi hai???” (Where is the final destination of the trip???)

Lady, “Yeh Vaishno Devi ja rahi hai puttar.” (Its final stop is Vaishno Devi dear)

Geet, “Kya main bhi ja sakti hu iss yatra main???” (Can I also go to this trip???)

Lady, “Nahi puttar… isme sirf woh log ja sakte hai jisne register kiya hai aur registration toh ek mahine phele hi hota hai.” (No dear… only those who have registered can go for this trip n registration was a month back)

Geet smiled sadly and then said, “Theek hai aunty ji main chalti hu” (Ok aunty ji Im going)

Lady nodded and Geet left. She had decided to go away but before that she wanted to give Maan Devi Maa’s blessings and so went to Khurana Mansion. As she entered she saw that no one was there and thanked Babaji and went to her room. She took out a small duffle bag and packed some of her clothes then went to Dadi’s room and took a pic of everyone. She then went to her room a wrote a letter and got an envelope from Maan’s study and put the letter in that. She then went to Maan’s room and placed the letter in his dresser’s drawer and took the photo frame placed there with his and her pic from Mumbai. She then placed the saree Maan had given to her in Mumbai.

She then went to Armaan- Shilpa’s room and kept the saree Shilpa had given her and also a letter on it.

She then went down and called Nakul. As soon as Nakul came she opened the knot in her duppata and took out the flowers and gave it to Nakul and said, “Nakul yeh Devi Maa ka aashirwad hai. Kya aap yeh kisi ke haath hospital bhejva denge Maan ke liye???” (Nakul these flowers are of Devi Maa’s blessings. Will u plz send it with someone to the hospital for Maan???)

Nakul, “Ji Didi main bhejva dunga.” (Yes Didi I’ll send it)

Geet smiled and said, “Nakul mere liye ek glass pani la sakte ho???” (Nakul can u get me a glass of water???)

Nakul nodded and left to the kitchen while Geet got her bag which was behind the sofa and left the house after looking at it for the last time.

As she left the house tears flowed out of her eyes. She wiped them and caught a taxi outside the gate and left everyone for their good.

Meanwhile, Gaurav, Vidya and Kanchi were at the hospital to meet Maan. In the morning they had to leave Khurana Mansion after Dadi, Armaan and Shilpa left bcoz of an emergency and now had come to the hospital directly.

As they came Shilpa left for Khurana Mansion. As she reached she asked Nakul who was alone at home where everyone was???

Nakul, “Didi, Dadi toh anne ke baad araam kar rahi thi uske baad woh mandir gayi hai. Unhone abhi todhi der phele call kiya ke unki todhi der hojayegi kyuki unki ghadi kharab hogai hai aur Vicky baba apne dost ke ghar gaye hai… Lekin Didi aaj Geet Didi kuch ajeeb bartav kar rahi thi ” (Dadi was resting after she came back and then went to temple. She called sometime back that she would be late as the car has broke down and Vicky has gone to his friend’s place… But today Geet didi was behaving strangely)

Shilpa, “Geet???

Nakul, “Haan woh todhi der phele aayi aur phir aap Dadi, Maan baba aur aapke room gayi. Uske baad unhone yeh phool diye mujhe ke Maan baba ko poocha dena Devi Maa ke ashiwarad hai aur phir mujhse pani manga aur jab main aaya toh woh gayab hogai. Maine pure ghar main dekh liya lekin woh nahi hai” (Yes she came back sometime back and then went to Dadi, Maan sir and ur room. Then she gave me some flowers and said to send it to Maan sir as it was Devi Maa’s blessings and then she asked me for a glass of water but when I came she was not there. I searched the whole house but she isnt there)

Shilpa, “Kya woh abhi aayi??? Mujhe toh laga woh dophar ko hi agayi thi…” (What she came now??? 

Nakul, “Nahi Didi woh nahi aayi thi aur abhi bhi bohut thaki huvi lag rahi thi.” (No Didi she didnt come and even now she looked too tired)

Shilpa nodded and said, “Theek hai. Tum mujhe yeh phool do aur jao. Main dekhti hu” (Okay. Give me these flowers and u go. I’ll see)

Nakul nodded and gave the flowers and left. Shilpa ran to her room and saw the saree she had once given to Geet and a paper on it. She kept the flowers on the table and took the paper and read, 

Sorry Bhai… Sorry Bhabhi…


Main jaane se phele aap se mil bhi nahi payi. Im sorry mujhe aise bina bataye jaana padh raha hai lekin mere pass koi aur rasta nahi tha. Plz meri fikar mat kijye ga aur mujhe dhudhne ki koshish mat kijye ga. GB aur Vidya Bhabhi ko bhi kahiyega aur plz Dadi ka aur baaki sab ka khayal rakhyega.


