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The next morning all woke up late as it was weekend n weekends it was a strict rule “No Office”.


After finishing breakfast all decided to go to the farmhouse for the weekend. Shilpa who wanted to help in packing was in really grumpy mood as no one not even Choti Maa was letting her do anything. After sometime all left.


Armaan, Shilpa, Anjali, Karan and Preeti were in 1 car while all the elders were in the other car.


As they reached the outskirts the whole area was filled with greenery. Shilpa smiled and opened the window to inhale the fresh air which was now very hard to find in the cities. As they were passing Shilpa saw many trees of tamarinds. Seeing them she started craving for it and said, “Armaannn gaadi rokooo!!!!” (Armaannn stop the car!!!!)


Armaan panicked and stopped the car and turned to her and started asking questions non stop. Shilpa rolled her eyes looking at him and as he was about to ask another one she covered his mouth with her hand and glared.


Armaan looked at her and moved his lips but the words were muffled and Shilpa getting irritated asked, “Kya????” (What???)


Armaan pointed at her hand and she removed it fast and said, “Isse phele ke aap wapas shuru hojao meri baat sunno.” (Before u start again listen to me)


Armaan nodded but before he could say Shilpa changed her voice to a pleading one and said, “Armaan mujhe imli khani hai” (Armaan I want to have tamarind) and made a yummy type expression imagining eating those tamarinds.


Armaan’s eyes popped out hearing the reason for her to ask him to stop the car and then he glared at her. Shilpa looked at him with puppy eyes and said, “Plz Jaan bohut mann kar raha hai imli khane ka” (Plz Jaan feeling like having those tamarinds)


Armaan was melting but then he was wondering if it was good for her and turned to ask Anjali but was shocked to see Preeti laughing while Karan and Anjali were missing. 


He then turned to look at Shilpa and saw that even she was missing and turned to Preeti and asked with fake anger, “Kaha gaye teeno???” (Where did the three of them go???)


Preeti couldnt stop laughing looking at his glare and said, “Tum sochte reh gaye aur teeno gaye bahar imli todhne” (U kept on thinking n the three went to get tamarinds outside)


Armaan shook his head knowing it must be Shilpa only who pulled them and came out of the car to see Shilpa holding her Duppatta open while Karan and Anjali broke Imlis from the tree for her.


Armaan smiled looking at her making faces whenever they dropped bad imli. After 5 mins they came back to see Armaan standing there with his arms folded on his chest and a stern face. Anjali and Karan who were a bit behind Shilpa looked at Armaan and then at Shilpa who was having a “Deer caught in head lights” expression and smirked. Armaan silently sat back in the car and even Shilpa with a sad face.

Anjali whispered, “Bhai chalo bet lagate hai ke kaun apni chupi phele todega Armaan ya Shilpa???” (Bhai come on lets bet that who would brake their silence first Armaan or Shilpa??)


Karan knew that Shilpa could never stay without talking to Armaan for long how much ever angry they were with each other and so whispered back to Anjali confidently, “Theek hai meri tarah se 2 Dairy Milk ke Shilpa phele baat karegi” (Fine from side 2 Dairy Milk that Shilpa will speak first)


Anjali made a face n whispered back, “Kyaa??? Sirf 2 Dairy Milk!!! Bhai aap din par din kanjoos hote ja rahe ho” (What??? Only 2 Dairy Milk!!! Bhai u are becoming miser day by day)


Karan glared at her and whispered back, “Bet lagani hai toh main itni ki hi lagaunga. Tera bol warna bhool ja” (If u want to bet then im doing on this much. If u want agree or else forget it)


Anjali, “Theek hai theek hai aur main lagati hu ke Armaan phele bolega” (Ok ok fine n I bet that Armaan will speak first)


Karan smirked and whispered, “Harne ke liye ready rehna” (Get ready to lose)


Anjali smirked back and said, “Dekhte jao Bhai” (Wait n watch Bhai)


But they were brought back to the world when Armaan honked. They got into the car soon and moved.


Shilpa who was so sad lost all interest in her imli and dumped them all onto the dashboard and with a long face turned towards the window and soon dozed off.

