The next morning Geet woke up with a mission that today Armaan would have to talk to her. She freshened up and went to the kitchen and prepared all his fav dishes for breakfast and also made custard specially for Armaan. After preparing it she kept it in the fridge to cool it down and placed all the other dishes in a tray and took it to Armaan – Shilpa’s room.


As she was about to knock she heard Armaan’s voice.


Armaan “Shilpa maine phele bhi kaha aur ab bhi keh raha hu ke mujhe Geet se baat nahi karni. Jab woh chali gayi usne ek baar bhi mere baare main nahi socha. Isse phele bhi jab Karan aur Uncle – Aunty ke saath huva tab bhi usne mujhse nahi kaha. Aur yeh prove karta hai ke woh mujhe apna Bhai nahi manti sirf bulati hai toh ab main bhi usse baat nahi karunga. Tumhe baat karni hai toh karo par mujhe mat kaho ke kya karna hai aur kya nahi” (Shilpa I have told before also and Im telling now again that I dont want to talk to Geet. When she went away she didnt think about me once also. Even before this when Karan and Uncle – Aunty passed away she didnt tell me. And this proves that she doesnt consider me as her brother but just calls me as her brother so now even I wont talk to her. If u want u talk to her but dont tell what I should do and what not)


Hearing this Geet’s heart broke that Armaan thought that about her but then she remembered Dadi’s words and wiped her tears and took a deep breath and then knocked the door.


Armaan opened the door and saw Geet standing with a tray full of his fav dishes. He let her in and said, “Shilpa main fresh hone ja raha hu” (Shilpa Im going to freshen up) and went without even looking at Geet.


Geet looked at Armaan with sadness but he had turned back so he didnt see her. Shilpa felt pain to see both Armaan and Geet hurting. She knew Armaan was hurt and said all this but how could she let him hurt himself more by ignoring Geet and so decided she would help Geet in manofying Armaan.


She looked to Geet and said, “Arre Geet tum aaj itni subah aur yeh kya tum kyu breakfast laayi, Nakul ke haatho bijva diya hota” (Geet u are here so early and why did u bring breakfast, U would have sent it with Nakul na)


Geet smiled and said, “Koi baat nahi Bhabhi main waise bhi free thi toh main hi leke agayi. Ab aapka pair kaisa hai Bhabhi???” (No problem Bhabhi anyways I was free so got it. How is ur leg now Bhabhi???)


Shilpa smiled and said, “Abhi bohut behtar hai par main zyada dair chal nahi sakti lekin tumhare Bhai ne bohut acha dhyan rakha hai mera” (Its better now but I cant walk for long but ur Brother has taken good care of me)


Geet smiled and kept the tray on the coffee table and said, “Theek hai Bhabhi aap apna dhyan rakhiye main chalti hu” (Ok Bhabhi u take care and Im now going) and as she was about to go Shilpa called her, “Geet


Geet turned and said, “Haan Bhabhi…” (Yes Bhabhi…)


Shilpa opened her arms and said, “Apni Bhabhi ko ek hug bhi nahi dogi” (Wont give a hug also to ur Bhabhi)


Geet smiled and went and hugged her. As she hugged Shilpa she felt the comfort which a sister can provide and was about to cry when Shilpa whispered, “Nahi Chutki rona mat. Bohut ro liya ab sab theek karna ka samay hai. And dont worry tumhare Bhai ko manane mein main tumhari help karungi. Dekhna jald hi kaise tumse baat karte hai woh… hmm” (No Chutki dont cry. U have cried enough now its time to mend things. And dont worry i’ll help u in manofying ur Brother. See very soon how he talks to u…hmm)


Geet nodded and pulled out of the hug and said, “Thank u Bhabhi” and kissed her cheek and went.


Shilpa smiled and then looked at the tray and had an idea. As Armaan came out of the washroom Shilpa called him to have breakfast with her.


Armaan knew that Geet had made it and was trying to avoid it and said, “Mujhe abhi nahi khana toh tum kha lo” (I dont want to eat now u have it)


Shilpa shurgged and took a bit but threw it out of her mouth and said, “Chiii… Kitna ganda hai yeh aur kitna oily bhi. Yeh Nakul bhi na din par din bhoolte ja raha hai ke mujhe khana kaisa chahiye” (Chiii… Its so bad and so oily also. This Nakul na he is forgetting day by day how I want my food to be)


Armaan who was trying to control his anger couldnt and snapped at Shilpa, “Agar nahi pasand toh chod do. Khane ke baare main aisa nahi bolna chaiye. Main Nakul se kehta hu tumhare liye kuch aur bana de” (If u dont like leave it. U shouldnt say such things about food. I’ll tell to Nakul to make something else for u)


Shilpa smiled secretly and said, “Theek hai aur plz yeh khana phek do.” (Ok fine and plz throw away this food)


Armaan held his fist tightly to not do something wrong and said, “Nahi main kha lunga” (No I’ll have it) and took the tray from her and began eating. He relished each and every bit he had and why wouldnt he, his sister had made it with soo much love.


Shilpa smiled with tears in her eyes to see Armaan eating the food like a child tasting his fav ice cream. Geet who had hid behind a pillar from where she could see and hear everything had tears in her eyes. She was hurt when Armaan said that he wouldnt have it but smiled when Shilpa acted and he ate the whole food. She thanked Babaji that at least he had food prepared by her.


