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I Love You Geet.

As soon as these words were spoken by Maan, Geet snapped open her eyes. She couldnt believe if this was a dream or reality??? Was Maan really in love with her??? Could he still love her after she ran away from there like a coward??? As she looked into his eyes for the answers she could only see Love reflected in them. As if in atrance she said, “I…” but before she could continue Maan’s phone rang thus breaking the moment.

As Maan heard the ring he cursed the person who called and turned away to get his phone. As Geet came out of the trance she realized what she was about to do n turned away trying to control her emotions. She just wanted to get away from her before she let Maan know of her true feelings n so looked for Maan. Maan had gone to the balcony to attend the call n so without another thought she just opened the door and ran away. As she was about to step out of the hotel she was pulled back. She looked up to see Maanstanding there with anger visible in his eyes. Geet shivered looking at his anger. Maan pulled her a bit harshly back into the room without a word. 

As he left her in the room to lock the door Geet shivered as anger was visible in his posture as well. She had never seen Maan in so much anger.

Maan locked the door n leaned on it trying to calm his anger a bit. His anger rose when he came into the room to see Geet leaving. He wanted to talk to her and get answers but here she was running away like before but this time he wouldnt let her go until he got his answers. After calming down a bit he turned went to the phone in the room and ordered room service. After that he turned to Geet n took her hand. She winced in pain as he held her hand. He looked at it and saw that he had broke her few bangles by his hold and those bangles had pierced her skin. He felt pained when he looked at her wounds and looked up to see Geet staring at his face without an ounce of pain. He cursed his anger for hurting her and made her sit on the bed. He then searched the room to find first aid. After 10 mins of search he found it. He returned and looked at Geet who wassitting the same way he had left her. He felt pain to see her like this but first he had to take care of her wounds. He sat on his knees and took her hand in his and slowly removed the bangles pieces. As he did he winced everytime he removed the bangle but Geet didnt react at all. It was like she had become a statue. Maan finished removing the bangle pieces and applied medicine and bandage on the wound. As he finished a tear slid from Geet’s eyes and fell on Maan’s hand. Maan looked up to see another tear about to fall ncaught it in his hand and shook his head and said, “Nahi Mishty yeh bohut keemti hai inhe aise mat bahao” (No Mishty they are too precious dont let them away)

Geet just hugged him tight. She couldnt stop herself after seeing the way Maan was worried for her or the way he took care of her wound.

She began crying while Maan tried to pull out of the hug but Geet would just hug him even more tighter. Finally giving up Maan hugged her back and rubbed her back to calm her down. Geet removed all her pain, confusion everything she felt in this month in this few moments. Maan murmured soothing words to calm her down and after few mins Geet stopped crying. But she didnt loosen the hug. Maan somehow loosened the hug n pulled out of it. He got up and as he was about to go Geet held his hand.

Maan turned back and said, “Main yahi hu Mishty. Bas pani lene ja raha hu” (Im here only Mishty. Just going to get water) Geet nodded in no. Maan held her hand and said, “Main kahi nahi ja raha Mishty. Plz tum aise mat karo. Meri Mishty toh strong hai na toh phir woh kyu dar rahi hai aaj???” (Im not going anywhere Mishty. Plz dont do this. My Mishty is strong right then why is she getting scared today???)

Geet, “Nahi hu main strong” (Im not strong) and again tears fell from her eyes. Maan wiped them and said, “Meri Mishty strong hai mujhe pata hai. Acha ab rona band karo plz aur tum jaake apna face wash kar lo.” (My Mishty is strong I know. Ok now stop crying and go and wash ur face.)

Geet nodded and went to the washroom and washed her face. She then stood there and tried to calm down and then when she felt better she went out to see Maan setting up the food on the table. As soon as Maan saw her he went to her and said, “Tum theek ho na???” (U are fine right???)

