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                                                        Part 5 :


As Maan entered the palace, a servant informed him that Raja sa and Choti Rani sa were waiting for him in the dining room. Maan sighed and went to the dining room where Aashta was serving dinner to Raja Saab.

As Maan entered he went and took their blessings and said, “Pranam Babasa… Pranam Maa sa” (Greetings Baba sa… Greetings Maa sa)

Vikram, “Pranam Maan. Aaiye aur humare saath bhojan kijye” (Greeting Maan. Come and join me for dinner)

Maan, “Ji Baba sa” (Yes Baba sa) and sat on his chair. Aashta served him the dinner and the dinner went in silence. As Maan was finishing Vikram said, “Maan humne sunna ke aapne office main kisi employee ko maara.” (Maan I heard that u fought with some employee today in office)

Maan sighed and said, “Ji Baba sa. Unhone humare parivaar ke baare main galat kaha toh hum chup kaise reh sakte the Baba sa.” (Yes Baba sa. He said wrong about my family so how could I stay silent dad)

Vikram sighed in displeasure and said, ” Maan aap Khurana Constructions ke MD hai aur aage jaake aap iss rajya ke raja bhi banenge. Aur aisa main aapko apne gusse pe kaboo rakhna sikhna hoga. Agar aisa hi chalta raha toh aapko koi boss ya raja nahi svikarega” (Maan u are Khurana Construction’s MD and in the future u will become the king of this kingdom. And in this situation u have to learn to control ur anger. If it continues like this no will accept u as their boss or king)

Maan looked at Vikram and said, “Hum iss company ke MD hai lekin tab tak jab tak Bhai sa wapas nahi ajate aur na hi hum Raja baneki icha rakhte hai aur na hi hum banenge kyuki yeh adhikar sirf Bhai sa ka hi hai.” (Im this company’s MD only till Bhai sa comes back and neither do I have a desire to become king nor will I become one bcoz this is only Bhai sa’s right)

Vikram glared at him and said, “Maan yeh aapki galat phami hai. Aryan ab iss parivaar ka sadasya nahi hai. Woh ussi din iss parivaar se nikal gaye the jab unhone uss anath ladki se bhaag ke shaadi kar li” (Maan that is ur misunderstanding. Aryan is now no more a part of this family. He was disowned from this family that day itself when he ran away and married that orphan)

Maan got up in anger and said, “Maaf kariye Baba sa lekin Bhai sa aaj bhi iss parivaar ka hissa hai aur humesha rahenge aur humari Bhabhi sa anath nahi hai. Hum unhe apni behen maante hai aur isiliye woh anath nahi hai” (Im sorry to say this Baba sa but Bhai sa is part of this family and will always remain and my Bhabhi sa isnt orphan. I consider her as my sister and so she isnt an orphan)

Aastha tried to intervene but Vikram stopped her and said, “Maan duniya aapke hisaab se nahi chalti toh jitni jaldi yeh haqiqat svikar kar le utna hi acha hai” (Maan the world doesnt work according to ur whims and fancies so it will be better that u accept the reality as soon as possible)

Maan smiled sadly and said, “Pranam Baba sa… Pranam Maa sa” and left from there to his room.

As he entered he locked the door and threw all the things from his table. After removing his anger he picked up the frame and said, “Isiliye Bhai sa humne mana kiya tha ke hum Jodhpur nahi aana chahte. Yaha aate hi sab log aapke aur Bhabhi sa ke khilaf bolna shuru kar dete hai jo humse bardasht nahi hota. Ab hum yaha aur ek din nahi rahenge. Hum kal subah hi Delhi wapas arahe hai” (This is the reason Bhai sa I was telling no to come to Jodhpur. As soon as I come here I hear people against u and Bhabhi sa and I cant bear it. Now I wont be here for even a day. Im coming back to Delhi tmrw morning itself) and dialed his PA and told her to book the 1st flight to Delhi. He also told her that he didnt want to take the private jet but wanted to go in the normal flights.

After that he cleared the mess he created and went to shower and washed away the whole day’s tiredness and unlocked the door and then slept off.

After an hour the door opened and someone entered. They covered Maan properly with the blanket and seeing the frame a tear dropped from their eye. After few mins they left the room.


As the sun rays entered people houses, everyone started waking up except for our princess Geet. Radha as daily routine woke her up and they finished the morning chores.

Geet then began helping Radha with the embroidery as she had holidays and the weather outside was dipping down. She finished putting embroidery to 3 shawls. As she finished she saw that it was nearing lunch and so packed up her things and began preparing for lunch. As she was working someone knocked the door and Radha opened it.

