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After sometime they returned to the farmhouse and all had an early dinner. They then decided to watch a movie and all settled down. Karan, Preeti, Amar, Seema, Shashank and Padma sat on the sofa and couch while Armaan, Shilpa and Anjali sat on the floor.


As they were watching movie Shilpa’s thoughts went back to the biggest fight they had. 




It had already been 3 and a half day already and yet they hadnt talked except for that small encounter at the office. Seema and Padma were getting worried looking at this and then they made another plan.


Plan 2 : Dinner at the Malhotras


Seema and Padma informed Shashank, Amar and Preeti and warned them not to tell Armaan or Shilpa or they would have to face their anger.


So that evening Amar entered Armaan’s office and informed him that they had to go to a friend’s place for dinner and Armaan had to come. Armaan agreed and began his work. 


After few mins Amar left and Armaan hit his palm on his head and sighed in frustration and said, “Oh nooo. Not again. Im sure Mom ne mujhe phir se kisi ladki ko milane ke liye yeh dinner arrange kiya hai. Main unko kitni baar bol chuka hu ke mujhe yeh sab nahi pasand lekin woh sunne tab na. Lekin aaj main nahi jaane wala. Soch Armaan soch kuch bhi karke aaj toh nahi jaana waha” (Oh nooo. Not again. Im sure Mom has again arranged a dinner to make me meet a girl. I have told her so many times that I don’t like all this but she doesn’t listen only. But today im not going. Think Armaan think anything but today Im not gonna go) and began thinking of a plan n it came in just few mins. He got a call from a very imp client for an emergency meeting and Armaan was so happy that if possible he would have shouted on the top of his voice. He then told his PA to inform Amar that he wouldnt be able to come to the dinner only at 8 n not before that. After that he finished his other work at top speed and went off for the meeting. So Part 1 of Plan 2 was a big flop.


Meanwhile after making the preparations, Padma went to Shilpa’s room to inform her about the dinner n was shocked to see Shilpa wearing a nice party dress. As soon as Shilpa saw Padma she said, “Arre acha huva Mumma ke aap agai. Main abhi niche hi arahi thi aapko batane ke aaj hum sab colg ke friends ek party main ja rahe hai. Aur aaj raat ko main Anjie ke ghar hi rukungi. Aapko koi problem toh nahi hai na Mumma???” (Oh good that u came Mumma. I was coming down only to tell u that we colg friends are going for a party. N tonight Im going to stay at Anjie’s place. U don’t have any problem na Mumma???)


Padma didn’t want to ruin Shilpa’s mood and so agreed. Shilpa after applying finishing touches left for the party. So part 2 was also flop.


At 8 when the Maliks came they saw Padma sitting with a grumpy face.

Seema, “Kya huva Padma??? Tumne muh kyu latka rakha hai???“(What happened Padma??? Why are u having a long face???)


Padma, “Toh aur kya karu??? Humne yeh dinner arrange kiya taaki Armaan aur Shilpa apna jhagda khatam kar sake lekin agar Shilpa hi nahi hogi toh Armaan kisse apna jhagda khatam karega???” (Then what else to do??? We arranged this dinner so that Armaan n Shilpa end their fight but if Shilpa isn’t there with whom will Armaan end his fight???)


Seema, “Kya matlab hai??? Shilpa kaha gayi???” (What do u mean??? Where is Shilpa???)


Padma, “Woh gayi hai apne colg ke friends ke saath party main” (She has gone to a party with her colg friends)


Amar, “Arre koi baat nahi. Party ke baad ghar hi ayengi na tab undono ki sulah kara lenge” (So no problem. After party she will come back home right then they will sort out their fight)


Padma with a sad face shook her head n said, “Woh aaj nahi arahi. Woh Anjali ke ghar main rehne wali hai” (No she isn’t coming tonight. She is going to stay at Anjali’s home)


Amar smacked his palm on his forehead.


Shashank, “Koi baat nahi ab toh hum kuch nahi kar sakte. Toh chalo aur dinner enjoy karte hai. Arre Amar, Armaan nahi aaya ab tak. Kaha hai woh???” (Its ok now we cant do anything right. So lets go n enjoy dinner. By the way Amar Armaan hasn’t come yet. Where is he???)


Amar, “Office main hi hoga rukho main call karke usko yaad dilate hu” (He must be in office wait let me call n remind him) and went a bit far to call. After few mins he returned but his face was going red with anger.


Shashank seeing it got worried n asked, ” Kya huva Amar??? Tera chehra lal kyu ho raha hai???” (What happened Amar??? Why is ur face getting red???)


