As Geet looked up she was shocked to see Dev…

Geet, “Devvv…

The person looked confused and looked around and then looked at Geet and asked, “Sorry did u call me Dev???

Geet who was under shock couldnt tell anything more and nodded. The person smiled a bit and said, “Sorry but my name is Raj not Dev

Geet didnt believe his words and she picked up her stuff and rushed away before Raj could help her. Raj looked at Geet’s back and shrugged and said, “Weird lady” and went his way.

Geet who rushed away didnt see where she was going and dashed with Maan who was coming in this direction to search for her. The dash’s impact was much that she was about to fall but Maan held her at the right time.

As Geet opened her eyes she saw that Maan had saved her. As she looked into his eyes and both got lost in their world of love. As they were lost in each other all the passer by’s attention was grabbed by this couple fully lost in love. Some people smiled at the young couple while some felt disgusted for such open display of affection. Some of the kids began laughing seeing them standing in the same pose from few mins and finally the laughter broke into the love paradise and the couple realized that they were in the public. Geet immediately straightened up and looked away in shyness and embarrassment while even Maan looked away. After a few mins Maan turned to Geet and said, “Chale sab log ghar pe intezaar kar rahe honge.” (Shall we go everyone will be waiting at home)

Geet nodded without meeting his eyes and they left from there. As they reached the parking lot the driver came out and was shocked to Geet with Maan. He immediately took the bag from her and asked, “Geet baby ji aap kaisi hai???” (How are u Geet baby ji???)

Geet smiled and said, “Main theek hu kaka aur aap kaise hai???” (Im fine kaka. How are u???)

Mohan (Driver) “Hum theek hai baby ji. Aap andar bethiye yaha bohut dhoop hai main yeh saman rakh ke aata hu” (Im fine baby ji. U plz sit inside its too sunny here. I’ll just keep the luggage and come)

Geet nodded and sat inside with Maan. She was feeling pain after seeing such warm welcome. She expected anger from everyone but here everyone was behaving as if nothing had happened. 

As she was lost in thoughts Mohan Kaka loaded the luggage into the car and then they left. Maan looked at Geet and then pressed a switch which brought up a screened glass in between them and the front seat.

He then turned to Geet and took her hands in his and said, “Mishty…

Geet who was lost in her thoughts jerked up and looked at Maan.

Maan took her hands which he was holding and brought it to his lips n kissed both her hands and said, “Sab theek hojayega Mishty” (Everything will be fine Mishty)

Geet looked at his gesture and relaxed a bit and nodded and tried to pull away her hand but Maan didnt let it go but pulled her even more close.

Their faces where inches away and both could feel each other’s breath. Geet’s heartbeats increased with this closeness and she closed her eyes to control her erratic breathing. Maan left her hands and cupped her cheeks in his hands n pulled her even more close.

Their heartbeats were beating so loud that each other could hear them. As Maan bent to taste those rosy lips which he wanted to taste from last night the car came to stop in a jerk and the moment was broken. 

Geet snapped open her eyes and they went wide in shock when she realized what they were about to do. Maan cursed Mohan Kaka for stopping the car at the moment but couldnt stop a smile when he saw Geet’s face. He came close to her n pecked her lips lightly and moved away and opened the door and walked out while Geet was completely frozen to the spot. 

Did Maan kiss her or was she dreaming bcoz of the moment a few seconds back??? Geet was still in shock when Maan opened the door again to help her out.

Geet didnt realize that they had reached Khurana Mansion bcoz of the shock. Maan held her hand and pressed it lightly to comfort her and that was when Geet realized that they had reached home.

She looked at Maan who smiled at her and blinked to say that everything would be fine. Geet smiled slightly and nodded. Maan told Mohan Kaka to get the luggage and then they entered the house together. As they entered Geet looked at Maan. She looked at him with love and respect for his immense support to her.

As they entered Maan called everyone to come to the living room. He then turned to Geet and said, “Mishty ab se tumhara safar asaan nahi honga. Sab ke reactions alag honge lekin yeh yaad rakhna ke main humesha tumhare saath hu chahe kuch bhi hojaye main tumhara saath kabhi nahi chodunga.” (Mishty from now u wont have an easy journey. Everyone will have a different reaction but remember this that I will always be with u no matter what I will never leave ur side)

Geet eyes filled up with tears looking at Maan’s love for her. She didnt know whether she deserved this love but she promised herself that if she truly deserved it she would make sure to never let anything hurt Maan ever again in life and keep loving him forever.