Anjali had also collected a few and gave it to Preeti and both of them enjoyed eating them.


After hour an hour’s journey they finally reached the farmhouse.


Armaan parked the car in the driveway and went out to get the bags and other stuff kept in the car. Meanwhile Karan, Anjali and Preeti entered the house. Shilpa who was still unaware that they had reached was sleeping peacefully.


As the workers saw them enter few went out to get the things from Armaan. Armaan came to lock the car and saw that Shilpa was sleeping peacefully. He didnt want to wake her up and so was about to carry her when he saw all the imli on the dashboard.


He took out his kerchief and kept them in that and tied it and then carried Shilpa and took her inside. Karan and Anjali who were sitting on the sofa looked at it and then at each other n made a crying face thinking that their bet became a waste.


Preeti who had noticed them smirking at each other and now making faces narrowed her eyes and asked, “Tum dono ko kya huva suddenly???” (What happened to u both suddenly???)


Karan n Anjali put up a smile n looked at Preeti and said, “Nahi kuch bhi toh nahi huva” (No nothing has happened)


Preeti, “Acha toh tab se dekh rahi hu ajeeb ajeeb ishare kar rahe ho ek dusre ko aur abhi yeh rone jaise shakal kyu banai thi???” (Oh then why are giving each other weird signals from that time n why did u both make a crying face few mins back???)


Anjali, “Na… nahi Bhabhi. Kya ajeeb ajeeb ishare humne toh kuch nahi kiya” (No… no Bhabhi. What weird signals we didnt do anything)


Preeti knew something fishly was going on and so asked, “Karan sach sach batao kya chal raha hai???” (Karan tell me the truth what’s going on???)


Karan looked here and there n noted that Armaan was not here n so said her the whole story about their bet. Meanwhile the elders had also settled down there n heard the whole story n burst out laughing. Preeti was having a worried face n looked at Karan n Anjali n glared at them n said, “Tum dono ko unka beech sab theek karne ke bajai yaha bet lagaye betho ho…” (Instead of solving the problem between them u both are putting bets here)


Karan wiped tears from his eyes which had come bcoz of laughing n said, “Preeti kuch nahi hoga. Dekh lena adhe ghante main dono sirf baat hi nahi jhagda karna bhi shuru kar denge” (Preeti nothing will happen. Wait n watch in half an hour both will not only talk but also start fighting)


Anjali controlled her laughter n said, “Haan Bhabhi. Yeh dono ek dusre se dur nahi reh sakte.” (Ya Bhabhi. They both cant stay away from each other)


Preeti shook her head n said, “Yeh toh phele bhi bolta tha tum logo ne par yaad hai na humari shaadi ke baad pura ek hafta baat nahi ki thi inhone” (This u had told before also but u remember right after our wedding they hadn’t talked for 1 whole week)


Anjali burst out laughing remembering that week. All looked at her as if she had grown 2 horns n asked, “Tum kyu has rahi ho???” (Why are u laughing???)


Anjali after calming down a bit said, “Kuch nahi Bhabhi ki baat se yaad aaya ke aap logo ne kya kya patre use kiye the dono ki sulah karane…” (Nothing just remembered by Bhabhi’s talk that what all tricks u had tried to get them to talk)


All the elders shook their head n said, “Lekin dono ekdum ziddi hai manne hi nahi” (But both were so stubborn neither of them agreed)


Preeti looked at Anjali n said, “Anjie bata na kya kiya tha??? Uss waqt hum toh the hi nahi” (Anjie plz tell what had happened??? That time we weren’t here)


Anjali smiled n said, “Haan batati hu par usse phele chalo sab bahar chalte hai. Yaha bohut garmi ho rahi hai” (Ya I’ll tell but before that lets go out. Its too hot here)


Seema and Padma told a worker to get coffee, tea and some snacks for all at the gazebo.