Amar paced in anger n said, “Yeh Armaan ka main kya karu??? Meeting main chala gaya lekin bataya tak nahi. Achi tarkeeb nikal li usne dinner na attend karne ki” (What should I do of this Armaan??? He went off to a meeting but didn’t inform till now. Nice excuse he has found to not attend dinner)


Shashank started laughing hearing it n said, “Hahahaaa akhir tera hi beta hai woh. Yaad hai tujhe phele jab uncle tujhe dinner parties attend karne ke liye bolte the toh tu bahane dhundh ke bhaag jaata tha” (Hahahaaa after all he is ur son. U remember how u used to find excuses to not attend dinner parties which uncle used to tell u to attend)


The others also laughed n moved to the dining area n remembered incidents of their youth over dinner.


After dinner Amar n Seema left for home while Padma finished clearing the remaining works.


Shashank and Padma’s room,


Padma, “Shashank mujhe bohut chinta ho rahi hai Armaan aur Shilpa ko leke” (Shashank Im getting worried bcoz of Armaan n Shilpa)


Shashank, “Arre isme chinta ki kya baat hai. Jagda huva hai todhe din main theek hojayega sab.” (Arre what is there to worry. They have fought but they will be fine in a few days)


Padma, “Nahi Shashank yeh bache 1 din nahi reh sakte ek dusre se baat kiye bina aur ab toh ek hafta jaisa hone aaya hai aur dono ne baat nahi ki. Pata nahi kyu par aisa lag raha hai ke indono ke beech kuch badal raha hai” (No Shashank these kids couldn’t stay 1 day without talking but now its almost a week yet they haven’t talked. I don’t know why but I feel as if something is changing in between these two)


Shashank, “Padma aisa kuch nahi hai. Phele ki baat alag hai. Ab dono bade hogaye hai. Dono ki priorities change hogai hai aur agar uske wajhe se dono ko baat karne ka time na mile toh zaroori nahi hai ke kuch galat ho raha hai. Tum bas araam se raho tension mat lo. Sab theek hojayega” (Padma its nothing like that. The past was different. Now they are grown ups. Their priorities have changed n bcoz of that they don’t get time to talk doesn’t mean that something is wrong. U just relax n don’t take tension. Everything will be fine)


Though she was assured but these thoughts were going on in her mind.


The next morning,


Malhotra Mansion was filled with silence. At 7 the servants came in and began their work but were surprised to see that Padma hadn’t still woke up. Priya was also surprised n went to Shashank n Padma’s room n saw that Shashank was taking Padma’s temperature. She rushed in n asked, “Papa kya huva Mumma ko???” (Papa what happened to Mumma???)


Shashank, “Kuch nahi beta bas todha sa bukhar hai. Araam karengi toh theek hojayengi” (Nothing baby she just has slight fever. If she takes rest she will be fine)


Priya, “Theek hai main abhi Mumma ke liye soup leke aati hu” (Okay I’ll get some soup for Mumma)


Shashank then turned to Padma n chided her, “Maine kaha tha na itna zyada mat socho lekin meri kaun sunta hai. Ab dekho hogayi na tumhari tabiyat kharab. Ab aaj tum yaha se hilne wali nahi ho aur bas araam karogi” (I had told na don’t think about it so much but who listens to me. Now see ur health has gone bad na. Now u aren’t going to move from here n only rest)


Padma, “Par main theek…” (But Im fine…) But before she could complete Shashank said, “Koi theek nahi ho tum. Mujhe pata hai toh ab chup chap araam karo. Main abhi office call karke bol deta hu ke aaj main nahi aane wala.” (U aren’t fine. I know so u keep quiet n rest. I’ll call office now n tell them that Im not going to come)


Padma, “Nahi nahi aisa mat kijye. Aaj toh aapke project ki final meeting hai. Aap jaiye main theek hu aur main bas araam karungi aur kuch nahi.” (No no don’t do that. Today is ur project’s final meeting. U go im fine n I will just rest n nothing else)


Shashank agreed reluctantly n then after feeding Padma some soup left for office. Shilpa came home after an hour n went to meet Padma as soon she heard that she wasn’t well but Padma was asleep so she didn’t wake her.


Priya had to go to office due to an intern taking leave n so Shilpa was alone with Padma.


Afternoon she fed Padma some food and then gave her medicines. Soon Padma dozed off due to medicines. After sometime Shilpa saw that Padma was shivering a lot n so she covered her with blanket n rubbed her hands but Padma’s body was absorbing the heat. She was getting scared seeing this n called Shashank n Preeti but they were in some office. She then tried Seema but her phone was not reachable. She then called Armaan n was praying that he picks up the call.