I love u all…



(Sorry Bhai… Sorry Bhabhi…


I couldnt even me u before I left. Im sorry I have to leave like this without informing but what can I do I have no other go. Plz dont worry about me and dont try to find me. Plz inform GB and Vidya Bhabhi. And plz take care of Dadi and others as well.


I love u all…



As she read the letter tears came as she realized why Geet did this… She immediately called Armaan and told him to come home as soon as possible. Armaan reached home in 15 mins.

As he entered, Shilpa saw him and hugged him tightly and began sobbing.

Armaan got worried and patted her hairs. He then pulled out of the hug and wiped her tears and asked, “Shona kya huva??? Tum ro kyu rahi ho???” (Shona what happened??? Why are u crying???)

Shilpa in a broken voice, “Armaan… sob… Geet…woh Geet…

Armaan cut her and said, “Geet… Kya huva Geet ko??? Woh theek toh hai na???” (Geet… What happened to Geet??? Is she alright???)

Shilpa shook her head in no and said, “Woh chali gayi…sob… hume chod ke…” (She went away…sob… she left us…)

Armaan shook his head in denial and said, “Nahi meri gudiya nahi ja sakti…” (No my gudiya cant go…) but as Shilpa continued to cry he pulled her close n shook her and said, “Samjhi tum woh nahi ja sakti mujhe chod ke” (Did u understand she cant leave me and go)

Shilpa hugged him and said, “Woh chali gai Armaan…chali gayi” (She left Armaan… left us) and gave him the letter. As he read his tears didnt stop and he pulled Shilpa into a hug and asked, “Kyu Shilpa? Kyu gayi woh hum chod ke???” (Why Shilpa? Why did she leave us and go???)

Shilpa, “Mujhe nahi pata Armaan…Lekin hume usse dhundhna hoga. Chalo Gaurav aur Vidya ko batate hai aur phir usse dhundne nikalte hai” (I dont know Armaan… But we have to find her. Come on lets inform Gaurav and Vidya and then go to search her)

Armaan nodded n wiped his tears n both left. Shilpa had the flowers Geet gave in one hand while the letter in the other. They reached the hospital and saw Maan was sleeping. Gaurav and Vidya were leaving when Armaan and Shilpa entered. Both looked at Maan sleeping and then turned to Gaurav and Vidya. Shilpa gave the letter to Armaan and then went to Maan and kept the flowers near his pillow. 

Gaurav gasped after reading the letter. He looked at Armaan whose tears werent stopping and asked, “Kya yeh sach hai Armaan???” (Is this true Armaan???)

Armaan nodded. Vidya looked at them in confusion and asked, “Kya huva Gaurav ji??? Kya likha hai iss chitti main???” (What happened Gaurav ji??? What is written on that paper???)

Gaurav, “Geet hume chod ke chali gayi…” (Geet has left us…)

Vidya gasped and said, “Nahi yeh sach nahi ho sakta…” (No this cant be true…)

Armaan, “Yahi sach hai Bhabhi” (Its true Bhabhi)

Tears welled up in Vidya’s eyes as she realized the truth but before she could cry Kanchi woke up crying. It seemed like the little soul also knew that her bua had left her.

Vidya went out with Kanchi to calm her down. Shilpa turned to Gaurav and said, “Gaurav Aap yaha rahiye Vidya ke saath aur main aur Armaan jaake Geet ko dhundte hai” (Gaurav u stay here with Vidya and I and Armaan’s go and search for Geet)

As Gaurav was to protest, Armaan cut him and said, “Gaurav tera bhabhi ke pass rehna zyada zaroori hai” (Gaurav ur staying with bhabhi is more important)

Gaurav nodded n they all left the ward. Armaan called Vicky and Dadi to the hospital. After sometime they came and Armaan told them about the situation and asked Dadi, Vidya and Gaurav to go home as the visiting hours were over n hospital staff wouldnt let anyone stay while he,Shilpa and Vicky went to search for Geet.

After they left he told Vicky to search the railway station while he searched the bus stands n Shilpa searched the airport. 

As they left they didnt realize that they left a person to die in agony n pain…

Maan who was in light sleep was disturbed when Shilpa kept something near his pillow and was about to open his eyes but before he could he heard Gaurav ask Armaan. He was curious to know what were they talking and so stayed as he was but after a min his whole world shook… His Mishty… His Geet had left them.

As the others moved out a tear rolled out of his eyes. He didnt know what to do??? He couldnt even go to search for her… He felt so helpless right now that he couldnt do anything but shed tears and wait for some news…

But he wouldnt shed any tears, he slowly moved his hand to the side table where his mobile was and called someone and ordered him to search for Geet… Though he couldnt himself go to find Geet but he would try his best to find her…

Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station,

This station had seen lots of stories. Few people left happily from here while some shed tears… some people left their families behind while some people started their new life from here… n today again it witnessed a sad tale. 