Geet nodded and said, “Thank you Maan. Aapke yeh shabd hi bohut kafi hai mere liye. Ab chahe jo bhi hojaye main sab seh sakti hu” (Thank you Maan. Ur words are enough for me. Now I can face anything)

Maan smiled and said, “Tum nahi Mishty hum seh lenge” (Not u Mishty we will face it)

Geet smiled and nodded. They then entered the living room where everyone was waiting for Maan. As they entered everyone were shocked to see Geet with Maan.

Gaurav rushed to Geet and hugged her as tears flowed out of his eyes. Maan had left her hand as they entered the living room as he knew she would have to face everyone alone.

Maan smiled seeing the brother sister unite. Geet also couldnt stop her tears after seeing her family after a month. She had stopped herself from hoping that she would meet them again but here she was in her GB’s arms.

Gaurav pulled out of the hug and wiped his and her tears and asked, “Baby tu kaha chali gayi thi???” (Baby where had u gone???)

Geet looked down and said, “Kasauli…

Gaurav, “Kya??? Kasauli lekin kyu???” (What??? Kasauli but why???)

Geet looked away and said, “Sorry GB par woh main aapko nahi bata sakti” (Sorry GB but I cant tell u that)

Gaurav looked at her and was about to pester her when Armaan came and kept his hand on Gaurav’s shoulder and said, “Abhi nahi Gaurav” (Not now Gaurav) and turned to Maan and said, “Tum thak gaye hoge Maan jao jaake araam kar lo aur kal subah tumhara appointment hai doctor ke saath” (U must be tired Maan go and rest and tmrw morning u have an appointment with the doctor)

Maan nodded but before he could say anything Armaan turned away and said, “Shilpa ko araam karna hai. Main usko room main leke ja raha hu” (Shilpa has to take rest. Im taking her to the room) and moved away.

Tears flowed from Geet’s eyes as Armaan’s ignorance hurt her but she knew she deserved it but couldnt stop herself and said, “Bhaii…

Armaan stopped when he heard Geet’s voice but he hadnt forgotten her act and said without turning, “Nahi hu main tumhara bhai” (Im not ur brother) and left after picking up Shilpa who was sitting on the sofa.

Maan wanted to hold Geet and assure her that everything would be alright but right now he couldnt do anything. Gaurav and Vidya also went away silently and Dadi signalled Vicky to go to his room. Vicky wanted to be there and stand for Geet but he couldnt ignore Dadi’s words as well and so left silently.

 Dadi had kept quiet till now and felt sad to see Geet like this. She went and took her in her arms and said, “Shhh… Geet aise nahi rote. Sab theek hojayega beta aap himat mat hariye…” (Shh… U shouldnt cry like this Geet. Everything will be fine u dont lose hope…)

Geet hugged Dadi and let her tears flow. Dadi was the one who was always there for Geet even back then when she didnt have a family and even today when she had hurt everyone yet Dadi didnt question her but supported and consoled her like a mother.

Geet, “Im sorry Dadi. Maine sab ko bohut hurt kiya hai na lekin maine wohi kiya Dadi jo mujhe tab sahi laga. Kya maine kuch galat kiya???” (Im sorry Dadi. I have hurt everyone but I did what I felt was right that time Dadi. Did I do anything wrong???)

Dadi pulled out of the hug and wiped her tears and made her sit on the sofa along with herself and said, “Nahi beta aapne kuch galat nahi kiya. Aapne wohi kiya jo aapko sahi laga lekin beta yeh zaroori toh nahi ke aapko jo sahi lage woh dusro ko bhi sahi lage. Aap Armaan ki jagha reh ke sochiye toh woh bhi toh sahi hai. Unki behen bina kuch bole chali gayi aur woh kuch nahi kar paye. Unka naraz hona jayas hai na beta. Ab aapko unhe mana hai aur na ki har ke rona samjhi. Todha samay lagega par aap himat nahi harengi na???” (No dear u havent done anything wrong. U did what u felt was right but it isnt necessary that others also feel that is right. U keep urself in Armaan’s place n see then even he is right. His sister went away without telling anyone and he couldnt do anything. Him being angry is right dear. N now u have to manofy him and not cry understand. It will take some time but u wont lose hope right???)