As they settled Anjali started, “Aapko yeh toh pata hi hai na ke woh pura ek din baat nahi ki. Uncle- Aunty ne dono ko baat karne ki koshish toh ki lekin dono nahi maane” (U know right that they didn’t talk to each other 1 whole day. Uncle- Aunty tried a lot but still they didn’t agree)


Preeti, “Haan uss din raat ko hi toh hum nikle lekin uske baad kya huva???” (Ya that night itself we left so what happened after that???


Anjali, “Batati hu Bhabhi. Toh next day… (I’ll tell Bhabhi. So next day…)


The next day Shilpa woke up and saw that she had Armaan’s fav book in her hand. She remembered last night she was reading it n maybe she had slept off while reading.


She got up n was about to keep the book on her sidetable when suddenly Priya entered.


Shilpa smiled at Priya n said, “Good morning Di


Priya smiled n sat next to her n said, “Good morning Shilpu. Chal jaldi se fresh hoja Papa neeche bula rahe hai tujhe” (Good morning Shilpu. Come on freshen up fast Papa is calling u down)


Shilpa smiled n said, “Theek hai main 15 mins main aayi” (Ok I’ll come in 15 mins)


Priya smiled n went. Shilpa then went to freshen up. Priya winked at Padma n Shashank when she saw Shilpa coming. 


Shilpa came n wished both Shashank n Padma n then sat on the table n waited for Padma to serve her breakfast. Padma shook her head n said, “Ab tu choti bachi nahi hai ke main tujhe roz serve karu. Ab khud se serve karna sikho beta” (Now u aren’t a small kid that I need to serve u. Learn to serve urself baby)


Shilpa made a irritating face n said, “Mumma aap plz subah subah shuru na hojao. Abhi mujhe aaye huve 2 din bhi nahi huve aur aap shuru hojati ho… Beta yeh karo… beta woh mat karooo… Uff Mumma main sab karti hu na akele hi Mumbai main toh yaha aap karoge toh kya hojayega???” (Mumma u plz don’t start of in the morning only. It hasn’t even been 2 days since I came n u have already started… Baby do this… baby don’t do that… Uff Mumma I do everything alone in Mumbai soif u do here for me what will happen???)


Padma smacked Shilpa’s head n said, “Chup. Aise baat karte hai Mumma se. Aur Mumbai main karti hai toh yaha bhi karne main kya jaata hai tera??? Jald hi teri shaadi hojayegi phir sasural main bhi yahi karegi kya???” (Shut up. Does anyone talk like this to their Mumma. N if u do in Mumbai what problem do u have in doing it here as well??? Soon u will get married n then will u continue this in ur in laws also???)


Shilpa huffed n pushed her plate n said, “Mumma shaadi ki baat mat karo aap. Mujhe koi jaldi nahi hai shaadi ki. Usse phele Priya di ki shaadi hogi aur main kahi nahi jaane wali. Mera pati yaha ayega rehne ke liye” (Mumma don’t talk about marriage plz. I have no hurries in getting married. Before that Priya di will get married n after marriage Im not going anywhere. My husband will come here to live)


Padma, “Hawww tu chahti hai ke tera pati ghar jamai bane. Hey Kanhaji yeh ladki ko todhi akal do” (Hawww u want ur husband to settle here. Hey Kanhaji plz knock some sense into this girl’s head)


Shilpa was annoyed n said, “Haan toh isme kya galat hai. Agar main uske ghar ja sakti hu toh kya woh mere ghar nahi reh sakta???” (Ya so what is wrong in it. If I can go to his house cant he stay in my house???)


Padma shook her head n said, “Uff iss ladki se baat karna hi bekaar hai” (Uff it’s a waste of time talking to this girl)


Shilpa got up from the table n said, “Theek hai mat karo. Main bhi nahi karungi” (Fine don’t talk even I wont talk) n went away when Shashank said, “Shilpa wapas ao abhi.” (Shilpa come back now)


Shilpa made a crying face n turned back towards the table n went near her chair n said, “Ji Papa” (Yes Papa)


Shashank, “Yeh koi tareeka hai apni Mumma se baat karne ka chalo Sorry bolo aur chup chap nashta karne beth jao” (Is this a way to talk to ur Mumma, come on tell sorry to her n sit quietly n finish ur breakfast)


Shilpa made a face n then turned to Padma n said, “Sorry Mumma” n sat n served herself n had breakfast.