Geet nodded and said, “Woh Im sorry

Maan cupped her cheeks and said, “Tumhe sorry kehne ki zaroorat nahi hai Mishty. Ab chalo kuch kha lete hai” (U dont need to tell sorry Mishty. Now come lets eat something)

Geet was about to tell no when Maan pulled her hand and made her sit on the chair and himself sat on the other chair and served food for both. He then gave one plate to Geet and told her to have while he began eating from the other plate. Geet tried to eat but couldnt and played with the food for sometime after which she couldnt and kept the plate on the table and said, “Main aur nahi kha sakti Maan” (I cant have anymore Maan) and went to the balcony to clear her mind. She was trying to control her emotions which she had let less when she felt Maan’s care.

But now that she was calm she knew that if she had been in Maan’s arms for a few more mins she would have told him everything. As she was lost in her thoughts she felt a shawl on her and looked up to see Maan had put a shawl on her. 

He smiled and said, “Bahar thand hai isiliye” (Its cold out here so) and turned to look out.

Geet looked at the shawl and at him and said, “Mujhe iski zaroorat nahi hai. Ab iss thand ki adaat hogai hai” (I dont need it. Now Im used to the cold here) and looked away.

Maan turned to her and asked, “Tum rone kyu lagi thi Geet???” (Why did u start crying Geet???)

Geet fumbled with her words and said, “Woh… woh aapko itne din baad dek…dekha na isiliye” (Ac..actually saw u after sooo man..many days right so) but didnt look at him. Maan turned towards her and said, “Tum abhi bhi jhoot theek se nahi bol sakti Geet” (U cant lie properly even now Geet)

Geet looked at him and said, “Main jhoot nahi bol rahi” (Im not lying) and again looked away.

Maan smiled and said, “Acha toh meri aankho main kyu nahi dekh ke baat kar rahi tum???” (Oh so why arent u looking into my eyes and talking???)

Geet was stunned with his words and looked at him and said, “Nahi.. nahi aisi koi baat nahi hai” (No… nothing like that) and turned away.

Maan made her look at him and said softly, “Geet ab sach batao plz” (Geet now tell the truth plz)

Geet tried to look away but Maan’s gaze held hers and silence settled in. After a few mins she looked away and said, “Main thak gayi hu. Kya ab main ghar ja sakti hu???” (Im tired. Can I go to home now???)

Maan pulled her towards him and said, “Nahi tum ghar nahi ja rahi tab tak jab tak mujhe apne sawal ke jawab nahi mil jaate” (No u arent going home till I get answers to all my questions) and looked at Geet’s face which showed tiredness. He knew that she must be tired bcoz of her breakdown and so took her inside the room with him and said, “Geet tum yaha bed pe so jao main sofa pe so jaunga.” (Geet u sleep on the bed I’ll sleep on the sofa)

Geet, “Nahi mujhe ghar jaana hai. Plz mujhe jaane dijye plzz” (No I want to go home. Plz let me go plzz)

Maan was getting annoyed by her request to go home. He slowly started walking towards her. As he took a step ahead Geet took two steps behind. Soon she was cornered by Maan. She tried to go away but Maan put both his hands on the wall and so Geet was trapped fully.

Maan moved his face closer to Geet n blew air on her face. As sensations began rippling in Geet she closed her eyes. Maan whispered in her ears in a husky tone, “Mujhse dar lagta hai kya Geet???” (Are u afraid of me Geet???)

Geet held Maan’s shoulders to support herself. She nodded in a no and Maan continued, “Toh phir yaha rehne ke liye mana kyu kar rahi ho??? Mann jao plz” (Then why are u not agrreing to stay here??? Plz stay) 

Geet wasnt able to form any words and so finally nodded her head in yes and whispered, “Theek hai” (Okay)

Maan smiled in his victory and backed away. Geet opened her eyes as she felt loss of warmth and realised that Maan had tricked her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and  said, “Main yaha nahi rehne wali. Main ja rahi hu” (Im not staying here. Im going) and walked towards the door. Maan held her hand on time and said, “Geet tumne abhi khud haan bola tha. Ab toh main tumhe yaha se jaane nahi dunga. Ab chalo tum agar change karna chahti ho toh mere suitcase se koi shirt aur tracks le lo aur sone jaldi jao. Main thak gaya hu aur kal subah mujhe ek meeting ke liye bhi jaana hai” (Geet u just now told yes urself. Now Im not going to let u go. Now if u want to change u can take any shirt and tracks from my suitcase and sleep. Im tired and tmrw morning I have to attend a meeting also)

He then pushed her slightly towards his suitcase and then went out in the balcony to make some calls. Geet went to the table where her bags where kept and took a simple salwar kurta she bought today from her salary and went into the washroom and changed into it. As she came out she saw Maan had also changed into his vest and tracks. 