After seeing him eat she went to her room. As she entered she dashed with Maan who was coming out of her room. Her head hit his chin and she was pushed a step back. As it hurt she rubbed her head and said, “Aap mujhse humesha takrate kyu ho???” (Why do u always dash with me???)


Maan kept his hands on his waist and said, “Main takrata hu ya tum??? Tum kabhi dekh ke chalti bhi ho??? Humesha mujhse takrati rehti ho aur ab mujhe bol rahi ho…” (I dash or do u??? Do u ever see and walk??? Everytime u dash with me and are telling me…)


Geet was irritated by him and pushed him aside and entered her room and said, “Uff mujhe aapse koi baat nahi karni” (Uff I dont want to talk to u only)


Maan followed her and said, “Kyu sach samne agaya toh ab dar lag raha hai???” (Why bcoz the truth came out u are now scared???)


Geet turned to look at him and glared and pointed a finger at him and said, “Main kisi se nahi darti samjhe aap!!!” (Im not scared of anything ok understood!!!)


Maan narrowed his eyes and pointed his finger and said, “Tum darti ho” (U get scared)



Geet moved closer to him and said, “Nahi darti” (No im scared)


Maan also moved closer and said, “Haan darti ho” (Yes u get scared)


Geet moved even more closer and said, “Nahi!!!” (No!!!)


Maan copied her and said, “Haan!!!” (Yes!!!)


In their fighting they didnt even realise they were so close to each other that they could feel each other’s breath on their face. As they looked into each other’s eyes they forgot their fight and were lost in the other’s eye.



Geet’s breathing increased due to Maan’s closeness and she held her kurti’s edge to control her breathing. Maan looked at her eyes and this eyes slowly travelled down to her nose, cheeks and stopped at her lips. Geet feeling his gaze closed her eyes. Maan moved a bit closer to Geet.


Geet stood there waiting to feel his lips on hers but when he didnt she opened her eyes to see Maan looking at her. She asked with her eyes, “What???” to which Maan smiled a bit and said with his eyes, “I want your permission


Geet shied and lowered her lashes. Maan touched her chin with his hands and asked with his eyes, “Can I???

As Geet nodded and Maan was about to kiss her when Dadi called for Vicky which broke their lovely moment and Geet realising what they were about to do pushed him away and ran out of the room.

As she was running she didnt see that her duppatta had got tangled in her leg and she was about to fall but by the time she realised it was late and she was about to fall down the stairs when someone pulled her back. Geet was shivering in fear of fall and had closed her eyes. She had a few tears thinking about the fall. When she was sure that she didnt fall she opened her eyes to see Armaan glaring at her. As she saw him she hugged him and a the tears rolled down her eyes.

Armaan who was already worried seeing her almost falling couldnt see her crying and hugged her back and said, “Shhh… Chutki tu theek hai. Main hu na kuch nahi huva” (Shhh… Chutki u are fine. Im there right nothing happened)

Geet just nodded but her tears didnt stop. Armaan pulled out of the hug and wiped her tears.

Geet looked at him and said softly, “Im sorry Bhai

Armaan glared at her and said, “Tum dekh ke chal nahi sakti kya kabhi??? Humesha girti rehti ho agar main aaj nahi pakadta toh tum sidiyo se girti. Yaad hai na tune phele bhi apna pair tudvaya hai sidhi se girke lekin tujhe kuch yaad kaha rehta hai” (Cant u see and walk ever??? U always keep falling and if I hadnt caught u today u would have fell on the staircase. U remember right last time u broke ur leg when u fell from the stairs but where do u remember all this)

Geet winced hearing Armaan scolding but inside she was feeling happy that at least Armaan was shouting instead of his ignorance.

Geet looked down and was smiling which Armaan caught and it seemed to fuel his anger.

Armaan, “Yaha main tumhe daant raha hu aur tum muskura rahi ho… Tum theek toh ho na ya dimaag kharab hogaya hai tumhara???” (Here im scolding u and u are smiling there… Are u fine or u have lost ur mind???)

Geet immediately wiped away the smile and said, “Nahi nahi main nahi muskura rahi. Aap continue kijye…” (No no Im not smiling. U continue…)

Armaan narrowed his eyes and said, “Main koi gaana ga raha hu kya ke tum mujhe continue karne ko bol rahi ho???” (Am I singing some song that u are telling me to continue???)

Geet nodded in no fastly and said, “Nahi nahi aisa nahi hai” (No no its not like that)

Armaan was really irritated now and said, “Tujhe yeh sab mazak lag raha hai na… Haan ab toh mazak hi lagega na hum kaun hai jo tu humari baat sunegi” (U think all this is a joke right… Ya now it will all look like a joke only right who am I that u will listen to my words)

Geet made a baby face and looked up to her Babaji and said in mind, “Hey Babaji aaj bhai mere petre kyu use kar rahe hai??? Itna melodrama kyu kar rahe hai???? Phele toh baat nahi karte aur ab baat kar rahe hai toh yeh sab natak… Plz Babaji apni bachi ko bacha lo aap” (Hey Babaji why is Bhai using my tricks on me only??? Why is he being so melodramatic??? First he wasnt talking and now that he is talking then this drama… Plz Babaji save ur child)

Geet looked at Armaan when he tapped her forehead and pulled her face down and said, “Apne Babaji se yeh bhi pooch le ke kab tu dekh ke chalna sikhegi???” (Ask ur Babaji this also that when will u learn to see and walk???)