Radha smiled and welcomed the guests and said, “Geet dekhiye kaun aaya hai” (Geet see who has come)

Geet washed her hands and came out and saw Priya with her parents. She welcomed them and offered water and some snacks. After that Priya and Geet went to the kitchen while Radha and Priya’s parents chatted.

Geet, “Aur bataiye Priya Ji aapki baat huvi unse???” (So tell us Priya Ji did u get a chance to talk to him???) and nudged her teasingly.

Priya shied and said, “Haan kal hi huvi thi. Keh rahe the ke agle hafte Gulmarg arahe hai” (Yes yesterday only we talked. He was saying that he is coming to Gulmarg next week)

Geet’s eyes widened in shock and said, “Hawww yeh kya baat huvi??? Aapni choti behen se nahi kaha lekin aapne unko keh diya ke woh arahe hai. Haan haan ab hum kaun hai jab hone wali biwi agai hai. Chodo hum bhi nahi baat karenge Bhai sa se” (Hawww what is this??? He didnt tell his younger sis but he has already told his love. Ya ya who are we now when he has his future wife with him. Leave even I wont talk to Bhai sa)

Priya laughed seeing Geet’s drama and said, “Nanad ji unhone Maa sa ko kal hi bata diya tha jab aap order dene gayi thi.” (My dear sisiter in law he already informed Maa sa yesterday only when u had gone to deliver order)

Geet narrowed her eyes and said, “Haww matlab sab ko pata tha sivai humare. Dekho Kanha ji kaise log hai hume, unki choti behen se yeh baat chupai ke woh agle hafte arahe hai” (Haww that means everyone knew except me. See Kanha ji what type of people are these, they didnt tell me, his younger sister that he is coming next week)

Priya smacked Geet’s arm and said, “Bas kijye. Itni nautanki bhi achi nahi hai.” (Enough now. This much drama is also not good)

Geet showed her tongue and then both went out and began discussion about Abhay and Priya’s engagement which was about to be held just 2 days after Abhay arrived.

After having lunch Priya and her parents left and Radha assigned few works to Geet to complete while she went to the market to get some yarns.

After Radha left Geet was doing her work but was distracted  and left everything and took her fav pink blanket and hugged it and said, “Kanha Ji humare Baba sa kaun hai??? Aur woh kaha hai??? Aaj tak jab bhi Maa sa ya Bhai sa se yeh poocha hai toh woh baat badal dete hai lekin kyu??? Hum kya kabhi unse milenge??? Kya woh hume pechanenge agar hum unke samne aaye toh??? Kanha ji kab milenge hume yeh saare sawalo ka jawab???” (Kanha Ji who is my Baba sa??? And where is he??? Till today whenever I have asked Maa sa or Bhai sa about it they just change the topic but why??? Will I ever meet him??? Will he recognise me when I come in front of him??? Kanha Ji when will I get answers to my questions???) and sighed.

After few mins she left the blanket and began the works and after Radha returned both began making invitation cards for the engagement.


The next morning even before the sun had rose Maan left the palace with his bags. He reached the airport and boarded his flight. As his flight took off the sun rays began to spread light everywhere.

At 6 in the morning, Aashta entered Maan’s room but was shocked to see it empty. As she was about to leave she saw a paper on the bed and went and took it. It was Maan’s letter informing her that he had left for Delhi as he had some important work there. Aashta knew that Maan left for Delhi bcoz of yesterday’s events and tears rolled down her eyes as she was totally helpless. A mother was getting punished for no fault of hers. After sometime she wiped her tears and went to the pooja room to began the pooja.

Though she was a helpless mother who couldnt share her pain with anyone she was also a wife and daughter in law and for that she had to stay strong and go about her work even if her heart was breaking in pieces.


As soon as he woke up he saw a missed call and msg from Maan and read it. He sighed and saw beside him and saw that his wife was sleeping peacefully.

He freshened up and left for the airport after leaving a msg for Sunaina that he had gone to pick up Maan from the airport.

Delhi Airport,

After an hour flight no 701 from Jodhpur finally landed at the Delhi Airport. Soon everyone got out and took their luggage and exited the airport. As Maan took his luggage he got a call and saw that it was from Aryan and picked it up and said, “Pranam Bhai sa.

Haan Bhai sa main bas abhi nikal raha hu luggage leke” (Yes Bhai sa Im just coming out with my luggage)

Theek hai Bhai sa” (Ok Bhai sa) and cut the call and exited the airport.

As he exited and came near the car park a car came next to him and Aryan stepped out of it.

Maan smiled and hugged him. Aryan kept his bag in the back and then they drove off.