Geet, “Aap jacket pehen lijyega yaha raat ko thand bohut zyada badh jaati hai” (lz wear a jacket before sleeping as the temp decreases a lot at night here) and went and kept her clothes in the bag.

Maan turned towards his suitcase when he heard Geet’s gasp. He turned and asked her, “Kya huva Geet???” (What happened Geet???)

Geet, “Aapke shoulder pe abhi bhi bandage hai…” (U have a bandage on ur shoulder still…)

Maan shrugged and said, “Haan kal doctor ke saath mera last appointment tha yeh bandage nikalne ke liye lekin Shilpa ka accident hogaya isiliye Armaan ke bajai mujhe yaha aana padha.” (Ya tmrw I had an appointment with the doctor to remove the bandage but I had to come here as Shilpa had an accident and Armaan couldnt come here)

Geet covered her mouth in shock as she heard about Shilpa’s accident. She then asked, “Kya huva Bhabhi ko??? Woh theek toh hai na??? Aur Bhai kaise hai???” (What happened to Bhabhi??? Is she fine??? N how is Bhai???)

Maan smiled seeing her worry and took her hand and made her sit on the bed and then sat beside her and said, “Shilpa theek hai par uske ankle tooth gaya hai toh woh ek week ke liye bed rest pe hai aur Armaan bhi theek hai. Tumhare chale jaane ke baad sab kuch badal gaya hai ghar main. Dadi gumsum hogai hai… na kuch bolti hai… na kuch karti hai… bas kamre main bethi rehti hai… par aaj jab Shilpa ke accident ke baare main sunna tab mahine ne main pheli baar unhone baat ki…  (Shilpa is fine but her ankle is broken and so she has to be on bed rest for a week and even Armaan is fine. After u left everything has changed at house. Dadi has become quiet… Neither does she talk nor does she do anything… just sits in her room… but today when she heard about Shilpa’s accident then she spoke for the first time in the whole month…)

Armaan dikhane ke liye toh muskurata hai par andar hi andar woh ghoot raha hai… tadap raha hai tumhari koi khabar ke liye… Aur Shilpa woh sab ko sambhalne ki koshish kar rahi hai aur kar bhi rahi hai par kabhi kabhi khud ko sambhal nahi paati… (Armaan smiles in the front but inside he is struggling… he is restless to hear about u… And Shilpa she is trying to handle everyone and she is doing it perfectly as well but sometimes she cant handle herself)


Vicky office jaane laga hai… Woh toh ekdum badal gaya hai lekin aisa lagta hai jaise ke woh kuch chup raha hai par pata nahi kya… (Vicky has joined office… He has changed completely but I dont know why I feel as if he is hiding something…)

Gaurav aur Vidya bhi khush nahi hai… Gaurav toh New York bhi wapas nahi gaya… Woh yaha tumhe dhundne ki poori koshish kar raha hai…(Gaurav and Vidya are also not happy… Gaurav didnt even return to New York… He has been trying to search for u from long…)

Par sab se zyada Kanchi aur Main hi dukhi hai… Kanchi roz apni bua ke liye roti hai aur main bhi… Phele accident ke wajhe se kuch nahi kar paaya aur phir sab ko aise dekh ke par ab sab theek hojayega… Ab main tumhe yaha nahi rehne dunga…” (But the most hurt are Kanchi and Me… Kanchi cries daily for her aunt and even me… Before I couldnt do anything bcoz of the accident and later seeing everyone like this but now everything will be fine… Now I wont let u be here…)

As Geet heard about what happened behind her, Tears fell in regret and pain. She just wanted to protect everyone but instead she gave them pain. She had made a mistake by leaving them all alone but she did what she felt was right then. She wanted to go back and beg sorry from all and make things right but would it be possible??? 