Geet immediately replied, “Kabhi nahi kyuki aap ho na mujhe pakadne ke liye agar main girne wali hu toh” (Never bcoz u are there na to save me whenever I fall)


Armaan remembered her telling this line to him and Karan everytime she was scolded about her clumsiness and smiled but then he remembered that he was angry on her and said, “Ab sikh hi lena kyuki main tumhare saath humesha nahi rahunga” (Now learn bcoz I wont be with u always)

Geet felt pain hearing Armaan’s words and held his hand as he turned to walk away and said, “Sorry Bhai. Main aap sabko chod ke nahi jaana chahti thi Bhai par mujhe tab wohi sahi laga isiliye maine yeh kiya. Plz Bhai meri situation bhi samjho plzzz” (Sorry Bhai. I didnt want to leave u all and go but I felt that was right at that time so I went away. Plz Bhai understand my situation also plzzz)

Armaan pulled away his hand and walked away towards the terrace. Geet followed him and said, “Bhaiii plzzz mujhe maaf kardo plzzz” (Bhaii plz forgive me plzzz)

Armaan turned to her and said, “Geet tu plz ja mujhe koi baat nahi karni tujhse” (Geet u plz go I dont want to talk to u)

Geet folded her hands and said, “Nahi main nahi jaungi jab tak aap mujhse baat nahi karte” (No I wont go till u talk to me)

Armaan turned to walk away and said, “Theek hai toh main hi chala jaata hu” (Fine then I’ll only go) but as he was about to go Geet blocked his way.

Armaan got angry and said, “Geettt abhi mujhe bohut gussa araha hai toh acha hoga ke tum mujhe jaane do” (Gettt Im really angry now so u better let me go)

Geet just stood there and Armaan got even more angry and started pacing in the terrace in anger. After a few mins he turned to Geet and said, “Theek hai main tumse baat karunga ab mujhe jaane do” (Fine I’ll talk to u now let me go)

Geet nodded in no and said, “Phele meri baat suniye phir hi main aapko jaane dungi” (First listen to me and then only will I let u go)

Armaan swept his hand in his hair in anger and sighed and said, “Ok bolo” (Ok tell)

Geet took his hand and made him sit on the slab and sat next to him and said, “Bhai aapko jaise Shilpa Bhabhi se, GB ko Vidya Bhabhi se aur Karan Bhai ko Nandini se pyaar hai waise hi mujhe bhi hai… Maan se… Par…” (Bhai as u love Shilpa Bhabhi, GB loves Vidya Bhabhi and Karan Bhai loves Nandini even I love… Maan… But…) and broke off

Armaan was really happy to know that Geet loved Maan as he had seen love in Maan’s eyes for Geet and the pain he went through when Geet had gone away. Maan had broke down in his arms and confessed of his love to Geet that night when he got to know that Geet had left them all but he got worried when she stopped all of a sudden.

Armaan squeezed her hand and said, “Par kya Chutki???” (But what Chutki???)

Geet smiled sadly and looked away and said, “Par Main unhe sirf dard hi de sakti hu. Jisse bhi main pyaar karti hu unko dard hi deti hu isiliye main sabse dur gayi Bhai. Main nahi chahti thi ke mere wajhe se kisi ko bhi dard ho” (But I can only give him pain. Whom ever I love will only get pain from me so only I went away Bhai. I didnt want anyone to be in pain bcoz of me)

Armaan was getting angry that Geet was thinking bad about herself and turned to her and held her arms and said in anger, “Aisa kyu keh rahi hai tu??? Aur tujhe pata hai tu jab hum se dur gayi toh hume kitna dard huva hai??? Shayad hum woh dard seh sakte hai jo tu saath main reh kar degi par woh nahi jo tu nahi hoti toh milta” (Why are u telling like this??? And do u know how much pain we went through when u left us and went??? Maybe we can bear the pain u give us by staying with us but not the pain when u go away from us)

Geet closed her eyes in pain and said, “Im sorry Bhai. Main nahi bata sakti” (Im sorry Bhai. I cant tell) and tried to remove his hands.

Armaan tightened his hold and said, “Nahi Geet aaj tumhe batana hoga. Maine phele bhi dekha hai par kabhi kuch kaha nahi par ab mujhe sach jaana hai…” (No Geet today u have to tell. I have seen before also but never said anything but now I want to know the truth…) and took her right hand in his hand and kept it on his head and continued, “Tumhe meri kasam. Apne Bhai ko bata kya huva hai aur kuch mat chupana.” (Vow on me. Now tell ur Bro what has happened and dont hid anything)

Geet gasped and tried to pull away her hand but Armaan didnt leave and said, “Geet Sach bata plz. Agar tu mujhe Bhai manti hai toh tujhe uss rishte ka vasta” (Geet plz tell the truth. If u consider me as ur Brother then vow on this relation)

Geet couldnt stop her tears now. She broke down in his arms. Armaan hugged her and tried to calm her down.