Geet nodded and said, “Main janti hu ke Bhai apne jaga sahi hai par mujhe dard isliye huva ke Bhai ne aisa kaha.” (I know Bhai is right in his place but what Bhai told hurt me)

Dadi patted her head lightly and said, “Beta woh gusse main hai aur gusse main log kitna kuch bol dete hai par aap unki narazgi ko dil pe mat lijye. Unhe todha samay dijye woh shaant hojayenge aur phir dekhiyega kaise apni behen ko gale se laga ke rakhenge woh” (Dear he is angry and in anger people tell anything but dont take them to ur heart. U give him sometime to calm down and then see he will keep u in his arms only)

Geet smiled a bit and said, “Thank you Dadi. Apne humesha mera saath diya hai” (Thank you Dadi. U have always supported me)

Dadi smiled and said, “Isme thanks ki kya baat hai beta. Waise hum bhi naraz hai aapse. Aise bina bataye koi chala jaata hai kya??? Aapne humare baare main bhi nahi socha ke hume kaise khud ko sabhalenge jab ek taraf humare bete hospital main hai aur dusri taraf humari beti gayab hai” (There is no need for thank you my dear. By the way even Im angry on u. Does anyone go away like this without telling anything??? U didnt even think about me. How would I handle myself when my son was in hospital and the other side my daughter had disappeared)

Geet with tears in her eyes held her ears and said, “Im really sorry Dadi. Mujhe aisa nahi karna chaiye tha par tab wohi sahi laga mujhe isiliye main chali gayi lekin mera yakeen maniye Dadi mera ek din bhi aisa nahi gaya jab maine aap sab ko yaad na kiya ho” (Im really sorry Dadi. I shouldnt have done till but I felt it was the right thing then so I went away but believe me Dadi there was not even 1 day when I didnt miss u all)

Dadi pulled away her hands and said, “Toh phir wapas anne main itni der kyu kar di beta???” (Then why did u take so long to come back dear???)

Geet looked down and said,” Kaise wapas aati Dadi??? Kya kehti sab ko ke maine yeh kyu kiya???” (How could I come back Dadi??? What would I say everyone why I did this???)

Dadi, “Sach kehti Geet.” (U would have told the truth Geet)

Geet sighed and said, “Sach kabhi kabhi sab kuch barbad kar deta hai Dadi isiliye main wapas anne ke liye dar rahi thi” (Sometimes truth can destroy everything Dadi so only I was afraid to come back)

Dadi with a worried face, “Aisa kaunsa sach hai Geet jo sab kuch barbad kar dega???” (What truth is there Geet that will destroy everything???)

Geet took Dadi’s hands in hers and said, “Im sorry Dadi. Main abhi aapko kuch nahi bata sakti lekin jab samay ayega main khud aapko saari sachai bata dungi” (Im sorry Dadi. I cant tell u now but when the right time comes I myself will tell u the whole truth)

Dadi nodded and said, “Theek hai beta jaise aap theek samjhe. Acha ab jaiye aur todha araam kar lijye. Aap thak gayi hongi na. Main Nakul ke haath kuch khane ke liye bhejvati hu” (Ok dear do as u feel is right. Ok now go and get some rest. U must be tired right. I’ll send ur dinner with Nakul)

Geet nodded ans hugged Dadi once more. Dadi smiled and hugged her back and said, “Sab theek hojayega Geet apne Babaji pe bharosa rakhiye” (Everything will be fine Geet have trust on ur Babaji)

Geet nodded and pulled out of the hug. Dadi then turned to Maan and said, “Aap bhi araam kar lijye Maan. Hum Nakul ko aapke room main bhi bhej denge khane ke saath.” (Even u get some rest Maan. I’ll send Nakul to ur room as well with ur dinner)

Maan nodded and then Dadi left to kitchen to tell Nakul.

Maan came to Geet and took her hand in his and they climbed the stairs and went to Geet’s room.

As they entered her room, Geet left his hand and looked at the room. It was the same as it she had left it. It was like she had left just yesterday. She felt tears in her eyes looking at the room. They had kept it the same way as she had. She remembered all the moments she had spent in this room with Maan, Shilpa, Armaan and everyone.

Maan had kept quiet to let her see her room but when he saw her tears he rushed to her and wiped them away.