After Shashank n Shilpa finished their breakfast, Shashank turned to Shilpa n said, “Shilpa aaj tu MI jaake kuch files hai woh Amar ko de dena” (Shilpa today u plz go to MI n give few files to Amar)


Shilpa didnt want to go to MI n so said, “Par Papa aap di ko bol do woh de ayegi” (But Papa u tell di she will give them)


Shashank, “Shilpa Priya ko aapki Mumma ke saath bahar jaana hai kuch kaam se aur mujhe ek imp meeting attend karne client ke office jaana hai aur agar aaj yeh files MI nahi poochi toh unke haath se yeh project chala jayega. Plz beta chali jao” (Shilpa Priya has to go out with ur Mumma for some work n I have to attend an imp meeting at a client’s office n if these files don’t reach MI today then this project will go from their hand. Plz baby give n come)


Shilpa sighed not wanting any loss to MI n said, “Theek hai main todhi der main jaati hu” (Okay I’ll go in sometime n give) n left for her room to change.


As she went Padma n Priya hi-fied as part 1 of their plan was successful.


Now to Part 2 – Malik Constructions,


Armaan had reached early as Amar had a meeting n Amar wanted to go through some details with Armaan. After the discussion Amar said, “Beta Tere Bade Papa ke office ya ghar se koi Mr. Sharma ki files de dega. Plz usse collect kar ke padh lena. Aaj shaam ko Mr. Sharma ke saath initial meeting hai lekin main nahi apaunga isiliye tumhe hi attend karni hogi.” (Son someone from ur Bade Papa’s office or house will come n give u Mr.Sharma’s files. Plz collect n read them. Today evening we have an initial meeting with Mr.Sharma n I wont be able to attend it so u have to attend it)


Armaan nodded n said, “Theek hai Papa main dekh lunga.” (Ok Papa I’ll see to it)


So Part 2 was also successful as Armaan was very serious when it came about work. He would be a really calm person during his work n give his 100% to his work n this was the reason he was soon gaining a lot of popularity in the world of business. He was earning a lot of respect from the work n also many new projects had come to MI due to Armaan’s hardwork n dedication.


Once Amar left from there he msged Seema n Shashank that Part 2 was successful n now they had to wait for the final part to be successful but they didnt know that this success wouldnt be easily gained as before bcoz both had their egos to hold on to.


After changing n making plan with Anjali to meet at XY mall in an hour Shilpa left with the files to MI. She reached MI in half an hour due to light traffic in late morning. As she entered she noticed few changes in MI. It looked more beautiful n had an air of elegance. She also noted that people werent gossiping like before but were working sincerely. She then went to Amar’s office which she had been visiting since childhood. As she passed the familiar corridors memories came in her mind when she n Armaan would run around in these corridors playing. Sometimes even Amar would play with them n Shilpa n Armaan would hide under the cupboards while everyone enjoyed looking at the boss becoming kid with these kids.


As she reached Amar’s office she knocked. Armaan was in his cabin which used to be Amar’s cabin till few years back when the whole office was renovated. He turned the chair away from the door as someone knocked. He knew it must be one of the intern girls who would never leave a chance to come to his cabin to try n be close with him. He wanted to kill his father for forcing him to help the interns but then he knew his dad wanted him to learn every aspect but that didnt stop his irritation.


Shilpa entered n saw that the chair was turned away. She kept the files on the table n said, “Chote Papa yeh files Papa ne bheji hai. Aap plz check kar lijye sabhi theek hai na???” (Chote Papa, Papa sent these files. U plz check if all are here???)


Armaan was shocked to hear Shilpa’s voice n as she finished turned towards her n got up from his chair n moved towards her but stopped when he heared her voice.


Shilpa, “Tummm… tum yaha kya kar rahe ho Chote Papa ke cabin main???” (U… what are u doing in Chote Papa’s cabin???)