Aryan, “Maan aap aise kyu agaye bina bataiye??? Maa sa pareshaan ho rahi hongi” (Maan why did u come like this without informing??? Maa sa must be getting worried)

Maan sighed and closed his eyes and said, “Sorry Bhai sa lekin hum waha abhi nahi reh sakte. Aur humne Maa sa ko chihti likh di hai. Woh samjh jayegi” (Sorry Bhai sa but I couldnt stay there anymore. And I have written a letter to Maa sa. She will understand)

Aryan sighed knowing how emotionally attached Maan was to him. They drove in silence and after few mins reached home. It was a small two floored bungalow. Maan smiled as soon as he saw the house. The palace in Jodhpur was nothing compared to this in Maan’s eyes. Though the house was small but it was full of love.

As they took out the luggage, the door opened and Sunaina came out with a grumpy face. Maan smiled seeing her and left Aryan to bring the luggage while he ran to her and picked her up in his arms and began going round and round and shouted, “Bhabhi sa!!! Hum chacha banane wale hai” (Bhabhi sa!!! Im going to be an uncle)

Sunaina laughed seeing Maan’s excitement while Aryan shook his head seeing Maan and then went near them and held Maan’s arm and said, “Bas Maan unhe chakar ayenge ab” (Enough Maan she will feel dizzy now)

Maan bit his tongue and stopped and carefully let her down and held her till she was fine. Aryan was getting a bit jealous seeing this and pulled Sunaina in his arms and said, “Aap apni bag pakadiye aur hum Sunaina ko pakadte hai” (U hold ur bag and I will hold Sunaina)

Maan started laughing seeing his brother jealous and that too of him and said, “Nahi Bhai sa. Aap hi pakadiye humari bag hum Bhabhi sa ko sambhal lenge” (No Bhai sa. U hold the bags I will handle Bhabhi sa)

Aryan glared at him and finally Maan burst out laughing who was then joined by Sunaina. Aryan glared at both but it had no effect on both and then shook his head and went inside.

As they settled Sunaina got a glass of water for Maan and said, “Maan aapne phele kyu nahi bataya hum aapke liye room saaf karwa dete na.” (Maan why didnt u inform before I would have got ur room cleaned)

Maan smiled and said, “Arre Bhabhi sa saaf karne main kitna time lagega. Aur aap chinta mat kijye hum khud saaf kar lenge. Aap bas araam kijye” (Arre Bhabhi sa how much time does it take to clean. And u dont worry I will clean it myself. U just relax)
Sunaina, “Arre par aap kyu saaf karenge nahi hum kar lenge” (But why will u clean no I will clean it)

Maan got up and took his bags and said, “Theek hai Bhabhi sa aap karia aur hum chalte hai hotel” (Ok Bhabhi sa u clean and Im going to the hotel)

Sunaina got up and took away his bag and said, “Theek hai nahi karte. Aap apni dhamki dena band kijye” (Ok fine I wont clean. U stop blackmailing me)

Maan took away the bags and said, “Thats like my sweet Bhabhi sa. Acha hum fresh hokar aate hai phir saath main nashta karenge” (Thats like my sweet Bhabhi sa. Ok I’ll freshen up and come and then we will have breakfast together)

Sunaina smiled and said, “Theek hai” (Ok)

Maan entered his room and unpacked the clothes and then took two pillows and banged them into each other to remove the dust. He then pulled away the blanket and jerked it twice. Soon he had cleaned the room and then freshened up and went downstairs.

The three of them had breakfast together and then Maan went to Khurana Constructions – Delhi branch while Aryan went to drop off Sunaina to her school where she taught physically disabled kids.

Khurana Constructions,

As soon as Maan entered his cabin he called for a staff meeting. All the staff briefed him about the progess of the week and soon he got busy with meeting and calls.

The whole day was spent like this only. At evening 7 he finally left office and reached home. He and Sunaina had fun teasing Aryan and then they had dinner and watched movie together.


The next day was busy for both Geet and Radha as they had to complete engagement preparations and also make invitation cards, distribute them and complete orders as well. Abhay had said that he wanted a simple engagement but Radha had denied and said that they would have a full fledged traditional engagement as well as wedding which was going to happen in 2 weeks after the engagement.

Geet took over the embroidery and distribution of cards while Radha made preparations like jewellery, gifts etc. Though they had a tight budget but they had somehow managed to earn extra money by taking up extra orders.

Geet was really excited bcoz this was her brother and best friend’s engagement and wedding and also that she was going to see a full traditional wedding for the first time in her life. She was so excited to learn more about their customs and rituals. She always kept asking Radha about what things they were using and why??? What some of the rituals signified etc

                                     Precap – 
Maan – Abhay Meet
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