Armaan finally picked up the call after 3 rings but before he could say anything he heard Shilpa crying. He tried to understand what she was saying but her words weren’t proper so he told in a soft voice, “Shilpa shhh phele rona band karo. Ab theek se bolo kya huva???” (Shilpa shhh first stop crying. Now tell me clearly what happened???)


Shilpa, “Armaan woh… sobs… woh Mumma ki tabiyat.. kharab thi lekin…lekin abhi pata nahi kya huva… woh bohut shiver kar rahi thi lekin ab shayad faint hogai hai… Maine Papa ko aur Di ko call kiya lekin dono nahi hai aur main akeli hu ghar pe… Armaan plz jaldi aao Mumma ko kuch hogaya toh…” (Armaan…sobs… Mumma wasn’t well… but,,, but now don’t know what happened… she was shivering a lot but now I think she had fainted… I tried calling Papa n Di but they aren’t there n Im alone at home… Armaan plz come fast if something happens to Mumma…)  n broke down.


Armaan rushed out of his cabin. He then said to Shilpa, “Shhh Shilpa kuch nahi hoga. Shaant hojao. Tum ek kaam karo ghar ke phone se doctor ko call karo. Aur don’t worry main line pe hi hu aur jaldi araha hu bas shaant raho kuch nahi hoga” (Shh Shilpa nothing will happen. Calm down. U do 1 thing call doctor from landline. N don’t worry Im on line only n im coming as soon as possible u be calm nothing will happen)


Shilpa wiped her tears n took the landline n called the doctor n told her to come soon. After that Armaan was talking nonsense n trying to distract her.


He soon reached Malhotra Mansion n went to Shashank- Padma’s room where the doctor had come few mins back n was checking her. Shilpa as soon as she saw Armaan ran to him n hugged him n began crying.

Armaan took her out n tried to calm her down. After few mins Shilpa stopped crying. Armaan then went n got water for her. After sometime the doctor called them inside n said, “Chinta ki koi baat nahi hai. Stress aur low BP ke wajhe se Padma ji faint hogai thi. Maine unhe injection de diya hai todhi der main unko hosh ajayega. Bas itna dhyan rakhiye ke who stress na le aur ache se khana khaye” (There is nothing to worry. Padma ji fainted bcoz of stress n low BP. I have given injection she will wake up in sometime. Just take care that she doesn’t take stress n had proper diet)


Armaan, “Ji thank u doctor. Chaliye main aapko bahar tak chod deta hu” (Ok thank u doctor. Come I’ll leave u till outside)and leaves the doctor till her car. When he comes back he sees Shilpa is hugging her Padma n weeping. He goes n keeps a hand on her shoulder.


Shilpa gets up n wipes her tears n says, “Thank u Armaan tum yaha itni jaldi sab kaam chod ke agaye. Im sorry tumhe disturb kar diya maine” (Thank u Armaan u came here so fast leaving all ur work. Im sorry I disturbed u right)


Armaan keeps a finger on her lips which makes her look into his eyes n says, “Shilpa tumhe thank u ya sorry kehne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Abhi chalo aur muh dho ke aao. Agar Padma Maa ne tumne aise dekh liya toh phir se tension hojayega” (Shilpa u don’t need to say thank u or sorry. Now go n wash ur face n come. If Padma Maa sees u like this she will again get worried)


Shilpa nodded n went to her room n washed her face n then went down n got coffee for Armaan. As she entered she saw Armaan was sitting on the bed n was rubbing Padma’s hands.


Shilpa, “Armaan tumhari coffee” (Armaan ur coffee)


Armaan smiled n took the cup from her n said, “Thank u par iski zaroorat nahi thi.” (Thank u but it wasn’t needed)


Shilpa smirked n said, “Theek hai wapas de do” (Ok then give it back)


Armaan shook his head n said, “Nahi ab tum leke aayi ho toh pe leta hu” (No now that u have got it I’ll drink it)


Shilpa smiled n then looked at Padma n saw that she was waking up. Shilpa sat next to her n asked, “Ab kaisa lag raha hai Mumma???” (How u are u feeling now Mumma???)


Padma smiled weakly n said, “Main theek hu Bacha” (Im fine baby)


Armaan gave a glass of water to Shilpa n helped Padma to sit while Shilpa kept few pillows on her back n then made her drink water.


After drinking water Padma turned to Armaan n asked, “Armaan tum kab aaye???” (Armaan when did u come???)