Armaan glared n said, “Yeh ab mera cabin hai. Bahar plate nahi dikha door pe???” (This is now my cabin. Didn’t u see the plate on the door outside???)

Shilpa huffed in anger at his words n said, “Mujhe nahi baat karni tumse. Papa ne yeh files bheji thi isiliye dene aayi” (I don’t want to talk to u.Papa sent these files so I came to give them) n left even before Armaan could say anything. Armaan was about to follow her n teach her some manners when his phone rang.


Armaan calmed himself n took the call. Meanwhile Shilpa fumed in anger n went to the mall. As she reached the place where Anjali was supposed to meet her, she saw that no one was there n her anger reached a new level.


She began pacing n cursing, “Uff Yeh Armaan ko mar dalungi main. Ek toh apni peet dikha ke betha tha aur jab dekha toh ek shabh nahi nikla muh se aur jab bolo toh bhi kya bola… Yeh cabin ab mera hai. Huh bada aaya. Kisko jaana hai ke woh cabin kiska hai. Ek sorry nahi bol sakta tha woh… Haan kaise bolega woh toh bhagwan hai na aur bhagwan toh kabhi koi galti hi nahi karte toh sorry kaise bolenge. Huhh main bhi ab sorry nahi bolungi. Aur yeh Anjie, usko bola tha ke 11 baje yaha rehna lekin adha ghanta hogaya lekin madam abhi tak nahi aayi hai. Isko toh main aaj theek karungi aane toh do…” (Uff I’ll kill this Armaan. First he shows his back to me n then doesn’t even speak a word n when he finally spoke what did he tell… This cabin is mine. Huh big deal. Who wants to know whose cabin is it. He couldn’t tell 1 sorry… ya how would he tell he is god n god don’t do any mistakes then how will they tell sorry. Huhh even I wont tell sorry. N this Anjie I had told her to be here by 11 n its already half an hour n yet madam isn’t here. I’ll teach her a lesson properly today…)

As she was going on Anjali who had reached a few mins back was laughing silently hearing her crib about Armaan but as soon as she heard her name she knew she was in deep trouble. She saw a ice cream shop nearby n rushed there n got 2 chocolate icecreams n went to Shilpa.


She tapped Shilpa’s shoulders. Shilpa turned n glared as she saw Anjali standing there smiling sheepishly.


As Shilpa was about to start her gussa, Anjali immediately took out the ice cream n smiled pleadingly. Shilpa snatched the ice cream from Anjali n went away taking the ice cream. Anjali rushed behind her n said, “Shilpa meri baat toh sun le plz sun toh sahi…” (Shilpa plz listen to me… plz listen…) but Shilpa had started her famous silent treatment.


She went to the food court n found a table n sat there n began eating her ice cream. Anjali also sat n made a sorry face n said, “Im sorry Shilpa. Plz sun toh le ke main late kyu aayi…” (Im sorry Shilpa. At least listen why Im late…)


Shilpa ignored her n just was busy in eating her ice cream. Anjali snatched away the ice cream. Shilpa glared at Anjali which made her return the ice cream n gulp.


Anjali, “Plz sun na Shilpu. Woh Anurag aaya tha ghar Mummy Papa se milne” (Plz listen Shilpu. Anurag had come home to meet Mummy Papa)


Shilpa immediately forgot her anger n ice cream n asked, “Kya huva??? Kya kaha Uncle-Aunty ne???” (What happened??? What did Uncle-Aunty say???)


Anjali began blushing n looked down n said, “Unhe Anurag se koi problem nahi hai” (They don’t have any problems with Anurag)


Shilpa smiled widely n got up from her seat while pulling Anjali n gave her a tight hug n began jumping in excitement.


Shilpa, “Congratsss!!!!!!!! Ab toh mujhe party chahiye. Dono ko approval mil gaya ab toh” (Congratsss!!!!!!! Now I need a party. Both have got an approval now)


Anjali smiled n said, “Haan zarur dungi.” (Yes will surely give)


Shilpa, “Waise Anurag kaha hai???” (By the way where is Anurag???)