Geet tried to suppress her pain but she couldnt when she felt her brother’s warmth which she craved when she was alone, when she had nightmares etc.

Armaan rubbed her back and was getting worried. Geet after a few mins calmed down and said, “Bhai main aapko bataungi par aap promise kijye ke aap gusse main kuch nahi karoge???” (Bhai I will tell u but u promise me that u wont do anything in anger???)

Geet always feared Armaan’s anger. Karan’s anger was nothing in front of Armaan and though both were protective of her but Armaan wouldnt be able to stop when he was in anger. He could take any amount of pain but if it came to Geet he would never allow pain to even come near her. Whenever she fell and hurt herself he would always be awake the whole night to sooth her. He even used to carry her around the house if she complained of a bit pain. He would be the one worried to death if she even went for a day trip. He would call 100 times from the time she had left till she returned. Her parents never had to worry bcoz they knew Armaan would have make sure that she was safe. Most of the times she got irritated by his behavior but then how could she be angry when he and Karan would take her for ice cream treats every night. She wished he would have been there when she met Dev but fate had other things and so he wasnt in India when that happened.

Armaan got worried that why was Geet taking such a promise from him??? but then he knew she didnt like his anger so maybe. He sighed and said, “Theek hai main promise karta hai gusse main kuch nahi karunga.” (Fine I promise I wont do anything in anger)

Geet sighed and started, “Bhai aapko yaad hai ke jab maine Pune main Architecture ke liye padhna shuru kiya tab aap US gaye the ek project ke liye…” (Bhai u remember right when I had started studying Architecture in Pune and u had gone to US for a project…)

Armaan nodded and Geet continued, “Toh waha meri ek friend bani Priya. Bohut achi dost thi meri. Humne bohut mazee kiye colg main. dekhte hi 2 saal guzar gaye. Jab 2nd yr ki holidays chal rahi thi toh woh mere saath Mumbai aayi. Aur jab woh Karan Veerji se mile toh usko woh bohut ache lage. Lekin usko yeh nahi pata tha ke Karan Veerji aur Nandini ek dusre ko pyaar karte hai aur unki sagai hogai hai. Phir ek din usne mujhe kaha ke usko Karan Veerji pasand hai toh tab maine usko bataya ke Karan Veerji Nandini se pyaar karte hai. Phele toh usse bohut dukh huva aur mujhe laga ke hum dono ki friendship bhi tooth jayegi lekin woh todhe din baad samjh gayi aur bhool gayi. Lekin woh sach nahi tha Bhai. Woh andar hi andar mujhpe gussa thi aur kab uska gussa nafrat main badal gaya mujhe pata bhi nahi chala. 

Phir Karan Veerji aur Nandini ki shaadi ki date postpone hogai kyuki aapko project ke liye aur kuch mahine waha rehna tha. Jab meri 5th sem ki holidays huvi toh main Mumbai agayi aur Piya Nagpur chali gayi apne ghar. Phele ek week toh woh roz call karti thi aur hum baat karte the par phir suddenly uske call anna band hogaya. Mujhe bohut tension ho raha tha toh maine call kiya par kisi ne call nahi pick kiya. Kuch din tak aisa hi huva uske baad ek din uski Mummy ne call uthaya aur tab mujhe pata chala ke Piya ne suicide kar liya tha” (So there I made a friend Piya. She was a very good friend of mine. We had lots of fun in colg. Like that only 2 years passed away. And then during 2nd year holidays she came with me to Mumbai. And when she met Karan Veerji she really liked him. But she didnt know that Karan Veerji and Nandini love each other and they are already engaged. So one day she told me that she really like Karan Veerji and that day I told her that Karan Veerji loves Nandini. At that time she was really hurt and I thought she would break out friendship but after a few days she understood and moved on. But that wasnt true Bhai. She was angry on me but hid it inside herself and when that anger changed into hatred I never knew.

Then Karan Veerji and Nandini’s wedding date was postponed bcoz u still had to be away for months from ur project. Then during my 5th sem holidays I came back to Mumbai and Piya went to Nagpur to her home. For the 1st week she used to call daily and we used to chat for long but then suddenly her calls stopped. I got really worried and called her many times but no one picked up the call. After a few days when I called her Mom picked up the call and then I got to know that Piya had attempted suicide and was successful) and she broke down. Even today her friend’s death caused her pain as much it caused that day when she heard it.

Armaan hugged her and rubbed her back. He knew what it was to lose a friend as he lost his best friend who was more like a brother, Karan. 

Geet hugged him and continued, “Aur aapko pata hai Bhai uski Mummy ne kaha ke Piya ne mere wajhe se suicide kiya” (And u know Bhai her Mom said that Piya suicided bcoz of me) and tears rolled down her eyes. How could they accuse her of her best friend’s death when she didnt even know what had happened and why did Piya do this.

Armaan was shocked and said, “Kya??? Lekin kyu??? Tumne toh kuch nahi kiya phir yeh kyu kaha unhone ne???” (What??? But why??? U hadnt done anything then why did they tell u that???)