Maan, “Shh Mishty mat rona. Yeh aasu bohut keemti hai inhe mat bahao.” (Shh Mishty dont cry. These tears are too precious so dont waste them)

Geet just stared at him. Maan kissed away her tears and asked the question which was disturbing him from sometime, “Geet aisa kya chupa rahi ho tum sab se???” (Geet what are u hiding from everyone???)

Geet looked away and said, “Im sorry Maan main aapko abhi kuch nahi bata sakti.” (Im sorry Maan I cant tell u anything now)

Maan wanted to know more but he knew he had to have patience as this was something Geet needed to trust him on and then only could she share it with him. 

Geet remembering Armaan’s ignorance had tears in her eyes. Maan didnt want her to think more about it and upset herself so said in teasing tone, “Shh Mishty tum aaj kal bohut rone lagi ho. Mujhe meri Mishty hasti huvi hi achi lagti hai aise rote huve nahi” (Shh Mishty u are crying a lot now a days. I like my Mishty smiling not crying like this)

Geet smiled at him and wiped away her tears and said, “Thank you Maan. Aaj aapke wajhe se hi main wapas apayi hu. Agar aap mujhe yaha nahi laate toh main shayad kabhi himat hi nahi kar pati aap sab ko face karni ki” (Thank you Maan. Today I have come back bcoz of u only. If u wouldnt have brought me here I wouldnt have ever got the courage to face everyone)

Maan kept his finger on her lips and said, “Shhh bohut bolti ho tum Geet aur tumhe mujhe thanks kehne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai samjhi tum. Ab chalo tum todhi der araam kar lo main bhi jaata hu” (Shh u talk too much Geet n u dont need to thank me u understand. Now u rest for sometime even I’ll go)

Geet nodded and as Maan was going Geet held his hand. Maan turned to look at Geet and asked, “Kya huva Geet??? Tumhe kuch chaiye kya???” (What happened Geet??? U want something???)

Geet nodded in no and came close to him and kissed his cheeks and whispered, “Thank you” and ran away to the washroom in shy.

Maan was shocked for a min and couldnt believe that  Geet had kissed his cheeks. When he recovered from his shock he realized that he was late and Geet had run away. He shook his head at her shyness and went to his room.

Geet after freshening up came to her room to see Nakul had set the tray with some snacks. As she was about to sit to have them someone knocked the room and she looked up to see Vicky there.

As soon as she saw him she smiled and rushed to him and hugged him tightly. Vicky smiled and hugged her back. He pulled out of the hug when he felt his shirt getting wet.

He took her into the room and made her sit on the chair and gave her a glass of water to drink and calm down. After she calmed down he took her hands in his and said, “Tum theek ho na Geet???” (U are fine right Geet???)

Geet nodded and said, “Haan Vicky main theek hu. Sab ko itne dino baad dekh ke aankh bhar aayi. Tum kaise ho Vicky???” (Yes Vicky Im fine. Just met everyone after so many days right so my eyes got filled. How are u Vicky???)

Vicky smiled and said, “Main theek hu Geet lekin tumse naraz hu. Tumne mujhe call karne se mana kyu kar diya??? Pata hai kitna pareshaan tha main jab tumne pure 2 din call nahi kiye the” (Im fine Geet but Im really angry with u. Why did u tell me not to call u??? Do u know how worried I was when u didnt call me for 2 whole days)

Geet sighed and said, “Im sorry Vicky. Maine tumhe tab bhi sorry kaha tha aur bataya tha na ke mera mobile chori hogaya tha. Aur Vicky maine tumhe mana kar diya kyuki main nahi chahti thi ke kisi ko bhi pata chale ke tum jaante ho ke main kaha hu. Agar Bhai ko ya GB ko pata chal jaata toh woh tumse naraz hojate ke tumne unse yeh baat chupai” (Im sorry Vicky. I had told u sorry then also and had told u right that my mobile was stolen. N Vicky I told u not to call me bcoz I didnt want anyone to know that u know where I am. If Bhai or GB got to know that u knew they would be angry with u for hiding it so)