As she thought about this she felt Maan wiping her tears. Geet looked up and said, “Im so sorry

Maan nodded in no and said, “Nahi Geet rona band karo. Sab theek hojayega. Acha ab chalo sojao.” (No Geet stop crying. Everything will be fine. Ok now go and sleep)

Geet nodded in yes and lied down on the bed. Maan went and slept on the sofa. He kept looking at her and soon dozed off. The moon smiled brightly looking at the love birds who were finally united.

As Maan was sleeping he was disturbed by some murmurings. He turned away to wade away the sounds but they kept increasing. Maan slowly opened his eyes and turned to see Geet was sobbing and murmuring. He rushed to her to see her crying and murmuring, “Chod do muj…mujhe… Dev…chodo… Maannn bac…bachooo… Kar…Karan Veerji… Armaan… GB…Vic…Vicky bachooo…” (Leave me…Dev… Le..leave me… Maann… sa…save me…Kar…Karan Veerji… Armaan… GB… Vic…Vicky help…)

Maan patted her face and said, “Geet… Geet utho… Dekho tum theek ho… Mishty utho…” (Geet… Geet get up… See u are fine… Mishty get up…)

Geet opened her eyes as Maan patted her face but her eyes were wary and she didnt let Maan come near her.

Maan held his hand back and said, “Mishty main hu Maan dekho.. tumhara Maan” (Mishty see Im Maan… Ur Maan)

As Maan said Geet looked at him and after a few seconds hugged him and started crying.

Maan rubbed her back and said, “Shh… Mishty shaant hojao. Kuch nahi huva tum theek ho…” (Shh… Mishty calm down. Nothing has happened u are fine…)

Geet calmed down after few mins. Maan then pulled out of the hug and switched on the side table light and got a glass of water from there. He made Geet drink it and after he was sure she was fine he took her again in his arms and said, “Kya huva Geet??? Koi bura sapna dekha tha kya???” )What happened Geet??? Did u see some nightmare???)

Geet nodded and said, “Haan Maan. Plz mujhe ghar jaana hai plzz Maan” (Yes Maan. Plz I want to go home plzzz Maan)

Maan rubbed her back and said, “Kyu Geet ghar main aisa kya hai???” (Why Geet what is at home Geet???)

Geet hid her face in his neck and said, “Meri medicines hai agar main unhe nahi leti toh mujhe neendh nahi aati. Plz mujhe jaane dijye Maan plzzz” (My medicines are there. I dont get sleep without taking them. Plz I want to go Maan plzz) and began sobbing again.

Maan was shocked hearing this but hearing her cries he rubbed her back and said, “Shhh… Mishty shaant hojao. Hum kal subah jayenge theek hai par abhi tum sone ki koshish karo. Dekho main yaha hu na kuch nahi hoga” (Shh… Mishty calm down. We will go tmrw morning but right now try to sleep. See Im here only nothing will happen)

Geet pulled out of the hug and said, “Nahi hoga Maan… Bohut baar koshish kar liya hai maine…” (No Maan I wont get sleep… Have tried many times…)

Maan made her lie down and hugged her and said, “Ek aur baar try karo neendh ayegi. Main hu na tumhare saath ab chalo aankh band karo.” (Try once more sleep will come. Im there with u right so close ur eyes)

Geet nodded and closed her eyes. As she started drifting into sleep those scenes kept coming in her mind and she would wake up immediately. Maan who was by her side the whole time was getting worried seeing Geet so restless the whole night. He would caress her face and whisper soothing words whenever she become too restless or would wake up from her nightmares. The whole night he couldnt sleep. 

In late morning finally Geet fell into a peaceful sleep. He sighed in relief and slept for sometime. Around 8 he woke up by his phone ringing. He made sure Geet was fine and went to the balcony and picked up the call. It was Armaan informing him that the meeting was cancelled as a relative of the client passed away and so the client had to go to his hometown. Maan sighed in relief that he wouldnt have to leave Geet and then asked Armaan about everyone at home and said that he would let them know when he was returning.

After that call he called Adi and told him to book two tickets for this evening’s flight back to Delhi. Adi was surprised to hear two tickets but then he couldnt question his boss and asked on whose name should he book???