Anjali, “Woh Anurag aane wala tha lekin usko emergency ke wajhe se jaana padha” (Actually Anurag was about to come but due to an emergency he had to go)


Shilpa, “Koi baat nahi next time mil lenge par iska yeh matlab nahi ke main tujhse gussa nahi hu” (No problem will meet him next time but this doesn’t mean that Im not angry on u anymore)


Anjali, “Ab mann ja na Shilpa. Dekh tujhe ice cream bhi leke di maine plz na sorry” (Now forgive me plz Shilpa. See I got u an ice cream as well. Plz sorry na) n made a pleading face which Shilpa couldnt resist n forgave her.


They then did some shopping n Shilpa told Anjali about how Armaan behaved with her in office n cribbed a lot while Anjali looked up to Babaji to plz give these two grown up kids some sense.


After sometime they both left for their house. Shilpa reached home n saw that no one was there so took out her colg work n began doing it. Meanwhile Anjali called Padma n asked what was the office scene n then Padma explained her what they all had planned but Anjali told them what a big flop it was.


Preeti, “OMG yeh dono mile par ek sorry nahi kaha ek dusre ko. Kitne ziddi hai yeh dono” (OMG these two met but yet didn’t say sorry to each other. How stubborn are both)


Anjali, “Bhabhi uss din Shilpa ko dekhna chahiye tha… ekdum sherni banke ghoom rahi thi jisse bhuka rakha ho” (Bhabhi that day u should have seen Shilpa… She had become like a lioness only who was roaming around in hunger)


Padma, “Haan raat ko phir se jhagda kiya tha mere saath. Uff yeh ladki jhagdti Armaan se aur gussa hum pe nikalti thi” (Yes n again she fought with me at night. Uff this girl used to fight with Armaan n then used to remove his anger on us)


Seema shook her head n said, “Yeh Armaan bhi kuch kaam nahi tha. Ek din raha nahi jaata tha Shilpa se baat kiye huve lekin apne akad ke wajhe se jhukna bhi nahi chahta tha“. (This Armaan was also no less. Couldn’t stay without talking to Shilpa for a day but he couldn’t even bend bcoz of his ego)


Meanwhile in ArSh Room,

Armaan placed Shilpa on the bed n removed her slippers n made her comfortable n then covered her with blanket. He then sat beside her n took her in his arms n caressed her face n kissed her head n smiled remembering her cute faces.


He remembered the last time they had a major fight n didnt talk for a whole week. That week was like pure torture but both werent ready to bend. 


After Shilpa left the office, Armaan got busy with the call n then other office works. Though he was busy but Shilpa’s angry face wasnt leaving his mind. He wanted to talk to her, know her feelings, confess to her but here she wasnt even ready to listen to him. 


After the meeting with Mr. Sharma, Armaan went home n freshened up. He came down n sat on the dining table n served himself. As he was having dinner, Seema came.


They talked about the day n then Seema began, “Armaan woh Mrs. Agarwal ka call aaya tha. Unhone tumhe Karan ki shaadi main dekha aur… aur woh chahte hai ke…” (Armaan Mrs. Agarwal had called. Umm she saw u at Karan’s wedding n she wants…) n cleared her throat before she dropped the bomb n said, “Unki beti aur tumhara rishta hojaye” (ur hand for her daughter’s marriage)


Armaan who had got up to keep his plate dropped it on the table in anger n said, “Unse keh dijye mujhe koi interest nahi hai” (U tell them I have no interest in it)


Seema sighed n said, “Beta ab toh tumhari age hogai hai. pichle ek saal se tumhare liye kuch proposals aaye hai par humne mana kar diya kyuki tum yaha nahi the aur phir office ki zimedaari nayi nayi thi par ab toh tum yeh nayi zimedaari bhi ache se nibhane lage ho toh ab tumhari shaadi ka sochna shuru kar dena chaiye” (Son now u are of the right age for marriage. Many proposals have come in from the past year but we have told them no bcoz at first u weren’t here n then u had just joined office so we thought that u wouldn’t be able to handle both the responsibilities newly but now that u are settled in office now its time to think about ur wedding)