Geet in between her sobs, “Bhai uski Mummy ne kaha ke agar Piya mere saath Mumbai na aati aur na Karan Veerji se milti toh na woh unse pyaar karti na unka pyaar milne pe yeh kadam utha thi. Meri kya galti thi Bhai agar Piya ko Karan Veerji se pyaar huva toh???” (Bhai her Mom said that if Piya wouldnt have come with me to Mumbai and met Karan Veerji then she would never have fell in love with him and now would she go to this extend when she didnt get her love. What was my mistake Bhai if Piya fell in love with Karan Veerji???)

Armaan was shocked at this excuse and said, “Shhh… chutki chup. Tumhari koi galti nahi thi. Kisi ki galti nahi thi. Pyaar kisi ko bhi ho sakta hai aur kabhi bhi ho sakta hai isme hum kuch nahi kar sakte. Aur tumhara koi kasur nahi hai Piya ke suicide main samjhi tum???” (Shhh… Chutki. U arent at fault. No one is at fault here. Anyone can fall in love and anywhere and we cant do anything about it. And it isnt ur fault that Piya suicided u understand???)

Geet nodded in no and said, “Lekin Bhai uski family toh mujhe hi galat manti hai” (But Bhai her family thinks Im only wrong)

Armaan wiped her tears and said, “Chutki unlogo ne apni beti khoyi thi. Tab woh sochne ke halat main nahi the isiliye aisa bola hoga par yeh sach nahi hai. Piya ne suicide kiya kyuki woh kamzor thi. Agar woh strong hoti toh aisa kadam kabhi nahi uthati” (Chutki they had lost their daughter. So they were not in a condition to think so they have told like that but it is not the truth. Piya attempted suicide bcoz she was weak. If she would have been strong then she would never have done that)

Geet nodded and said, “Bhai kash aap tab yaha hote toh jo bhi mere saath huva nahi hota” (Bhai wish u would have been there then this wouldnt have happened to me) and buried her face in his chest while tears ran down her eyes.

Armaan closed his eyes and felt bad hearing her tell those words. He wondered what happened that she wasnt even ready to tell anyone.

He took Geet’s face in his hands and wiped her tears and said, “Main ab hu Chutki. Plz mujhe bata kya huva hai??? Itne din tune akele yeh dard seh liya ab tumhara Bhai hai na woh sab theek kar dega” (Now Im with u Chutki. Plz tell me what has happened??? Till now u have beared this pain alone but now Im there ur Brother is there na I’ll correct everything)

Geet smiled sadly and said, “Ab kuch theek nahi ho sakta Bhai.” (Now nothing will be fine Bhai)

Armaan sighed and said, “Aisa mat bol plz. Ab plz bata Geet plz” (Plz dont tell like that. Now plz tell me Geet plz)

Geet looked at him and saw pain in his eyes to see her hurting. She couldnt hide it anymore and took his hands in hers and said, “Yeh incident ke baad main sabse dur rehne lagi. Sirf apne room main hi rehti thi. Na friends ke saath jaati thi na Karan Veerji ke saath. Sab bohut pareshaan hone lage the. Phir ek din Veerji aur Nandini mujhe ek psychiatrist ke pass leke gaye. Uska naam Dev tha. Usne mera treatment shuru kiya. Phele toh maine kuch zyada respond nahi kiya lekin phir kuch sessions ke baad mujhe waha jaana acha lagne laga.  

Dev sab hi doctors se alag tha. Aur jab main uske saath rehti thi toh bohut acha lagta tha. Woh kabhi bhi kuch galat bolta nahi na hi kuch galat karta par yahi meri sabse badi galatfami thi. 2 mahine baad woh todhe din ke liye Mumbai se bahar gaya. Jab woh nahi tha toh mujhe kuch bhi acha nahi lagta tha. Aisa laga jaise usse pyaar hogaya hai par main galat thi. Mujhe usse pyaar huva nahi tha…” (After this incident I started staying away from all. I used to be in my room only. I wouldnt go out with my friends nor with Karan Veerji. Everyone started getting worried bcoz of this. Then 1 day Veerji and Nandini took me to a psychiatrist. His name was Dev. He started my treatment. In the beginning I didnt respond much but after a few sessions I started liking going there.

 Dev was different from all the doctors there. And when I used to be with him I really felt good. He never said anything wrong or did anything wrong but all this was an illusion. 2 months later he went out of Mumbai for a few days. And when he wasnt there I didnt like anything and missed him. I thought that I loved him but I was wrong. I was never in love with him…)

Armaan was now confused and asked, “Matlab???” (Means???)

Geet smiled sadly and said, “Batati hu Bhai… Uske aane ke baad usne 2 din baad mujhe ek city se bahar ek farmhouse leke gaya. Usne mujhe bola ke usne Karan Veerji ko inform kiya hai par usne mujhse jhoot bola. Waha jaake usne phele toh mujhe ache se treat kiya lekin todhi der baad ajeeb behave karne laga. Phele toh maine kuch nahi kaha lekin phir woh mujhe chune laga. Isse phele kabhi aise nahi chuha tha usne mujhe. Maine waha se jaane ki koshish ki lekin main nikal nahi paayi lekin jab woh mujhe phir se chune ki koshish kar raha tha toh maine uske sir pe vase maara jisse woh behosh hogaya. Tab main waha usko band kar ke bhaag gayi lekin mujhe kuch pata nahi tha kaha jao??? Kya karu??? Aur phir maine ek car ko aate dekha toh maine unse lift mangi par woh admi mujhe wapas ussi farm house main le gaya” (I’ll tell Bhai…After he returned he took me to a farmhouse outside the city 2 days later. He told me that he had informed Karan Veerji but he had lied to me. After going there he treated me nicely for sometime but after sometime he started behaving strangely. At first I didnt tell anything but then he started touching me. Before this he had never touched me like that. So I tried to go away from there but I could go. But when he tried to touch me again I struggled and hit a vase on his head bcoz of which he fainted. I locked him in there and rana way but I didnt know where to go??? What to do??? And then I saw a car coming so I asked for a lift but that man took me back to the farm house) and a sob broke out of her mouth.