Vicky nodded and said, “Main samjhta hu Geet. Par plz ab kabhi aisa mat karna aur mujhe vada karo ke tum kabhi bhi hume chod ke nahi jaogi chahe kuch bhi hojaye tum nahi jaogi. Aur agar tum gayi toh yaad rakhna main bhi tumhare saath aunga chahe koi kuch bhi kahe” (I understand Geet. But plz now dont do anything like this and promise me u wont leave us and go ever let anything happen. N if u go then remember that I will also come with u without caring who tells what)

Geet smiled and said, “Vadda karti hu ke kahi nahi jaungi. Im sorry Vicky tumhe bohut kuch kiya mere liye lekin maine tumhare liye kuch bhi nahi kar payi” (I promise I wont go anywhere. Im sorry Vicky u did so much for me but I couldnt do anything for u)

Vicky smiled and patted her cheeks and said, “Agar mere liye kuch karna chahti ho toh bas apna vaada nibhana aur haan humesha muskarati rehna. Tum aise rote huve achi nahi lagti ho aur waise bhi tumhe meri help karni hogi jab bhi Dadi meri class legi ya phir mujhe meri GF ko manana hoga” (If u want to do anything for me then plz follow ur promise and yes always keep smiling. U dont look nice crying like this and anyways u have to help me when Dadi takes my class or when I have to manofy my GF)

Geet laughed at his words and said, “Sure. Jab hum dono saath hai toh koi tumhe kuch nahi kar sakta” (Sure. When we both are together then no one can do anything to u)

Vicky laughed and both hi-fied. They then chatted for sometime while Geet had the snacks and then Vicky left as Geet wanted to rest for sometime. After Vicky left Geet had her medicines and then went and lied down on the bed. Soon the medicines kicked in and due to tiredness and medicines she slept.

As she was sleeping her room door opened and entered Armaan. Though he was angry on Geet he couldnt stop himself from meeting her. His anger was there but his love was also strong which made him come to meet her. When he saw her sleeping he couldnt stop but smile. Relief coursed through him as he finally saw Geet sleeping peacefully after a month. The month had been very difficult for him first with Maan’s accident and then Geet leaving them. There wasnt one day where he slept peacefully. But today after seeing Geet back he felt peaceful and calm.

He went and sat next to her. He caressed her face and kissed her forehead. He sat there holding her hand for sometime. After that he pulled the blanket over her and left the room after making sure she was comfortable.

When Armaan had caressed her face a smile adored Geet’s face which vanished a bit as he left.

Armaan entered his room silently making sure not to disturb Shilpa. As he slipped into the bed and took Shilpa into his arms. She snuggled into his arms and said, “Dekh liye Geet ko???” (Did u meet  Geet???)

Armaan was surprised that she was awake and looked at her and nodded.

Shilpa smiled and caressed his face and said, “Mujhe pata tha aap usse mile bina nahi reh payenge. Toh aapki baat huvi Geet se???” (I knew u wouldnt be able to stay without meeting her. So did u talk to Geet???)

Armaan sighed at his wife and said, “Nahi woh so rahi thi. Maine usse dekha iska yeh matlab nahi hai ke maine usse maaf kar diya hai” (No she was sleeping. I saw here doesnt mean that I have forgiven her)

Shilpa’s smile grew wide and said, “Aapne aap se jhoot bolna baad karo Armaan. Tum tab se taras rahe ho Geet se baat karne ke liye” (Stop lying to urslef Armaan. U are waiting from that time to talk to Geet)

Armaan nodded no stubbornly and said, “Nahi main koi taras nahi raha…” (No Im not waiting to talk to her…)

Shilpa, “Acha toh abhi kyu gaye the Geet ke room main???” (Oh then why did u go to Geet’s room now???)

Armaan was caught but he wouldnt admit and said, “Woh… main toh bas dekhne gaya tha ke woh theek hai ya nahi bas aur kuch nahi” (Umm… I just went to see that she is fine or not nothing else)

Shilpa shook her head at her stubborn husband and said, “Theek hai” (Okay)

Armaan kissed her head and they fell silent. In few mins Shilpa slept off while Armaan was awake thinking about Geet. He had heard her conversation with Dadi. He had gone away in anger but after making sure Shilpa was comfortable had come near the living room to see Geet. He couldnt stay from seeing her but what she said had disturbed him.

What was Geet hiding??? He had felt that even before but he thought that maybe she was missing Karan and uncle aunty but now it seemed that the matter was something more serious. He had to find out the truth and he would make sure that he found it.

With all these thoughts he soon dozed off.

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