Armaan smiled n said, “Todhi der phele hi par yeh kya aap apna khayal kyu nahi rakhti???  Pata hai Shilpa kitni dar gayi thi aapko behosh dekh ke???” (Sometime back but what is this why aren’t u taking care of urself??? Do u know how scared had Shilpa got when she saw u had fainted???)


Padma smiled n said, “Arre Shilpa kuch nahi huva mujhe main theek hu. Ab tu badi hogai hai aise sab main rona kyu shuru kar deti hai???” (Arre Shilpa nothing has happened to me Im fine. Now u are grown up then why are u crying like this???)


Shilpa pouted n said, “Badi hogai toh kya huva??? Aapko aise dekh ke rona agaya toh ab main kya karu???” (So what if I have grown up??? Seeing u like this I had tears so what can I do???)


Padma smiled n said, “Acha baba ab jhagda mat karo” (Ok now don’t fight)


Armaan, “Waise Padma Maa aapko kaunsa tension hai jo itna stress le rahi thi aap???” (By the way Padma Maa what tension did u have that u took so much stress???)


Padma smiled n said, “Kuch nahi Armaan bas ek Maa ko chinta hoti rehti hai” (Nothing Armaan just worried being a Mom)


Armaan, “Zaroor iss Shilpa ne hi kuch kiya hoga” (Im sure this Shilpa has done something)


Shilpa’s eyes widened in shock n said, “Hello maine kuch nahi kiya” (Hello I haven’t done anything)


Armaan, “Acha toh Padma Maa ko itna stress kyu huva??? Jab bhi tumhari koi baat aati hai tab hi itna stress leti hai woh” (Oh so why is Padma Maa so stressed??? Whenever u come into the picture she gets stressed like this)


As Shilpa was about to reply, Padma cut in n said, “Bas dono ab phir se jhagda shuru mat karo.” (Enough now both of u don’t start fighting again)


Shilpa, “Par Mumma…” (But Mumma…)


Padma, “Par var kuch nahi. Bas maine kaha na” (No ifs no buts. Enough I told na)


Shilpa pouted while Armaan smirked. After sometime Shashank came n Armaan n Shilpa left them alone. They went outside to the garden n sat on the swing. Shilpa took Armaan’s hand n said, “Im sorry Armaan. Uss din maine tumhe jo kaha mujhe nahi kehna chaiye tha lekin main kya karti tumhe pata hai na main Hrithik ke khilaf kuch nahi sun sakti phir bhi tumne bola toh mujhe gussa agaya aur maine who sab bol diya” (Im sorry Armaan. That day whatever I said was wrong but what could I do u know na that I cant bear anything against Hrithik n yet u said so I got angry n said all those things)

Armaan smiled n looked at her n said, “Im sorry too Shilpa. Mujhe pata hai ke tum Hrithik ke khilaaf kuch nahi sun sakti phir bhi main bola par tumhe aise bacho jaisa behave nahi karna chaiye. Haan theek hai u like him par itna zyada bhi mat karo” (Im sorry too Shilpa. I know that u cant bear anything against Hrithik yet I said but u shouldn’t behave so childish bcoz of it. Ya I know u like him but this is too much)


Shilpa narrowed her eyes n said, “Tum mujhe mat sikho theek hai” (U don’t teach me ok)


Armaan gave up n said, “Ok Im sorry toh kya ab hum baat kar sakte hai???” (Ok Im sorry so can we talk now???)


Shilpa smiled n nodded n both of them chatted n went on till they hadn’t covered up for the past 4 days.




Shilpa was woken up and looked around to see that Armaan was carrying her in his arms. She smiled n snuggled in his arms. After few mins Armaan placed her on the bed and got her medicines.


Shilpa made yuck faces looking at it n made baby faces to Armaan but 1 glare from Armaan was enough to make Shilpa have those medicines.


After that they changed n Armaan talked to baby for sometime while Shilpa read a book n after sometime both dozed off.


The next morning all had breakfast together n decided to go for a walk. After the walk they all packed the bags n returned back home. Armaan, Shilpa, Anjali n Anurag went to mall n did some shopping n watched movie while Karan n Preeti went home as Preeti wasn’t feeling well. The elders decided to go to their friend’s house.


The week began as usual with Armaan n Shilpa’s romance, their nok jhok n their fights. After 2 weeks Priya and Yuvraj returned from their honeymoon while Armaan n Shilpa had gone to Mumbai as Armaan had some business conference there but he didn’t want Shilpa to be alone n so had taken her along.




