Maan closed his eyes n relaxed while Geet was thinking how to make Dadima agree for Vicky’s study. Maan remained silent for a few mins n then opened his eyes to see why wasnt Geet talking and saw that she was lost in thought. Maan thought of something and turned such that his face was nuzzling her stomach and then he placed his both hands on her waist and waited for a reaction but when he didnt get any began tickling her. 

Geet who felt Maan nuzzling held in her breath and when Maan placed his hands on her waist a shiver passed through her body but before she could react Maan began tickling her and she started wriggling to get away from him but Maan didnt let her go n held her.

After a few mins Geet finally managed to get away n said, “Plz Maan bas” (Plz Maan stop)

Maan was about to run behind her when Geet hit her leg on the bed post. Maan rushed to her and scolded, “Geet tum dekh ke chal nahi sakti??? Kisne kaha tha bhagne ko tumhe. Dekho lagai na ab” (Geet cant u see n walk??? Who told u to run. See now u got hurt)

Geet winced in pain n said, “Maan ek toh mujhe dard ho raha hai aur upar se aap mujhe daant rahe ho. Mujhe bethne dijye phir jitna dantna hai daant lena” (Maan first of all its paining n up of that u are scolding me. Let me sit first then u scold how much ever u want) and limped over to the bed and sat and began checking her leg to see if it was bleeding.

Maan scolded himself mentally n then went n sat on the bed n took Geet’s leg n placed it on his lap n began checking for any wound. Geet pulled her leg back n said, “Koi badi chot nahi hai. Todhi der main theek hojayega.” (There’s no big wound. It will be fine in sometime)

Maan glared at her n said, “Yeh tumhe choti chot lagti hai??? Khoon nikal raha hai aur yeh choti chot hai” (U think this is a small wound??? Its bleeding n this is a small wound for u)

Geet sighed n said, “Maan bas 2 boondh hi hai main baad main saaf kar lungi” (Maan its just 2 drops I will clean it later)

Maan glared n came near her face n said, “Yeh sirf 2 boondh nahi hai aur ab tum chup chap betho idhar” (This is not 2 drops only n now sit her quietly) n got up to get the first aid box while Geet glared at him but he didnt even realise it.

Maan came back n cleaned her wound n applied band aid. After finishing it he kept the box on the side table n looked at Geet who had turned away her face n sighed n said, “Im sorry Mishty

Geet didnt look at him n got up n started walking away when Maan held her duppatta from back. Geet tried to pull it away but Maan didnt leave n began rolling it in his hand n went close to her. Geet who was trying to control her senses was slowly loosing it as Maan was nearing her.

Maan kept his hand on her shoulder but she shrugged it off. He tried again but when she shrugged it off again, he hugged her from back n held her tightly in his arms while she struggled to come out of his hold but Maan didnt leave her. After few mins of struggle she gave up n Maan loosened his hold n turned her towards him n said, “Im sorry Mishty

Geet looked away n Maan touched her cheeks n made her look at him n said looking into her eyes, “Sorry Mishty. Tumhe daantna nahi chahta tha main lekin kya karu jab tum khud ka khayal nahi rakhti toh mujhe toh rakhna padega na” (Sorry Mishty. I didnt want to scold u but what can I do when u dont take care of urself I will only need to do it right)

Geet was awed by his love n asked, “Itna pyaar kyu karte ho aap mujhse???” (Why do u love me so much???)

Maan smiled n said, “Kyuki tum meri Mishty ho” (Bcoz u are mu Mishty)

Geet smiled n hugged him as she was unable to express her emotions at the moment. Maan hugged her back n sighed in joy that his Mishty was back in his arms.

Geet after few mins pulled back n said, “Acha ab main chalti hu. Aap araam kijye thak gaye honge” (Ok now Im going. U take rest u must be tired)

Maan made a sad face n said, “Nahi Mishty plz mat jao. Tum yahi reh jao na” (No Mishty plz dont go. U stay here only plz)

Geet smiled n said, “Acha aur agar kisse ne dekh liya toh kya kehenge hum unse???” (Oh n if someone sees us then what will we say to them???)

Maan pulled her closer n said, “Yahi ke hum ek dusre se bohut pyaar karte hai” (We will say that we love each other a lot)

Geet smiled n then suddenly smacked his arm n said, “Aise kahenge aap??? Chi chi babaji ab toh Maan Singh Khurana apna style hi bhool gaye hai” (U will say like this??? Chi chi Babaji now Maan Singh Khurana has lost his style)

Maan narrowed his eyes while rubbing his arm n said, “Style… tumhe bohut pata hai meri style ke baare main” (Style… u know a lot about my style)

Geet smiled widely n said sarcastically, “Haan off course. Roz office main aapki woh titliya aapki style ki tareef kar kar ke pakkati jo thi” (Ya off course. Daily ur butterflies in office bore me going gaga over ur style only)

Maan smirked n said, “Mishty kuch jalne ki buh nahi arahi tumhe????” (Mishty arent u getting any burning smell???)