She was living the nightmare again and could see what was happening. Armaan was really feeling pain seeing Geet’s eyes which had gone wide in panic. He cursed himself for not being there when she needed him. If he would have been there then she wouldnt have gone through any of this. He couldnt imagine what Dev and that guy would have done to his Geet whom he had protected from everyone.

He then wiped her tears and said softly, “Chutki, unhone tumhare saath kuch kiya toh nahi na???” (Chtuki, they didnt do anything with u right???)

Geet heard the pain in his voice and looked down and said, “Bhai main aapko sab batati hu. Plz yeh mere liye easy nahi hai” (Bhai I’ll tell u everything. Plz this isnt easy for me)

Armaan nodded and said, “Theek hai.” (Ok)

Geet sighed and closed her eyes. It was like she was back in the car where that guy had given her a napkin to wipe her face. A few mins later she felt light headed and her eyes felt heavy. Soon everything was blank.

Geet, “Bhai uss admi ne mujhe napkin diya jisme chloroform tha aur uske wajhe se main behoos hogai. Jab main uthi toh dekha ke main apne room main hu. Mere uthne ke 5 min baad hi kisi ne knock kiya aur main bohut dar gayi. Jab dekha toh Nandini aur Karan Veerji the. Unhone bataya ke main unhe kahi nahi mili thi aur jab woh mujhe dhundne ja rahe the toh Dev mujhe leke aaya. Dev ne bataya ke main uske saath uske farmhouse gayi thi lekin waha meri tabiyat kharab hokar main behoos hogayi thi isiliye woh mujhe doctor ke pass dikha ke ghar leke aaya.” (Bhai that man gave me a napkin to wipe my face but there was chloroform on that bcoz of which I fainted. When I woke up I was in my room. Just 5 mins after I woke up someone knocked on my door and I was really scared. But when I saw it was Nandini and Karan Veerji. They told me that they searched for me but I wasnt at home and so they were just going to search for me when Dev brought me here. Dev told that I had gone to his farmhouse but there my health got bad and I fainted and so he took me to a doctor and then got me home)

Geet, “Mummy, Papa, Karan Veerji aur Nandini ko Dev bohut pasand tha aur uss din usne unse baat ki hum dono ki shaadi ke liye. Mummy-Papa toh ready the lekin Karan Veerji ne kaha ke mujhse pooche bina yeh decision nahi lenge aur Dev main unki baat main ko mann liya. Main phele se hi dari huvi thi aur ab shaadi mujhe kuch samjh nahi araha tha ke ho kya raha hai aur main kisi ko bata bhi nahi sakti thi ke kya huva kyuki mujhe khud hi nahi pata tha ke mere behoos hone ke baad kya huva hai. 

Next day Dev ne mujhe call kiya aur bola ke mere liye usne ek gift bheja hai. Lekin jab woh gift aaya toh main shocked hogai thi. Uske saath ek letter tha ke agar maine Dev se shaadi ke liye haan nahi kaha toh woh Karan Veerji aur Nandini ka accident karwa dega. 

Bhai main kya karti tab??? Kiske pass jaati??? Isiliye maine haan kar di aur 2 din baad humari shaadi fix hogai. Usne Mummy Papa aur Karan Veerji ko convince kar diya ke uske parents gaon main rehte hai toh woh nahi askate. Usne kaha ke hum mandir main shaadi kar lenge phir uske gaon jayenge uske Mummy Papa se milne.  

Jaldi main sab ko bola bhi nahi aur phir mere shaadi ka din agaya. Bhai aapko toh pata hai na mere kitne armaan the shaadi ko leke ke mere dono bhai honge aur saara parivar hoga lekin yaha aisa kuch nahi tha. Hum mandir main wait kar rahe the ke kab Dev ayega lekin woh aaya hi nahi. 

Muharat chala gaya aur dophar se raat hogai lekin Dev aaya hi nahi. Main waha shaadi ke jodhe main bethi rahi uska intezaar karte lekin woh aaya hi nahi. Phir Karan Veerji ko ek call aaya ke ghar pe koi imp courier aaya hai. Mummy Papa toh already dukhi the ke Dev ne hume dhoka de diya aur Karan Veerji woh toh gusse se lal hogaye the. Lekin main unko kuch nahi ke paayi ke main yeh shaadi nahi karna chahti thi toh aap dukhi mat hoye.  