A girl in chudidar with a bag in her hand went to the ticket counter. As she was waiting, her mind wandered back to the most important people in her life whom she was leaving behind… as she thought about them tears welled up in her eyes and rushed down. She immediately wiped them and thought, “Nahi Geet, tujhe ab rona nahi hai… Yehi teri kismat hai toh isse mann lena hi acha hai… toh kya huva agar woh sab tere saath nahi hai lekin dil main toh hai na… ab rona band kar aur aage ki soch…” (No Geet, U dont have to cry now… This is ur fate so accept it… So what if they arent with u but they reside in ur heart right… so stop crying and think about the future…)

She put up a smile on her face but sadly it didnt reach her eyes. As her chance came she asked for a ticket from the next train available. She paid for it and left for the platform to wait for the train.

Meanwhile, Armaan searched the bus stands for any recent bookings by Geet Handa but couldnt find any. He then searched few of the buses which were about to leave but luck wasnt on his side. He called Shilpa to ask for any news but the answer was the same. He told her to meet him at XYZ Street. 

He then called Vicky who said that he had checked the main station n now was going to Hazrat Nizamuddin Station. 

Shilpa met Armaan at the street after 20 mins n both left for Khurana Mansion.

As Vicky reached the station he asked the ticket counter if they had seen this girl n showed Geet’s pic. The person said that she had taken a ticket for Kasuali n the train was about to leave in 2 mins. Vicky rushed towards the platform praying that the train doesnt go and his luck seemed to be on his side and the train was there only. He began searching for Geet and as he was about to go ahead he heard a whisper, “Vicky” and turned to see Geet standing there.

He rushed to her and hugged her and said, “Geet plz mat jao. Mujhe nahi pata kya huva but plz mat jao. I promise main tumhari help karunga jo bhi problem hai but plz mat jao plzzz…” (Geet plz dont go. I dont know what happened but plz dont go. I promise I’ll help u solve whatever problem u are having but plz dont go plzzz…)

Geet had tears hearing him but she couldnt so pulled out of the hug and said, “Vicky plz main nahi asakti. Plzzz try to understand…” (Vicky plz I cant come. Plzzz try to understand…) and pleaded with her eyes.

Vicky looked at her eyes and nodded and said, “Theek hai Geet. Main tumhe wapas anne ke liye nahi kahunga par plz tum mujhe promise karo ke tum mujhe inform karogi ke tum kaha ho aur roz call karogi. Plz itna toh kar sakti ho na tum humari dosti ke liye…” (Okay Geet. I wont tell u to come back but u plz promise me that u will inform me where u are and will call daily. Plz for our friendship can u do this..)

This was their friendship. The one understood the other and many words werent required to explain.

Geet looked at her only friend and couldnt stop the tears and hugged him and said, “I’ll surely keep u informed Vicky.. Plz tum kisi se mat bolna ke tumhe pata hai main kaha hu plzzz Vicky…” (I’ll surely keep u informed Vicky. Plz u dont tell others where Im plzzz Vicky…)

Vicky, “Par Geet…” (But Geet…) but before he could continue Geet pulled out of the hug and took his hand and kept on her head and said, “Tumhe meri aur humari dosti ki kasam Vicky tum kisi se kuch nahi kahoge…” (Its a promise on me and our friendship that u wont tell anything to others…)

Vicky nodded and then took out some cash from his pocket and gave it to her and said, “Tumhe zaroorat hogi iski…” (U will need it…) and then took out a sim from his mobile and said, “Aur yeh sim apne mobile main dal dena. Yeh no. kisi ke pass nahi hai so dont worry” (And put this sim in ur mobile. No one has this no. so dont worry)

Geet tried to give them back but 1 glare from Vicky and she had to take them. As the train was about to leave the engine started and the horn rang. Geet hugged Vicky one last time and said, “Sab ka khayal rakhna Vicky specially Maan ka aur Dadi se baat karna…” (Take care of everyone specially Maan and talk to Dadi…)

Vicky nodded with tears in his eyes n hugged her back and said, “Tum bhi apna khayal rakhna aur poochte hi call karna aur plzz ho saake toh wapas ajao…” (U too take care of urself and call as soon as u reach and plz if possible come back…)

Geet wiped her own tears and his n smiled at him and climbed the train and waved at him while tears from both their eyes flowed.

As the train left the station Vicky fell on his knees. Today he had lost his friend but he knew that she would come back soon. He left the station and reached Khurana Mansion. As he entered he knew everything was going to change in their life.

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