Maan didnt want anyone to know so said Mishty. After finished the call he went back. He looked at Geet who finally looked at peace. He was really worried after last night. He freshened up and called room service and ordered their breakfast. He then woke up Geet.

Geet opened her eyes a few times to adjust to the light and then sat up and joined her hands and prayed to Babaji. Maan smiled looking at her. After finishing her prayers she looked at Maan and said, “Good morning” and put her hairs behind her ears. She didnt know how to face after the previous night. Maan had helped her the whole night. 

Woh… uh.. um kal raat ke liye thank you…” (Uh.. um thank you for yesterday night…)

Maan smiled at her and said, “Mishty tumhe mujhe thank you kehne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Chalo ab tum fresh hojao. Main breakfast order kar liya hai hum breakfast karenge uske baad tumhare ghar jayenge.” (Mishty u dont need to say thank u to me. Ok now u go and freshen up. I have ordered breakfast so we will have it and then go to ur home)

Geet nodded and freshened up. As she came out the someone knocked the door. Maan went and opened the door and let the room sevice people get the breakfast in the room. Maan signed the bill and the people left.

Maan signaled Geet to sit and then they had their breakfast in silence. Maan then packed his bags while Geet changed. As she came out she saw Maan packing his bags and asked, “Aapki meeting???” (Your meeting???)

Maan, “Woh cancel hogai hai. Hum phele tumhare ghar jayenge aur tum aapna saman pack karogi aur phir hum airport ja rahe hai. Aaj shaam ki humari flight hai” (Its cancelled. We will first go to ur home and u pack ur bags and from there we will go to the airport. We have to catch the evening flight)

Geet was shocked with the events and panicking said, “Nahi main nahi ja rahi..” (No Im not going…)

Maan went to her and cupped her cheeks and said, “Mishty sab theek hojayega… Plz mujhpe vishwas rakho…” (Mishty everything will be fine… Plz trust me…)

Geet looked away and said, “Nahi Maan main abhi nahi asakti…” (No Maan I cant come now…)

Maan turned her face towards him and said, “Tum arahi ho Geet bas… Main kuch nahi sununga toh ab jaldi se chalo warna hum yahi se direct airport chalenge” (U are coming Geet thats it… Im not going to listening to anything u have to say so hurry up or else we will go to the airport directly)

Geet sighed in defeat and they checked out of the hotel and Geet took him to her cottage. As Maan saw it from outside his face turned in disgust. Geet didnt notice his expression as she was busy in opening the door. As he entered he was sure Geet lived her. She had decorated it such that it spoke of her choice. Though it wasnt a big cottage nor too clean but the warmth in the house was enough to cover up for the other flaws. As he looked he saw everyone pics there arranged in a nice way. He went to it and admired the way she had kept it. He then turned to see that Geet was taking some medicines. He went to her and asked, “Yeh kaunsi medicines hai???” (Which medicines are these???)

Geet, “XXX medicines stress ke liye” (XXX medicines for stress)

Maan was confused as to why was Geet taking these medicines but he didnt have much time to waste in asking these questions and so said, “Acha tum jaldi se apna saman pack karo tab tak main taxi bulata hu” (Ok u pack ur bags fast till then I’ll get taxi)

He didnt even wait to hear Geet’s protest or anything and rushed out as he knew if he would be there she would try to talk out of it.

After 10 mins the taxi was loaded with their bags. As Maan waited for Geet to come he saw a couple come towards Geet’s cottage.

Geet who had come out rushed to them. Maan also went but by then Geet had finished talking and gave back the keys and hugged them and said bye.

They then left for the airport. The ride to airport was a short one. After they reached they were called for security check in and soon they boarded the flight.The flight was a silent one. Maan wanted to ask so many questions but the medicines seemed to have kicked in and so Geet dozed off soon.

As they reached Delhi and got the luggage, Geet started feeling nervous. She knew that it wont be easy to face everyone… and she didnt think that she would meet everyone all of a sudden… But as it told life is unpredictable… a month back she had left everyone and now she was going to meet them again…

As she was lost in her thoughts, she dashed against someone and her stuff fell down from her hand. She bent to pick them up and the person who dashed her also bent to pick up the things. 

Person, “Im so sorry miss…

Geet looked up to see who it was and was shocked to see…

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