Armaan’s conference were scheduled from Wednesday till Friday afternoon. So when Armaan was busy with the conference n meeting Shilpa would complete her office work in the hotel room or would go to nearby places n enjoy. She had gone to her colg as well n met few of her friends who stayed in Mumbai. In the evenings Armaan n Shilpa would go have dinner n then go to the beach n spend sometime there either playing in the water or walking on the beach or sitting on the stones.




After finishing the last meeting Armaan decided to surprise Shilpa n so made a few calls. After that he mailed the proceedings of the meetings to Amar. After an hour he was done n returned to their room to see Shilpa sleeping peacefully while the table was messed with wool yarns cut irregularly. Armaan smiled at the mess n changed n ordered lunch for them from room service n then sat next to Shilpa. He caressed her face n said, “Shilpa… Jaan


Shilpa hmmed n took his hand which was caressing her face n held it n turned n slept off again. Armaan smiled n shook her n said, “Jaan utho lunch ka time hogaya hai” (Jaan get up its lunch time)


Shilpa sleepily said, “Baad main kar lungi Armaan abhi sone do” (I’ll have later Armaan now let me sleep) n slept off.


Armaan shook his head and then got up n picked her up in his arms n said, “Jaan agar abhi nahi uthi toh tumhara surprise cancel” (Jaan if u wont get up now then ur surprise will be cancelled)

Shilpa sleepily snuggled into him n said, “Cancel kardo. Mujhe sona hai bohut thak gayi hu” (Cancel it. I want to sleep too tired)


Armaan smirked n said, “Theek hai toh phir main mr. Hrithik Roshan ko bol deti hu ke meri biwi ko sona hai toh woh aapse nahi mil sakti” (Ok then I’ll tell mr. Hrithik Roshan that my wife wants to sleep so she cant meet u)


Shilpa hearing Hrithik’s name became alert n said, “Sachi hum Hrithik se milne ja rahe hai. Phele kyu nahi bataya??? Chodo mujhe neeche utaro. Mujhe ready hona hai. Haio rabba hum late hogaye toh nahi nahi hum late nahi honge par tum mujhe neeche toh utaro.Neeche Utaro na” (Really we are going to meet Hrithik. Why didn’t u tell before??? Leave it n put me down. I have to get ready. Oh god we will get late no no we wont get late but u put me down na. Put me down na) and whacked his arm.


Armaan tightened his hold n turned towards the bed n said, “Nahi tumhe toh sona hai na toh chalo so jate hai aur main bhi so jaunga tumhare saath waise bhi saari meetings se main bhi thak gaya hu” (No u want to sleep na so lets go sleep n now even I will sleep with u anyways Im tired bcoz of the meetings)


Shilpa made a sad face n began crying n said, “Tum mujhe chida rahe ho na. Jao main tumse baat nahi karti. Nahi jana mujhe tumhare saath kahi” (U are teasing me right. Go I wont talk to u. I don’t want to go with u anywhere)

Armaan smiled looking at her cry baby face n wiped her tears n said, “Arre kisne kaha main tumhe chida raha hu???” (Arre who told Im teasing u???)


Shilpa asked in doubt, “Toh kya hum sach main Hrithik se milne ja rahe hai???” (So are we really going to meet Hrithik???)


Armaan nodded his head in a big NO n said, “Nahi lekin tumhe uthane ke yeh ek hi tareeka tha aur dekho tum uth bhi gayi. Ab tum fresh hojao phir hum lunch karke bahar ja rahe hai” (No but this was the only way to wake u up n see u are awake. Now u freshen up them we are having lunch n going out)


Shilpa pouted n folded her arms n said, “Nahi jana mujhe tumhare saath aur lunch bhi nahi karna.” (I don’t want to go with u nor have lunch)


Armaan took her folded arms n said, “Sorry Jaan. Plz mann jao na” (Sorry Jaan. Plz forgive me na)


Shilpa nodded in no n looked away. Armaan made her look at him n held his ears n said, “Sorry dekho dono kaan bhi pakad liye ab toh mann jao plz” (Sorry see I have held my both ears also now so plz forgive me)

Shilpa smiled a bit n said, “Maaf karungi lekin 1 shart par” (I will forgive u both on 1 condition)


Armaan smiled back n said, “Aur who kya hai???” (N what is that???)


Shilpa, “Tum mujhe jo chaiye who laake doge” (U will give me whatever I want)


Armaan smiled widely n said, “Haan sivai Hrithik ke sab la dunga” (Yes except Hrithik I will get u everything)


Shilpa smiled widely n hugged him n said, “Ok” n went to freshen up. After finishing lunch they changed into something more causal n left.


Precap –



Armaan’s surprise



Shilpa throws a bomb on all