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                                                        Part 6 :



A week had passed since Maan arrived at Delhi. He would be busy the whole day with office, meetings, site visits etc. Aryan wanted to have a talk with Maan but he would be so tired by the time he returned that Aryan would let go of the topic and let him rest.

Finally Aryan found the chance he needed. Maan had returned early from office and Sunaina was also not home so he made coffee for both and went to Maan’s room.

Maan freshened up and came out n sat with Aryan in the room’s balcony. Both said nothing and enjoyed the silence. After 5 mins as Aryan was about to start Maan said, “Hume pata hai Bhai sa aap kya kehne wale hai” (I know Bhai sa what u want to say)

Aryan was surprised and said, “Kya kehne wale the hum???” (What was I going to say???)

Maan smiled at him and said, “Aap abhi kehne wale the ke Maan ab aap bache nahi rahe… ab aap bade hogaye hai. Aap aise apni zimedaari se bhaag nahi sakte aur bhi bohut kuch kehne wale the aur main sach kehta hu Bhai sa main samjhta hu yeh sab.” (U were going to say that Maan u are not a kid anymore… u have grown up now. Now u cannot run away from ur responsibilities n many more things n I tell u Bhai sa I understand it as well)

Aryan, “Arre wah humare Maanu toh ab sab kuch jaante hai. Toh ab kya karne wale hai aap???” (Wow my Maanu knows everything now. So what are u going to do now???)

Maan, “Ab yaha ka kaam khatam kar ke wapas Jodhpur jayenge aur waha ache se aur shaanti se rahenge” (Now will finish all the work here and go to Jodhpur and stay there calmly and nicely)

Aryan got up and hugged him and said, “Thank u Maan.

Maan smiled and returned the hug. As they were pulling out of the hug they heard, “Arre humare bina hi hug yeh kaise ho sakta???” (A hug without me how is it possible???)

Maan and Aryan laughed hearing Sunaina and Aryan spread his arms for her to come and hug him. Maan seeing a chance to tease them pushed away Aryan’s hands and went to Sunaina and hugged her. Aryan narrowed his eyes at Maan while both Sunaina and Maan were trying hard not to laugh but after 2 mins Maan burst out laughing and said, “Hahahaaa Bhai sa aapke kaan se dhuva nikal raha hai jalan ke wajhe se” (Hahahaaa Bhai sa smoke is coming out of ur ears bcoz of jealously)

Aryan glared at him and said, “Koi dhuva nahi araha aur aapko kisne kaha ke hume jalan ho rahi hai aur woh bhi aapse???” (No smoke is coming and by the way who told u that Im jealous n that too from u???)
Maan showed his tongue and said, “Bhai sa aap jhoot nahi bol sakte toh natak mat kijye aap” (Bhai sa u cant lie so dont act now) and ran away as he saw Aryan coming towards him.


The whole week had passed with preparations for the engagement. It was going to be a full tradition Rajasthani Wedding as both families were from Rajasthan and wanted their children to be a part of that culture. Priya’s father, Mr. Mohan Chouhan had moved to Gulmarg after he was thrown out by his relatives cunningness for property. They were the ones who helped Radha when she first came to Gulmarg and since then both the families have been together. Priya and Abhay were childhood sweethearts and both families were happy to turn their friendship into relationship.


As promised Maan tried to finish all his works as soon as possible but he couldn’t finish it before a week as few of his projects were in their final stages and he had to be there to ensure everything went smoothly.

On his last day they had a special dinner with all Maan’s fav dishes. After dinner Maan left for the airport and reached in half an hour. His flight was delayed for an hour and so after finishing the security check he went to the waiting lounge and took out his laptop and began surfing the net. 

An hour passed away like this and soon announcement of his flight was done. Maan picked up his tickets and began walking. As he walked a few steps suddenly he dashed into someone and his tickets fell. Maan bent to get his tickets and the other man also sat. A few papers had also fallen down so they collected all and Maan took his ticket and helped the other man.

After collecting all both got up and the man after apologizing left the other side while Maan went towards the gate. As he reached and gave the ticket to security they informed him that he was at the wrong gate and told him he had to go to gate 5 and not gate 2.

Maan smiled and took his ticket back and went to gate 2 and boarded the flight. As the air hostess led him to his seat he was confused and wondered why had his PA booked a ticket in economical class??? As he was about to sit the air hostess gave back his ticket and he was shocked to see that it was booked in the Abhay Rathod and the flight was to Srinagar. Before he could tell the air hostess about the mistake the flight gates were closed and he had to sit in the flight and go to Srinagar. 

Meanwhile Abhay who had stopped to put back the papers and saw the ticket and realised the mistake and turned back but by then the flight had left. He then called his friend in Delhi to come and pick him up and then booked a train ticket to Srinagar.


After 1 hour the flight landed at Srinagar airport. Maan walked out of the security check and switched on his mobile but it wasnt getting on at all. he was getting really angry on himself for not checking. As he walked out he saw a man holding a board with the name “Abhay Rathod”

Maan decided to ask him for help and went to him.

Maan, “Bhai saab yeh Abhay Rathod…” (Bhai saab this Abhay Rathod…) but before he could continue the man said, “Ab Abhay ji hai na saab???” (U are Abhay ji right sir???)

Maan, “Jee Na…” but again before he could say the man again said, “Chaliye saab jaldi chaliye. Mujhe Gulmarg pooch ke aur bhi kaam karne hai” (Come on sir come fast. After reaching Gulmarg I have a lot of work to do) and started moving towards the parking lot.

Maan tried to stop him but the man had already disappeared. Maan sighed in anger and went behind him. 


Abhay’s friend reached in half an hour and Abhay told him about the exchange. Abhay then tried to call kaka but due to network problem couldnt connect. Abhay was panicking that Maa sa, Geet and Priya will get worried if he didnt reach there or inform them. His friend told him to calm down and try to call after sometime. Abhay then told him to take him to the railway station as he had a train to catch in an hour.


After an hour Maan finally reached Gulmarg. The officials had tried to stop them bcoz he didnt have any reservations but when the man told that he lived here they let him go. Maan meanwhile was getting really annoyed and up of that his mobile had finally got on but it wasnt able to catch any signal.

Precap –

Maan – Geet meet

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