Armaan picked up the plate n kept it in the sink n turned to his mom n said, “Mom aapko sochna hai toh zaroor sochiye but main abhi shaadi jaise badi zimedaari ke liye ready nahi hu. Mujhe abhi sirf office pe concentrate karna hai so abhi shaadi ka koi chance nahi hai” (Mom if u want to think do think but Im not read to take up a big responsibility like wedding. I want to right now just concentrate on office so marriage has no chance right now)


Seema, “Par beta at least ladki se mil toh lo. Hum todhi keh rahe hai ke abhi hi shaadi kar lo. Phele milo, ek dusre ko jaano uske baad shaadi ki baat aage badhayenge” (But son at least meet the girl. We aren’t saying that get married right now. First meet, get to know each other n then we will talk about marriage)


Armaan, “Mom mujhe kissi ladki se nahi milna. Aap plz yeh saari baatein mujhse mat karo” (Mom I don’t want to meet any girl. U plz don’t talk to me about all this)


Seema, “Armaan kya tum kisi ko pasand karte ho???” (Armaan do u like some girl???)


Armaan turned away n tried to avoid the question n said, “Woh… woh mom…” but before he could continue Seema turned him towards her n asked, “Kaun hai woh Armaan???” (Who is it Armaan???)


Armaan sighed n said, “Mom plz abhi kuch mat poochiye. Jab time ayega main aapko khud aake batunga par tab tak mujhe shaadi ki koi baat nahi sunni hai” (Mom plz don’t ask anything now. When the right time comes I’ll tell u everything myself but till then I don’t want to talk on my marriage topic again)


Seema nodded n patted his cheeks n left.


Armaan sighed n went to his room n searched for his fav book but couldnt find it n began shouting for his mom, “Mommm… mommm


Seema came to his room n asked, “Kya huva??? Kyu chilla rahe ho???” (What happened??? Why are u shouting???)


Armaan, “Mom meri fav book nahi mil rahi. Aapne usse kahi dekha kya???” (Mom Im not able to find my fav book. Have u seen it anywhere???)


Seema, “Haan woh book toh Shilpa ke pass hai…” (Ya that book is with Shilpa…)


Armaan fumed n said, “Shilpaaa… Uske pass kaise gayi MERI book???” (Shilpaaa… How did she get  MY book???)


Seema shrugged n said, “Woh jab Mumbai se aayi thi holidays main toh usne poocha tha aur tab tum yaha the bhi nahi toh maine usse kaha ke leke jao. Ab chahiye toh usse jaake mang lo” ( When she had come from Mumbai in her holidays she had asked me for it n back then even u weren’t here so I told her to take it. If u want it now go n ask her)


Armaan, “Main nahi mange wala usse. Uss se acha hai main nayi khareed lu” (Im not going to ask her. Its better that a buy a new one)


Seema, “Pagal ho kya??? Nayi kyu khareedni hai tumhe jab already book hai. Shilpa se manga hi toh hai” (Are u mad??? Why do u want to buy a new one when u already have the book. U just have to ask from Shilpa)


Armaan, “Main usse baat nahi karna chahta isiliye nayi khareed raha hu. Agar aapko mangni hai toh mang lijye. Main nahi mangne wala” (Im buying a new one bcoz I don’t want to talk to her only. If u want u ask from her. Im not asking) n went out of the room in anger.


Seema hit her forehead with her hand n went downstairs.


Armaan shook his head at their stupid anger. He then looked at Shilpa’s peaceful face n said, “Tum kyu aisa karti ho Jaan??? Tum do min nahi ruk sakti kya??? Aise koi bina bataye jaata hai kya??? Pata hai na tumhe ke phele bhi tumhe khone wala tha phir kyu karti ho tum aisa??? Plz Jaan aisa mat karna mere saath dar lagta hai ke koi tumhe mujhse wapas cheen lega“(Why do u do this Jaan??? U couldn’t wait for 2 mins??? Does anyone goes like this without telling??? U know right I was about to lose u before as well then why do u do this??? Plz Jaan don’t do this to me I always fear that someone will again try to snatch u away from me) n a tear slid down. The fear of losing his Shilpa made him tighten his grip which was a bit tight for Shilpa who moaned in pain. She woke up bcoz of the pain n as she opened her eyes, she saw tear slidding from Armaan’s eyes. She looked into his eyes n saw pain n fear n knew what he must have been thinking n hugged him n both said at the same time, “Im Sorry“.