Geet’s face turned red with anger n said, “Ji nahi main nahi jal raha jalan se” (No Im not burning in jealously)

Maan smirked n said, “Arre maine kab kaha tum jal rahi hai???” (Arre when did I say that u are burning???)

Geet narrowed her eyes n pointed a finger at him n said, “Zyada natak mat kijye aap pe suit nahi karta” (Dont act much doesnt suit u) n was about to storm out when Maan pulled her back n said, “Acha baba sorry. Plz todhi der reh jao na” (Ok baba sorry. Plz stay for sometime)

Geet was about to tell no but seeing his pleading face gave in. Maan then made her sit n again lied down on her lap n said, “Waise Geet tum itna kya soch rahi thi???” (By the way Geet what were u thinking so much about???)

Geet’s thought went back to her n Vicky’s conversation n asked, “Maan aaj aapki baat huvi Vicky se???” (Maan today did Vicky talk to u???)

Maan sighed n closed his eyes n said, “Haan huvi” (Ya we did)

Geet, “Toh aapne kya kaha??? Aap usko woh course karne denge???” (So what did u say??? U will let him do that course right???)

Maan opened his eyes in surprise n asked, “Course??? Kaise course???” (Course??? What course???)

Geet looked at him as if he had got two horns n said, “Aapko Vicky ne nahi bataya???” (Didnt Vicky tell u???)

Maan, “Kya nahi bataya??? Mishty tum theek se batao ke Vicky kya baat chupa raha hai???” (What didnt he tell??? Mishty plz tell properly what is Vicky hiding???)

Geet smacked her palm on her forehead n said, “Hey Babaji iss Vicky ka kuch nahi ho sakta. Usse maine Maan se apni mann ki baat karne bheja aur pata nahi woh kya baat karke aaya hai.” (Hey Babaji nothing can happen of this Vicky. I sent him to talk about what was on his mind to Maan n dont know what has he told n come) N then it flashed her n she continued, “Ohhh ab samjh aaya ke janab itni jaldi so kyu gaye??? Aaj toh uski kher nahi” (Ohh now I understand why did mister sleep so early??? Today he is dead) and pushed away Maan n went to Vicky’s room.

Maan was confused as to what was Geet saying n doing n followed her. 

Geet entered Vicky’s room to see him playing game on his tab n went to his bed n pulled away the tab n then pulled his ears. Vicky was shocked to see Geet n said, “Ouch Geet kaan chodo bohut dard ho raha hai” (Ouch Geet leave my ear its hurting)

Geet twisted his ear a bit more n said, “Maine tumhe Maan se kya baat karne bheja aur tum kya baat kar ke aaye ho???” (What had I told u to talk to Maan n what have u talked???)

Vicky gulped in fear while Maan was having fun looking at his sherni Geet.

Vicky then looked around n saw Maan n said, “Bro plz Geet se kaho mera kaan chode plzzz” (Bro plz tell Geet to leave my ear its hurting a lot plzzz)

Geet twisted his ear a bit more n said, “Tum mujhse baat karo Maan se nahi. Kitna acha mouka mila tha tumhe baat karne ke liye lekin nahi tum kuch bakwas karke agaye” (U talk to me not to Maan. What a good chance u had got to talk but no u talked somethin stupid n came off)

Vicky tried to free his ear n said, “Arre Geet lekin meri baat suno…” (Arre Geet listen to me…)

Before he could continue Geet said, “Haan haan ab meri madat kyu loge tum. Main tumhari dost todhi hu jo tum meri baat sunoge” (Ya ya now why will u take my help. Im not ur friend so why will u listen to me) n left his ear n turned away.

Vicky realised he was in great danger n before Geet could go away went in front of her n said, “Sorry Geet sorry lekin ek baar meri baat toh sun lo…” (Sorry Geet sorry but listen to me atleast once…)

Geet nodded n Vicky continued, “Maine aaj shaam ko humari baat ke baad uss colg ki website check ki aur waha admission forms submit karne ki date parso hi band hogai thi. Ab jab course hi nahi raha toh baat kar ke kya faida isiliye maine Bro se iske baare main baat nahi ki” (I had checked the colg website today evening after our talk n there the dates to submit admission forms had closed day before yesterday only. Now when the course only isnt there then what is the use of talking about it so I didnt talk to Bro about it)

Geet looked at him with sad eyes n said, “Par yeh tumhara sapna tha…” (But this was ur dream…)

Vicky smiled at her n said, “Toh kya huva Geet??? iss saal nahi huva toh kya next year kar lunga” (So what Geet??? If not this year then I will do it next year)

As Geet was about to say something Maan said, “Mujhe koi batayega yeh kya ho raha hai???” (Will anyone tell me what is going on here???)

Vicky nodded n explained him how he wanted to do a course but due to issues since the past month he had not talked about it to anyone n today when Geet told him to talk to him n Dadima he decided to check few last min details n got to know about the closure of admission forms submission.