Mummy mujhe pass hi main ek dost ke ghar leke gaayi aur mujhe kapade diye change karne. Uske baad hum ghar gaye aur Karan Veerji ne woh courier liya. Usko open kiya toh usme ek cd nikli. Uss cd main… ” (Mummy, Papa, Karan Veerji and Nandini really liked Dev and that day he had talked to them about our marriage. Mummy-Papa were ready but Karan Veerji said that the final decision would be mine and Dev agreed with him. I was already scared and now marriage I wasnt able to understand what to do and I couldnt even tell anyone bcoz I myself didnt know what happened with me after I fainted.

Next day Dev called me and said that he had sent a gift for me. But when that gift came I was shocked. There was a letter also with it which said that if I didnt agree to marry with Dev then he would get Karan Veerji and Nandini’s accident done.

Bhai what could I do then??? Whom could I approach??? So I said yes and our wedding was fixed after 2 days. He convinced Mummy Papa and Karan Veerji that his parents where in his village and so couldnt come. He said that we should get married in a temple and after that we would go to his village to meet his parents.

In such a short time we couldnt even tell anyone and then my day of wedding came. Bhai u know right how many dreams I had of my wedding… I wanted both my brothers to be there and the whole family but here nothing like that was there. We kept waiting in the temple that when would Dev come but he didnt come only.

The auspicious time went and it became night from afternoon but Dev didnt come. I was in my wedding dress waiting for him but he didnt come only. Then Karan Veerji got a call that there is an imp courier for him. Mummy Papa were already disheartened that Dev cheated us and Karan Veerji was going red with anger. But I couldnt tell them anything that I didnt want this marriage to happen so u plz dont be sad.

Mummy took me nearby to a friend’s house and told me to change my clothes. After that we went back home and Karan Veerji got the courier. When he opened there was a cd in that. In that cd…) but before she could continue tears came from her eyes. The worst part of her past was about to be revealed but how could she tell that to her brother. Could she face him after she revealed what was in the cd???

Armaan couldnt see her crying. He went to the guest room near the terrace and got water from there and made her drink it. After she calmed down, he said, “Chutki itna sab hogaya aur tune ek baar bhi nahi socha mujhe batane ka???” (Chutki so much happened but u didnt think of telling me once???)

Geet, “Bhai maine aapko call karne ki koshish ki thi par uss time aapka phone chori hogaya tha aapko yaad hai… Shayad agar aapka phone chori nahi huva hota toh yeh sab nahi hota” (Bhai I had tried calling u but at that time ur phone was stolen u remember… But if ur phone wouldnt have been stolen then all this wouldnt have happened) and looked away.

Armaan was feeling so helpless seeing Geet in pain. He cursed the time he went to US. If he knew that anything about this he wouldnt have even gone there nor let Geet go to study in Pune. He wish he could have tried convincing her some more to not to go to Pune. If he would have not let her go there all this wouldnt have happened to her.

Armaan sighed and said, “Chutki uss cd main kya tha??? Plz bol de iske baad main tumse kuch nahi poochunga. Apna dard nikal Chutki plz” (Chutki what was in that cd??? Plz tell me, after this I wont ask u anything. Plz remove ur pain Chutki plz)

Geet looked at his eyes which were pleading her to tell him. She looked down at her hands and said, “Wohhh cd main Dev ne… uhh…“(In that cd dev had… uhhh…)  but couldnt continue.

Armaan cupped her face and said, “Chutki bol plz mujhse kaisi jijak???” (Chutki plz tell why are u hesitating in front of me???)

Geet, “Uss photos aur cd main ek ladka mere saathhh…“* (In those photos and cd a guy was trying to…) n closed her eyes in shame and cried.

Armaan gasped in horror and hugged her and said, “Shhh Chutki bas ab aur rona mat.

Geet cried in his arms and said, “Bhaiii… Uss din Mummy Papa ki aankh main sharam dekh ke… main… main mar gayi… Usse dekhne ne ke baad main waha se room main chali gayi aur khud ko band kar diya… Main kaise unko face karti Bhai… Kaise??? Unhone aaj tak mujhe kuch nahi kaha tha aur uss din woh cd dekhne ke baad unki aankhe… Aur Veerji unhone mujhe dekha bhi nahi. Main kaise zinda rehti Bhai yeh sab dekhne ke baad kaise???? Tabhi maine waha table se glass todha aur apni naas kaat li. Main nahi face kar sakti thi unhe Bhai nahi kar sakti thi.” (Bhai that day seeing shame in Mummy Papa’s eyes… I … I dies… After seeing that I went off to my room and locked myself in… How could I face them Bhai… How??? Till date they hadnt told me anything and that day seeing that cd their eyes… And Veerji he didnt see towards me. How could I stay alive Bhai after all this??? So then I broke a glass from the table and cut my wrist. I couldnt face it Bhai I couldnt)

Armaan cried with his princess. He could never understand the depth of her pain. How could he be enjoying in US when his sister, his princess, his Chutki was dying here. How could she handle all this??? He cried with her bcoz he failed to protect her which he promised her every year… he failed in his duty… he failed in his own eyes. How would he face her now??? How would he face Uncle-Aunty and Karan??? How would he face god when he failed in his duties to protect their life, their Geet.

Geet finally let her pain and tears out. She failed her parents… her brothers. How could she be alive after all this??? Why did god take away her parents and Karan Veerji??? Why was she left here alone after all this.