Shilpa pulled out of the hug n got up n sat on his lap n said, “Sorry Jaan. Main tumhe kabhi dard nahi dena chahti thi. Im sorry” (Sorry Jaan. I never wanted to hurt u. Im sorry)


Armaan nodded in no n said, “Shhh… Jaan tum sorry mat kaho. Im sorry. Mujhe aise gussa nahi karna chahiye tha.” (Shh. Jaan u don’t say sorry. Im sorry. I shouldn’t have got angry on u like that)


Shilpa looked into his eyes which were filled with love n only love for her. Feeling overwhelmed she hugged him. Armaan slowly lowered her on the bed n hovered over her. As Shilpa pulled out of the hug she watched as his eyes turned dark with passion. Shilpa shied a bit n her cheeks turned red. Armaan smiled seeing her turning red n bit her cheeks.

Shilpa flinched a bit in pain n said, “Ahhh Armaan kya kar rahe ho tum???” (Ahhh Armaan what are u doing???)


Armaan smirked n said, “Tumhe kha raha hu” (Im eating u)


Shilpa blushed from head to toe n whacked his arms n said, “Chiii besharam” (Chiii shameless)


Armaan smiled n said, “Jaan tum kya abhi bhi sharama rahi ho iss sab se. Mujhe laga tumhe ab tak meri besharami se adaat hogai hogi lekin tum toh abhi bhi nayi dulhan ki tarah sharama rahi ho” (What Jaan u are shying from all this even now. I thought u would have been used to my shameless behavior after all this time but u are still shying like a new bride)


Shilpa tried to push him but he didnt budge. Shilpa finally let go of her struggle n said, “Armaan plz utho koi ajayega.” (Armaan plz get up someone will come)


Armaan nuzzling her neck said, “Ajane do. Main apni biwi se hi romance kar raha hu kissi aur se nahi” (Let them come. Im romancing my wife only not someone else)


Shilpa closed her eyes with the closeness n said, “Plz Armaan” but it came out as a moan.


Hearing the moan, Armaan couldnt control anymore n took her lips into his. The kiss began slow but soon passion took over. They slowly began undressing each other n soon were completed naked.


Armaan took his own sweet time making love to Shilpa which made her more wild for him. When she couldnt take it anymore she pushed him on to his back n began teasing him the same way as he did.


Soon she was again lying on her back n Armaan began thrusting in her. Soon they reached their climax together. Armaan lay on top of her n soon their breathing was under control. After a few mins, Armaan got up n lied on his side n took Shilpa in his arms. Shilpa snuggled into him n said, “I love you


Armaan smiled n said, “I love you too Jaan“.


After resting for sometime both freshened up n came down. As they came out Shilpa told that she wanted to go to stable n both went to the stable where Shilpa met sunshine.


She told Armaan that she wanted to go for a ride but Armaan wasnt ready but Shilpa made puppy faces to him n he finally agreed. Armaan took Thunder while Shilpa climbed on Sunshine. They went for a round in the nearby area n got down at the lake which was near their farmhouse.


TV actors disappointed over service tax

Shilpa, Anjali n Armaan’s schoolmate. Anjali n Anurag were like childhood sweethearts but after school Anurag’s family moved to Mumbai n they all lost contact but he again met Anjali n Shilpa when they went to Mumbai for their studies as all the 3 were in the same colg. As they met the old feelings which both her buried deep down again brought the two hearts closer n Shilpa played cupid in their love story. Before coming to Bangalore Anjali met Anurag’s parents a few times n they really liked her. N now they had shifted back to Bangalore for Anurag’s grandparents n Anurag met Anjali’s parents n told them about each other’s feelings.

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