Maan, “Vicky ek baar aake baat toh karte iss baare main. I agree Dadima ko manana todha mushkil hota lekin hum sab saath main milke unko mana lete aur agar tum chaho toh ab bhi hum baat kar sakte hai aur main kal uss colg main tumhara admission karwa deta hu” (Vicky u would have come once n talked about this. I agree it would be a bit hard to make Dadima agree but we could all make her agree together n if u want we can still talk to her n tmrw I’ll get ur admission done in that colg)

Vicky smiled at him n said, “Nahi bro. Manta hu ke meri galti thi aur mujhe aake aapse phele hi baat kar leni chahiye thi lekin aap plz ab kuch mat kariye. Mujhe admission chahiye apni padhai se aur na ki mere bro ke naam se” (No bro. I agree it was my mistake that I didnt talk to u about it but u plz dont do anything now. I want the admission bcoz of my studies n not bcoz of my bro’s name)

Maan smiled n said, “Arre wah Vicky aaj kal toh tu bohut badi badi baatein karne laga hai” (Oh wow Vicky nowadays u are talking like a matured person)

Vicky smiled n side hugged Geet n said, “Sangat ka asar hai bro” (The company’s effect bro)

Geet smiled n bid him good night n left with Maan. As Geet was about to go to her room Maan pulled her hand n said, “Mishty aaj jaane de raha hu lekin bohut dino tak yeh nahi hone dunga main. Main kal hi Dadima se humare baare main baat karunga aur phir dekhna zyada din mujhse dur nahi reh paungi tum.” (Mishty Im letting u go today but I wont let it happen after a few more days. I will talk to Dadima tmrw only about us n then u see I wont let u be far from me for much longer)

Geet shied hearing it n ran away to her room while Maan sighed with joy n went to his room n soon both got lost in their dreams of a life together ahead.

Next Morning,

The day began same as before but all were missing Gaurav, Vidya n Kanchi who had become an important part of their daily life. Today Maan had to take Daadi to the doctor for her check up as Vicky had to go to colg for his exam n Armaan had to go to a client’s office for meeting. Maan had told Geet to go to office n get some files while he was away but Geet was hesitant as she had gone away from the office without any notice a month back n now going back would not be easy.

Maan somehow convinced Geet that she would be fine n he had already told Adi n so Adi would handle everything so she just had to go n get the files.

Maan n Daadi left for the hospital while Geet left for the office. As Geet’s car moved away from Khurana Mansion a black car began following her.

Khurana Constructions,

Geet reached the office after an hour. Her clothes had been spoilt a bit n there was a little blood on it. Geet had tried to wash away the blood but the stain wasnt going.

Geet somehow managed to hide the stain with her bag n as she entered the top floor all looked at her n were shocked n surprised to see Geet after more than a month. Pinky went to her n hugged her. Geet was so happy to receive this love n warmth from Pinky while many of them were giving her glares which she was unaware of.

Geet then went to Maan’s office where Adi was waiting for her. As she entered she removed her bag n got a tissue out of her bag to wipe the stain when Adi saw it n asked, “Geet ye… yeh khoon. Tum theek toh ho na???” (Geet th.. this blood. Are u fine???)

Geet without looking up said, “Haan Adi sir main theek hu. Actually na jab hum arahe the tab road pe ek accident hogaya tha. Ek choti si bachi ke sir se khoon be raha tha lekin koi uski madat karne ke liye ready nahi tha. Tab maine usko help ki aur shayad jab usko uthaya tab yeh khoon lag gaya lekin ab yeh daag nikal hi nahi raha. Aap do min rukhiye main yeh dho ke aati hu” (Ya Adi sir Im fine. Actually when I was coming a accident had happened on the road. A small girl was bleeding from her head but no was ready to help her. Then I went to help her n I guess when we lifted her this blood stained my clothes n now it isnt going. U wait for 2 mins I will wash it n come) n went to the ladies washroom.

Adi went out of the office as he got a call from one of the client. Just then a person entered the office with a few papers n after few mins came out n went away secretly. Adi returned to the cabin 2 mins later n as Geet came he gave her the files n went away for his work while Geet left the office without talking to anyone.

As soon as Geet went out, a person called n said, “Boss kaam hogaya hai” (Boss work is done) n cut the call n went about his work.

Somewhere in Delhi,

A person keeps the phone down n takes the glass which was kept on the table n drinks it at a go. After returning the glass to the table he gets up n goes to the frame n caressing it says, “Mera phela kadam uth gaya hai Geet. Ab dekhta hu kaise bachti ho tum” (My first step is taken Geet. Now I will see how u be safe) n then goes out of the room.

Precap – 

Maan talks to Dadi

Dadi’s reaction

The mystery man shows up… but where???

Ok so finally Im back and updated. Im sorry have been bit busy with lots of things. Hope u like the update. So now the story is going a bit fast n ahead. Lots of fun n suspense to come up so keep looking at this space for more updates.