As they were lost in their world of pain they didnt realise that someone else was also there and heard the whole conversation. Maan who had come behind Geet to see her falling was about to go to catch her when Armaan reached there. He waited to see if Armaan talks or not and when he saw them go to the terrace he went behind them. He knew he shouldnt but he couldnt stop himself and when he saw Geet telling Armaan that she loves him his happiness knew no limits. But then hearing her past he didnt know what to do??? Too many emotions were swirling together… Pain seeing Geet in such pain. He just wanted to grab her in his arms and soothe her pain.

Anger on that dev and the other guy whoever he was who gave so much pain to his Mishti. He had to hold his hand in fists to control his anger or he would have already set the world on fire seeing Geet in pain and tears.

Helplessness bcoz he didnt know what to do to convince Geet that her past wouldnt affect his love for her. She had already had enough pain and now he wanted to shower her with happiness and love that she would forget all her pains. 

After sometime Armaan pulled out of the hug and asked Geet 1 question which was in his mind, “Chutki lekin Dev ne yeh sab kyu kiya tumhare saath???” (Chutki but why did Dev do this to u???)

Geet wiped her tears and said, “Dev Piya ka bhai tha. Uss din jab maine glass ko todha toh Karan Veerji room main aane ki koshish kar rahe the lekin jab tak woh aaye maine apni nerve cut kar li thi. Veerji mujhe hospital leke gaaye turand aur doctor ne jald hi mere haath main bleeding band kar ke stitches di. Uske baad Veerji ne mera pura check up karne bola aur rape test bhi. Tab pata chala ke undono ne mere saath kuch nahi kiya hai. 

Veerji ne phir jaake apne ek friend ke saath Dev ko aur uss admi ko dhunda aur police complaint di aur tab pata chala ke Dev Piya ka bhai tha aur usne yeh sab Veerji aur mujhse badla lene ke liye kiya. Mummy Papa aur Veerji ke samne sachi toh agayi lekin uss din jo unki aankho main sharam thi woh kabhi mere dimaag se nahi gayi. Unhone bohut koshish ki ke sab theek rahe lekin main kaise theek rehti Bhai kaise??? Lekin ek din Mummy Papa ki baat sun ke pata chala ke unhe kitni chinta ho rahi hai mere baare main. Unko aise kaise dekhti main Bhai??? Already itna dukh diya tha aur nahi de sakti thi isiliye unke liye wapas muskurana sikhi… wapas jeena sikhi lekin shayad zindagi ko mera muskurana pasand nahi aur isiliye 3 mahine baad mujhse wapas sab cheen liya… Mere Veerji… Mere Mummy Papa. Ab aap hi batao Bhai yeh sab hone ke baad main kaise aap sab ko khushi de sakti hu??? Kaise du Maan ko khushi jab meri zindagi main hi khushi nahi rahi… Kaise Bhai Kaise????”  (Dev was Piya’s brother. That then when I broke the glass Karan Veerji tried to come to my room but by the time he could come in I had already cut my wrist. Veerji took me to a hospital immediately and doctor soon stopped the bleeding and gave some stitches. After that Veerji got my full check up done and also a rape test done. Then we got to know that nothing had happened with me.

Veerji and one of his friend then went and searched Dev and that man and filed a police complaint and then we got to know that Dev was Piya’s brother and he did to take revenge from me and Veerji. Mummy Papa and Veerji got to know the truth but the shame I had seen that day in their eyes that image never left my mind. They tried a lot to make everything normal but how could I be normal Bhai how??? But then 1 day I heard Mummy Papa’s talks and got to know how worried they were for me. How could I see them like this Bhai??? I had already given them a lot of pain and couldnt give them anymore so I learnt to smile again for them… learnt to live life again for them… but maybe Life didnt like me smiling and so again it snatched everything from me after 3 months… My Veerji… My Mummy Papa. Now u only tell Bhai how can I give u all happiness after all this??? How can I give Maan happiness when there is no happiness in my life… How Bhai How???) and slid down from the slab crying.

Armaan couldnt bear to hear her pain filled voice and slid down and hugged her and rocked her while trying to calm her down. He hated himself for not being there for Geet when she needed him the most. He told today morning to Shilpa that Geet doesnt consider him as a brother but did he fulfill his duty and promises that she would consider him as her brother??? He wished he could protect her from all this but he couldnt.

While both brother and sister were lost in the pain, even Maan was in pain. How did Geet go through all this and yet smile??? No would could tell that she hid so much pain inside her when she smiled. But he was hurt that Geet thought that she couldnt give happiness to anyone. He knew that it was not true. Her 1 smile made his day then how could she think that she can not give him any happiness. No he wouldnt let her think this about herself and her love. He would make her see that she deserved to be happy and loved and he would win her love and trust. With these thoughts he wiped his tears and went downstairs.

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P.S. – *In the dialogue where Geet tells Armaan what was in the cd- it was like she and a guy where having sex.*

I know a very emotional update and finally Geet’s past is known to all. So what do u guys think will Maan and Armaan do??? Keep waiting for more and I promise now soon lotsss of Maaneet moments are going to come. So plz do comment and let me know if u want to see anything specific. Embarrassed